Monday, September 18, 2006

The Warlike Religion of Mohammed

Over the weekend, commenter Octavian Romano pointed us to a post on the German blog Fakten Fiktionen, and recommended that we find someone to translate it into English. Regular reader Phanarath (who is Danish, but has some knowledge of German) stepped up to the plate. Although the article was too long to be translated in its entirety, he has provided us with an English version of the introductory section:

Islam seeks to conquer the world

The rules of war are flexible; the objective of war remains.

The warlike religion of Mohammed

by Egon Flaig

“We hope that the flag of Islam may fly again over this land, which had the good fortune, for some time, to be under the rule of Islam and the roof of the Muezzins, god bless his name. Then the light of Islam died and they returned to unbelief. Andalusia, Sicily, the Balkans, the south of Italy and the Greek islands are all Islamic colonies, that must return to the arms of Islam. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea must return to being a part of the Islamic nation.”

Hassan al-BannaThese words are not from Al Qaeda; they are part of a program that the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna formulated in a speech. The Brotherhood has millions of members and has spread far beyond Egypt. Their intellectuals are active in Europe and the United States; they are considered “moderate” and are accorded recognition as such in the media. The planned recapture of “lost” areas belongs to the political program of states who consider territorial power struggles essential, i.e. in a political arena. How can this be in the program of a religion?

Is Islam a religion like others?

Since the beginning of classical times, between the ninth and eleventh century, Islamic clerics have divided the world into two parts, “The House of Islam” and “The House of War”. This partition is not dictated by where Muslims live or are in abundance, but only by where Islam rules — as dictated by Shari’ah — and where it does not. This is understood religiously but meant politically. Between these two parts of the world there will, naturally, be war until “The House of War” no longer exists, and Islam rules the world. (Sura 8, 39 and 9, 41)

This is why classical Islamic teachings dictate the duty to fight the infidels until they convert or submit.

This war is called Jihad.

As the teachings of Jesus asked for the conversion of all peoples, but not of their political systems, so the target of Islam is the political systems but not the religious ones, in case they are “of the book”.

Readers who know German will want to go over and read the rest.


Phanarath said...

I Think its significant that the article came from Germany. Things are begining to change for the better.

A Radical Righwing party just had a very good election in Preusia-Germany. I just saw an interview with the leader(sorry forgot his name) on Television.

Our rather red National Television-Channel showed him 3 times saying that Germany was foremost for germans. It was clear they where trying to spin it. The interwiewer asked him how he felt about Adolf Hitler. And he answered: " I am sure we could have an interesting conversation about Adolf Hitler, as we could about Napolion, Gjengis Khan and other historical figures"
Then they showed him again saying that germany should be for germans.

But no matter how the left tries to spin things, it seems more and more clear that people are boulding up their imune systems to the PC-cancer. People are more and more unwilling to hit themselves in the head with the past.

We just saw a great election in Sweden. No matter how people try to belittle it, its a huge step for sweden.

There are lots of signs. The Speach of the Pope to name another.

I can feel Europe waking up from a long sleep. Wondering who all the strangers in the bedroom are.

The tide is turning.

asdfj24972 said...

Interesting broadcast about the real story behind the Pope's anti-Muslim comments:

"On tonight's broadcast, Michael Collins Piper, correspondent for American Free Press (see was joined by Mark Glenn (of and Hesham Tillawi (of to discuss the controversy surrounding recent remarks by Pope Benedict that have inflamed the Muslim world. Piper—whose father was a member of a devout Roman Catholic Irish-American family—and Tillawi (a Palestinian American Muslim)—and Glenn (a Roman Catholic of partial Lebanese Christian Arabic descent) all agreed that the Pope's comments appeared to be the work of Zionist influence inside the Vatican, designed to cast an appearance that the Catholic Church is aligned against the Muslim world. Ironically, as all noted, there is more commonality between Islam and Christianity than there is between Christianity and Judaism (mass media propaganda notwithstanding). Piper expressed his opinion, coming from a position generally supportive of the Roman Catholic Church, that—for some 40 years, since the days of the Vatican II conclave—the Roman Catholic Church and the various Popes have been involved in a multi-level chess game with global Zionist influence. The Zionists have used their media power to try to push the Roman Catholic church in a direction supportive of Zionist interests, despite the fact that there remain many traditional, genuine Catholics at all levels within the church who are opposed to Zionist influence. In the meantime,elements within the Church that do oppose Zionism are often forced to "play ball" with the Zionists to preserve what influence the church does have on a global level. Now, however, that the Zionists are determined to make a final push for a New World Order, a key facet of which involves the destruction of the foundation of the Islamic faith and the evisceration of Muslim republics around the globe, they are determined to push the Catholic Church into the center of the conflict and use it as a wedge against Islam. Mark Glenn predicted, with trepidation, that some act of violence against the Vatican or some Catholic leader—such as the Pope—may be utilized by the Zionists (blaming it on "the Muslims") to intensify Catholic opposition to Islam and the Muslim people. Piper, Glenn and Tillawi encouraged grassroots Christians (particularly Catholics) and Muslims to avoid allowing the mass media to provoke a "clash of civilizations)—particularly between Catholics and Muslims—which could spark a world war."

