Monday, September 18, 2006

The Warlike Religion of Mohammed

Over the weekend, commenter Octavian Romano pointed us to a post on the German blog Fakten Fiktionen, and recommended that we find someone to translate it into English. Regular reader Phanarath (who is Danish, but has some knowledge of German) stepped up to the plate. Although the article was too long to be translated in its entirety, he has provided us with an English version of the introductory section:

Islam seeks to conquer the world

The rules of war are flexible; the objective of war remains.

The warlike religion of Mohammed

by Egon Flaig

“We hope that the flag of Islam may fly again over this land, which had the good fortune, for some time, to be under the rule of Islam and the roof of the Muezzins, god bless his name. Then the light of Islam died and they returned to unbelief. Andalusia, Sicily, the Balkans, the south of Italy and the Greek islands are all Islamic colonies, that must return to the arms of Islam. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea must return to being a part of the Islamic nation.”

Hassan al-BannaThese words are not from Al Qaeda; they are part of a program that the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna formulated in a speech. The Brotherhood has millions of members and has spread far beyond Egypt. Their intellectuals are active in Europe and the United States; they are considered “moderate” and are accorded recognition as such in the media. The planned recapture of “lost” areas belongs to the political program of states who consider territorial power struggles essential, i.e. in a political arena. How can this be in the program of a religion?

Is Islam a religion like others?

Since the beginning of classical times, between the ninth and eleventh century, Islamic clerics have divided the world into two parts, “The House of Islam” and “The House of War”. This partition is not dictated by where Muslims live or are in abundance, but only by where Islam rules — as dictated by Shari’ah — and where it does not. This is understood religiously but meant politically. Between these two parts of the world there will, naturally, be war until “The House of War” no longer exists, and Islam rules the world. (Sura 8, 39 and 9, 41)

This is why classical Islamic teachings dictate the duty to fight the infidels until they convert or submit.

This war is called Jihad.

As the teachings of Jesus asked for the conversion of all peoples, but not of their political systems, so the target of Islam is the political systems but not the religious ones, in case they are “of the book”.

Readers who know German will want to go over and read the rest.


Vol-in-Law said...

Nazi and neo-Nazi types have always been keen on aligning the Catholic Church with Islam against the Jews. It's a bit ironic that they should claim ex-Nazi Pope Benedict as a tool of the Zionists!

M. Simon said...

I'm all in favor of the church returning to its original beliefs. Get back to the old time religion. The religion of Jesus.

Which would then make Christianity a Jewish sect.

Now about that Zionist thingy.

M. Simon said...

asdfj24972 said...

It isn't out of the question that the media could be intentionally creating outrages, provoking Muslims to violence, to turn public opinion in support of Israel and the middle east wars.

I guess the Pope is in on it too?

Whatever Muslims are angry about, whoever Muslims kill in the name of their religion, it is at the instigation of the Jews.

In fact asdfj I believe the Jews are using their secret mind control rays to make thamselves seem reasonable compared to the lunatic type ravings you posted. Jews are so diabolical that no one who is not a Jew is allowed to have a thought of their own.

You have to be very careful here because no thought you have about Jews is your own. The only way to escape from the Jewish plan for world domination is to say nothing about it. Once you start discussing the subject the frequency and intensity of the rays is intensified. Then you are just another Zionist tool. Just ask Kenneth.

Profitsbeard said...


Since Mohammad borrowed (AKA stole) his entire 'religion' from the Jews (the Koran being far more an Old Testament plagiarism than a New), with a faint gloss of heretical 'gnostic Christianity' added to try to induce the "People of the Cross" to "revert" to the 'faith' of "Allah", Islam must be the world's first Zionist conspiracy.

Muslims would do well to leave this Jewish construct immediately.

(I hear Taoism is recruiting.)

Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for the translation. I've linked to you here: