Saturday, June 23, 2007

Transcript of Shepard Smith’s Report on Red House

The Muslims of AmericaDymphna posted last night about Fox News’ reports on Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani, the Muslims of America and the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound just down the road from us in Red House. Beach Girl, who is a CVF operative as well as a fellow Virginia blogger, has kindly provided us with a transcript of the second broadcast, which was hosted by Shepard Smith:

Shepard Smith:  New details tonight about the mysterious Muslim compounds right here in the United States.

Fox News visited one of them just a couple of weeks ago. Now a former member is giving us a look at life on the inside.

Catherine Herridge with the latest. She’s live with us now. Catherine.

Catherine: Shep, a former member of the group, Muslims of America, spoke with Fox on condition that we obscure his identity. He claims that members are required to send money from their jobs right here in the US to a radical sheikh in Pakistan.

Former Member:  “Members [garbled] are forced to send 10% of all their earnings to the sheikh and that got bumped from 10 to 30%. And, um, they actually had a secretary of finance who actually wanted to see your pay stubs.”

Catherine: Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali GilaniFox News visited one of the compounds in rural Virginia. According to law enforcement documents, the group, Muslims of America, has suspected sites in at least a half dozen states and the Feds believe they are linked to a group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra which is led by a radical Pakistani sheikh, Mubarik Gilani.

Gilani received a lot of attention in 2002 because Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl was on his way to meet Gilani when he was abducted and killed. Gilani has denied any involvement in Pearl’s death.

In a recent interview, a spokesman for the group [Muslims of America] told Fox there is no connection between Muslims of America and radical groups.

  [NOTE: this next part is a little difficult]

Spokesman:  I honestly don’t know who or what Jamaat is [garbled]

Catherine:  You don’t…

Spokesman:  I don’t know because everybody asks me the same question… [garbled]… I don’t even know if they [Jamaat ul-Fuqra] exist.

Catherine:  A law enforcement source tells Fox they suspect money is being carried to Pakistan though it appears incredibly no laws are being broken because the amount is small. Anything over $10,000 must be reported to Customs.


Shep:  Catherine Herridge live in Washington.

[Nothing further.]