Audio Here

David S. said...

As one of those traditional Catholics that this broadcast spoke of, I can at least say this: there is and has been major outside influences on the Vatican since the late 50s. You hear all manner of theories: it's Communists, Freemasons, Zionists, all that. Personally I have no idea, and think that whatever had influence, it's a secondary issue - what needs to be done is for the Church to be restored to Her ancient beliefs and traditions.
Even though the above post seems quite "conspiracy-theory"-esque, many Catholic prophecies have spoken of this time, and state flat-out that there will be a civil war in France (among many other places) between conservatives/Catholics and liberals/muslims. It's pretty terrifying stuff. If anyone is interested in learning more about it, I'm working on a document summarizing some of the main points.
The jist of it says that a revolution and civil war breaks out in France, then Italy, then England, and many other places. Eventually Russia gets involved, and most likely the Middle East as well. Paris is burned to the ground, many many people die, and at a point it seems hopeless. However, through the aid of the Blessed Virgin, the good guys (us) manage to win the final victory, and a golden age of sorts follows.
If anyone is interested, like I said, just let me know; if no one really wants to hear about it though I won't take up any more space on here on the issue.

Phanarath said...

Here we go with the Zionists again. We saw all the same ideas durring the Motoon crisis. Nobody seems to even bother to try to explain, how the Jews maneged to make it look like some Danes made some cartoons. How did the Jews make it appear as if Some muslims burned two Danish embasies and generaly behaved extremely badly. Maybe somehow it was the Jews who put in that extra material that the Muslim Brotherhood sent to the middleeast.
Now its also the Jews who are writing the speaches for the pope. Burning churches in the westbank and killing Italian nuns in Somalia. At least the Jews are somehow pulling strings to make all these things happen.

I am sure the people who are making up these things are having a lot of fun. Same as I use to have playing dungeons & dragons. But its very sad and dangeruss, when grownups are taking it seriusly.

On the Audio Michael Collins Piper sais that we; meening the americans, need to find the commenground with the Muslims since the Muslims outnumber the Americans. Thats logical right ?. Lets fight someone we can beat instead instead!

The Jews are also aligned with the massmedia it seems to these people, who apperantly have never noticed how the massmedia is allmost allways pro-muslim and anti-israel.

Lissening to this cracyness I find myself understanding Zeros rants a whole lot better You where right Zero; I do have a lot to learn. But I must say I have never heard anything this wierd where I live.

These people are complete nutjobs.

David S
I for one would like to see it.

Vol-in-Law said...

Nazi and neo-Nazi types have always been keen on aligning the Catholic Church with Islam against the Jews. It's a bit ironic that they should claim ex-Nazi Pope Benedict as a tool of the Zionists!

asdfj24972 said...

"At least the Jews are somehow pulling strings to make all these things happen."

It isn't out of the question that the media could be intentionally creating outrages, provoking Muslims to violence, to turn public opinion in support of Israel and the middle east wars. Most folks are by now aware Muslims take their religion seriously, why would the media do such a thing? Case in point is the Danish cartoon affair, where European media for some reason decided to insult the religion of Islam under the banner of "free speech" (hyportically, since they happen to be the most ruthless censors in other areas, but that's another story).

"But its very sad and dangeruss, when grownups are taking it seriusly."

