Sunday, September 10, 2006

Will Canada Deport an Apostate Back to Pakistan?

Isaac Schrodinger could be in deep doo doo. Like maybe being faced with execution next year.

Isaac is a Pakistani immigrant living in Vancouver, Canada. A blogger, he is an ex-Muslim with pro-American sentiments. He was called to Toronto recently to have his case reviewed, to decide if he would be allowed to claim refugee status in order to remain in Canada, or if he would be deported back to Pakistan.

It’s difficult to believe that a bureaucrat wouldn’t grasp the fact that an apostate is eligible for execution in the old country. Maybe they slept through the recent brouhaha in Afghanistan when the Muslim-turned-Christian was sentenced to die. Only international pressure allowed him to escape to Italy, which offered him refuge. And Afghanistan is more reasonable (excepting the Taliban) than Pakistan, so just what are this man’s chances if he is deported?

However, IS has to return to court in January to explain why he shouldn’t be deported.

While comments of sympathy and concern are good, what he needs is excellent legal representation… which costs money. Thus, I am calling on our Canadian bloggers to set up some funding source - a bank account, for example - to pay for attorney’s fees. Surely if enough of us contribute say, the cost of a vente latte, we can prevent a negative finding in January, one which would result in Isaac Schrodinger’s deportation.

As soon as the Baron comes up for air (he’s writing his blockbuster 9/11 post) I’ll ask him to create an image we could all use on our sidebars to link to a Canadian source of funding.

Calling all right-thinking Canadians! You are the ones able to provide leadership for us here.

Stay tuned…

Prevent Isaac Schrodinger’s DeportationUPDATE: Here’s the Baron’s off-the cuff idea for an image link to donations for Isaac S.

Now let’s find a place for those contributions to go.


Isaac Schrödinger said...

Oops: "Isaac is a Pakistani immigrant living in Vancouver, Canada."


Never been there. I live in Ontario.

By the way, love the image. I'll put it up soon. Thanks.

Zerosumgame said...

Might the blogosphere do one step better, and get some Canadian lawyer to do pro bono work for him?

The blogosphere has already accomplished this for others.

Gordon Pasha said...

An Canadian here, who thinks that Isaac's may be an apostate in the eyes of the Canadian refugee board: he is pro-American. I intend to get a post up soon on my own (very) low traffic blog and I encourage all other freedom-loving Canadians to do the same.

Gordon Pasha said...

p.s., I really should proof read before hitting the publish button.

kepiblanc said...

The Canadian magazine "Western Standard" - the one and only magazine in Canada who dared to publish the Mohammed Cartoons - may be interested in this story. I e-mailed them the link. Maybe Schrödinger should contact them himself ?

Zerosumgame said...

For what it's worth - he's gotten an Instalanche, things have a way of moving once Mr. Reynolds links to you.

I suspect this will be in NRO, Western Standard and Online Journal in the next couple of weeks, and probably with LGF in a few days.

Zerosumgame said...


Good idea. I know that the Grope & Flail and the Red Star will not be interested in this, but maybe some of the more conservative papers (in Alberta, maybe?) might also be worth contacting....

Profitsbeard said...

Maybe Canada could establish a new province for such folks since they have invited in so many potential infil-traitors from Islam as well.

The APO-State, perhaps?

Greg said...

I'd encourage you to respond to this idiot, who sent me a gloating post about Isaac's problem.

From: ken hoop []
Date: Sep 10, 2006 8:43 PM

Let him know what you think of him and his ill wishes for Isaac.

David S. said...

Everyone --

There is a section on called 'Clicked' which is about things going on in the blogosphere. The author of it responds to emails on a regular basis, and if we can get him to set up a link to this stuff, maybe Isaacs page or anywhere that it's being talked about, then that would increase this whole thing's exposure by a ton. His email is:

Please, if you want to help out, email him and tell him to cover this story! I know it sounds unlikely that someone from MSNBC would actually help out on something like this, but I think there is a real chance this could work, and it doesn't hurt to try, right? Thank you everyone, and keep up the good work Dymphna and Baron!

David S. said...

Oh, and Baron, if you guys could set my post on the main page, that would be fantastic. Here's hopin.

Scott said...

In war hard decisions must be made.
Is this an al Taqhiya conversion or
the real thing.

I don't care.

If genuine then God go with him and
let his fate be an reminder of the
enemy we face.

If not then let us not be troubled
by the words of Muslim mountebanks.
They are a reminder of the treachery we face.