I could say that it's sad and dangerous to see the warmongering going on against Iran. Iran is being targetted because it is seeking nuclear defense against a hostile regional neighbor, Israel.

"the massmedia is allmost allways pro-muslim and anti-israel. "

The media appears to be pro-Muslim because it is constricted by codes of political correctness.

The American media is the most pro-Israel you can find. The Western European media is a bit more critical. If you want to hear the differences in interpretation of news stories around the world, including the mid east, I urge you to check out the 30-minute broadcast 'The Shortwave Report' (available as PODCast as well).

"The Shortwave Report Is a 30 minute review of news stories recorded from
a shortwave radio. Times and frequencies for English-language programs
are included to encourage you to listen on your own. It's easy. There is a new
show posted every Friday morning, record it in mono!"

Phanarath said...

In the Mootooncrisis some people where intentionally creating outrages, allright. But they where all Muslims. The group called the Muslim Brotherhood planned the whole thing all the way.

The satire they pulled out of Nemspapers to use in this campain is all completely normal for the country it was puplished in. There are no ruthless censors in other areas. I can only think you must meen, the laws against Nazi-provaganda you find in Germany and Austria. If so its not a very good example, since German neonazis get a lot of their matterials printed in Denmark, same country as where the motoons where printet.

The interesting thing in this case is why the Muslim group where so eager to create a lot of trouple. When you introduse these wild ideas about Zionists, I can only think its a way to awoid the real and much more serius issues.

Now the Muslims have once again created a lot of noise over nothing. And in the meantime millions of people are in danger of being slaughtered in africa, by - surprice surprice - Muslims.

They are doing their big ethnical cleaning down there, and would like better then to be left alone to do it. And they know that the massmedia only has an attention span of 1 to 3 headlines at a time.

I am sure you are right that Isreal has an interest in stopping Iran from getting the A-bomb. But that was the one and only sensible thing you have said. All the rest including that radioshow, is just to wierd. We have people stoned with drugs here in my country, that make a whole lot more sense then that. And most of the time, they are even more entertaning.

That Radiohost said that he wasnt and expert on Religion. I think he even said it a couple of times. His voice didnt sound completely stoned, so I am sure he he is talking against his own better knowlegde. That "Again I am no expert" line, is nothing more then, giving himself a freepass to be clueless.

If the Zionist where so much in control of the massmedia, it should be easy for them to have the political correctness that ablys to Muslim also ably to Israel. It clearly dosnt.

The real global control is in the hands of the secret starcouncil of the Zodiac. Go work on that one :-)

asdfj24972 said...

The radio host I mentioned above is now in New York interviewing President Ahmadinejad! I'll be sure to link you to that as soon as it's available.

M. Simon said...

I'm all in favor of the church returning to its original beliefs. Get back to the old time religion. The religion of Jesus.

Which would then make Christianity a Jewish sect.

Now about that Zionist thingy.

M. Simon said...

asdfj24972 said...

It isn't out of the question that the media could be intentionally creating outrages, provoking Muslims to violence, to turn public opinion in support of Israel and the middle east wars.

I guess the Pope is in on it too?

Whatever Muslims are angry about, whoever Muslims kill in the name of their religion, it is at the instigation of the Jews.

In fact asdfj I believe the Jews are using their secret mind control rays to make thamselves seem reasonable compared to the lunatic type ravings you posted. Jews are so diabolical that no one who is not a Jew is allowed to have a thought of their own.

You have to be very careful here because no thought you have about Jews is your own. The only way to escape from the Jewish plan for world domination is to say nothing about it. Once you start discussing the subject the frequency and intensity of the rays is intensified. Then you are just another Zionist tool. Just ask Kenneth.

Phanarath said...

I just found a membership cart in the bottom of a closet. It seems I am a supportmember of "Zionistist for Wolddomination", and I didnt even know it.

Profitsbeard said...


Since Mohammad borrowed (AKA stole) his entire 'religion' from the Jews (the Koran being far more an Old Testament plagiarism than a New), with a faint gloss of heretical 'gnostic Christianity' added to try to induce the "People of the Cross" to "revert" to the 'faith' of "Allah", Islam must be the world's first Zionist conspiracy.

Muslims would do well to leave this Jewish construct immediately.

(I hear Taoism is recruiting.)

Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for the translation. I've linked to you here: