Friday, September 01, 2006

Die Dummen Schweden

Longtime reader, commenter, and translator LN left a comment on Wednesday’s post that deserves a separate post all its own. LN is a Swede who has been around for a while and has definite opinions about current events in his country.

I have adjusted his spelling and syntax, and revised some of his expressions to conform with current idioms, but otherwise I have left his writing intact:

The Swedish People Have Ceased to Exist — by Decree of Their Own Government.

Festive and church dress, ÖstergötlandNo more SWEDES, according to the “Finale Report of the Department of Culture” (Ds 2000:43)!

Instead we are now “persons with a Swedish background” (person/er med svensk bakgrund).

In our neighbouring countries there live Danes, Finns, Norwegians, and Germans, but in Sweden there live “persons with a Swedish background” and — not to be forgotten — a damn big heap of immigrants.

The reason for this ridiculous change of terminology is the extensive immigration and the pursued unsuccessful policy of integration. The relatively small and society-disintegrating leftist ELITE of the country wants the MULTICULTURE to dominate the land and the lives of its People — without ever having asked the People. According to the Government Secretariat (Regeringskansliet) Sweden shall bear the stamp only of its immigrants and their cultures, and their values and behaviours and religions.

The more immigrants the more multiculture! To integrate a growing volume of immigrants from 150 countries into a stagnating labor market is not possible. They are too many. For 14 years the net balance of new jobs in Sweden is almost naught, zero, zilch. Big groups of immigrants have an employment rate that runs 30-40 per cent lower than that of the native population (the Swedish Government Official Report 2004:21 and SCB/RAMS 2002). Fewer people are employed today than in 1990. And it is difficult to get a job in Sweden without having reasonable knowledge of Swedish!

For demographic or other reasons approximately a million persons of foreign background do not contribute to GNP. This million was not there in 1970. The costs for the immigration in 1999 amounted to calculated SEK 240,000,000,000 — that is $3,650 per capita. Of course, this figure is denied by the government — but they do not produce ANY figures of their own. They are as uncommunicative as the Stasi in the old DDR. The costs might be somewhat higher today, depending on the increase of immigrants, with approximately 100,000 persons net added since 1999.

The political multiculture has led to poorer welfare for the native-born population and to better welfare for the immigrants. The immigrants are offered the same or even better social benefits than the ethnic Swedes. Many get dental care free of charge (it must be GOLD bridges!) within the social welfare system, and at the age of 65 it is possible to get elder-support (äldreförsörjningsstöd), which is a form of pension, of currently up to SEK 10,500 ($1,440) per month — tax free — without ever having had to work and pay taxes in Sweden.

How does this work? Suppose now that Bassam Al-Salhi from Gaza is dogged by bad luck, so he travels to Sweden where he becomes a refugee needing asylum — he succeeds in convincing the Swedish Immigration Board that he is death-threatened back home, so he receives his ‘residence permit’. Now paradise has opened — wine, women and song!

In less than 5 years the whole clan Al-Salhi is here — wife, 5 children, father, mother and grandmother! I think it is called a ‘family-reunion’. No one in Al-Salhi’s family is working. The state is paying something around SEK 45,000 ($6,200) a month to the poor Al-Salhi-family.

Approximately 70% of Sweden’s healthcare capacity is used by immigrants (2003) — however, to a decidedly smaller extent in June, July and August, because then one is home on vacation in those countries one has fled from. Were there not 5,600 “Swedes” that recently were transported home from Lebanon through the agency of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

According to the terminology and the calculations — before manipulation — of the Government Secretariat (Regeringskansliet), the immigrant population amounted to just over 2 million, or 22 percent of the entire population — and the native-born (the Swedish) population to just over 7 million in 2004. However, there are, as we know, no longer any Swedes, only “persons with Swedish background”.

A group of persons with entirely or partially foreign background has thus been permitted to exert an influence over how the majority of Swedes will be described.

Only multicultural fanatics/lunatics can invent such a ridicule-arousing concept as “persons with Swedish background”. The Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) has in collaboration with the Swedish Migration Board (Meddelande i samordningsfrågor 2002:3) made native-born persons with one native- and one foreign-born parent into Swedes by establishing this concept of “person with Swedish background”. This partial group constitutes about 7 per cent of the entire population. The consequence of the fact that one native-born, with one native- and one foreign-born parent, statistically are considered being “Swedish”, is that the sum of “persons with foreign background” is reduced to just over 1.4 millions and to 16 percent of the population, instead of 2 million and 22 percent respectively. This is just an example of how the Government is lying with statistics.

Probably this is the result the Government wanted to achieve. The number of immigrants has been reduced, at least statistically. This can be used as an argument for continued mass immigration and to defraud the Swedes — sorry, we mean the “people with a Swedish background”; for example, it is impossible to determine if an ethnic Swede or an immigrant has committed a certain crime.

Concurrently there is an increase of “persons with Swedish background” to approximately 7.6 million, from just over 7 million genuine Swedes. In this way the Government does not need to explain why the native population diminishes, why not only well-educated people of vision — almost en masse — are leaving the country.

According to SCB’s forecasts the immigrant population will increase to approximately 50 percent by about 2015-20. The majority will be Muslims — God will be replaced with Allah — Sweden will be part of the Caliphate. As the Swedish Minister of Migration Jens Orback lately said in an interview: “We must be nice to the Muslims now — hopefully they will remember it when they are in majority, and be nice in return”!

The Media have started abolishing the concept ‘Swede’, too. Both in Swedish Public Radio (SR, Sveriges Radio) and in Swedish Public Television (SVT) this has been observed during 2005 and 2006. The Social Insurance Office’s (Försäkringskassan) Annual Report of 2005 talks about “persons with Swedish background” instead of Swedes. It is clear that Sweden’s history and culture will be sacrificed on the altars of multiculture. About this there is still deep silence from those who decide.

Anybody wanting to recapture the old and traditional epithet “Swede-s” (svensk) should by all means avoid giving their vote to the ruling treasonable junta on election day, the 17th of September 2006.

There is an inscription from late medieval time, I guess, made by an old monk who truly was a wise man, in the Riddarholms-church in Stockholm. listing the six causes for Sweden’s misfortunes: 1. Selfishness, 2. Wily Hatred, 3. Contempt for the Laws, 4. Indifference for the General Well-being, 5. Short-sighted Admiration for Strangers and what is Foreign, 6. Stubborn Envy of Countrymen.

— ln

PS Does anyone recollect the German expression: Die Dummen Schweden?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Festive dress, SkåneWhile searching for appropriate images for this post, I ran across an excellent resource, the online document collection of the Bienes Center, located in the Broward County (Florida) Main Library. The two samples I have chosen are from a group of drawings commissioned for educational purposes during the 1930s by the WPA.

The good folk of the Broward County Library must have been reading LN’s mind, because here’s what their disclaimer says:

The written material and images from the Bienes Center’s WPA Museum Extension Project Collection are presented here as cultural artifacts from an important chapter of this nation’s history. These items were used as visual educational aids in several states’ public schools, libraries and children’s museums and were created during the years 1935-1943. As such, they represent many of the dominant social, cultural, and political values of their era.

While the research techniques employed to write the texts and create the objects were in accordance with the most rigorous academic standards of their day, the information conveyed by the original WPA material presented on these pages cannot be taken at face value for its scholarly content today. Significant portions of the written material intended for teachers to use in the classroom would now be considered outdated, or worse. By today’s standards, some of its content would undoubtedly be considered demeaning to women and to certain ethnic, national, racial, and religious groups.

Could anything illustrate more clearly the problem we are facing today? Die pathetischen Dummen Schweden must be grievously offended and demeaned by these images!

LN, you must contact Broward County and express your outrage. Surely you feel disrespected and excluded!

The methods used were in accordance with the most rigorous academic standards of their day. Oh, how the present condescends to the past! How much better we are nowadays! How enlightened and mature we are in our understanding of the “other”!

Here’s a disclaimer from the 2093 MetaNet edition of certain McGraw-Hill textbooks from 1998-2007:

While the research techniques employed to write these texts were in accordance with the most rigorous academic standards of their day, the information conveyed by the original textbook material presented here cannot be taken at face value for its scholarly content. A significant portion of the material was censored, altered, “photoshopped”, redacted, and selectively edited to produce a result that was in accordance with the “politically correct” ideology of its time. No factual accuracy can thus be inferred for the material contained herein.


anti-uffe said...

Re. "Die Dummen [sic] Schweden":

I believe this should correctly be "die dumme Dänen," a phrase IIRC uttered by Göring, Goebbels or some other top Nazi dog. It may be apocryphal or wrongly attributed, but it is still used by Danes referring to an alleged perception by people abroad of Danish gullibility.

kepiblanc said...

The closing words of a Fjordman article 2½ years ago :

Sweden is already a banana republic, perhaps on its way to becoming an Islamic republic. Swedish culture is disappearing with astonishing speed in front of our eyes. If the trend isn't stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe. The "Swedish model" will no longer refer to a stable and peaceful state with an advanced economy, but an Eurabian horror story of utopian multiculturalism, Socialist mismanagement and runaway immigration. Sweden has national elections in 2006. This will be one of the last opportunities the country has to resolve its towering internal tensions in peaceful and civilized ways. Some fear it's already too late.

Is Swedish Democracy Collapsing ?

Fjordman question can now be answered.

anti-uffe said...

Not to belittle the coming Balkanization and the disaster this spells for your country, LN, and not to sound cynical, but in a larger context it would perhaps be "better" for one country to lead this descent into chaos, rather than having the whole of Europe slide towards chaos more or less uniformly.

"Better," that is, in the sense that it would still allow for the rest of Europe to intervene, and to learn a painful lesson from this test case of multicultural, PC totalitarianism taken to the extreme. Will there still be such a thing as political correctness and blind belief in the multiculti wet dream after this? I find that hard to believe.

Should Europe slide into chaos at the same time we will all be sold down Submission Lane. I have never seen anybody address this scenario, but chaos in Europe would make our borders porous, and allow foreign mujahedin and Arab military aid free access, as seen in Chechnya on a smaller scale.

Zerosumgame said...

Assuming things are as bad in Sweden as LN (and Fjordman) say they are, and if indeed, Sweden "is lost", the logical assumption is that more and more native Swedes would leave (as is occurring in Holland). Is this indeed what is happening, and can someone provide numbers?

When I try to google anything about Swedish emigration, I get hits about all those Swedes who left 100 years ago for Minnesota...

kepiblanc said...

zerosumgame --

No doubt the bulk of the Swedish exodus goes to Denmark for obvious reasons :

Denmark has no unemployment and the Nordic labor markets more or less have the same structure. Swedes - and Norwegians - don't need any permits, Scandinavia is one common market. No language or cultural barriers to overcome. Nowadays you'll see Swedes (excuse me - persons with a Swedish background) everywhere in Denmark, not only higher educated ones.

At the same time, a peculiar trend is emerging : Due to the short distance - via a new bridge - between Copenhagen and Malmoe a lot of Danes live in Malmoe while working in Copenhagen. Housing is cheaper in Malmoe, but the main reason is political. If a Dane marries a foreigner - someone from outside Scandinavia - they are not allowed to live in Denmark until the spouse is 24 years old. The purpose of this law is to limit the 'family reunions' from Muslim countries, but - due to political correctness - it doesn't differentiate between people from civilized countries and people from Islamic ones. This has some unhappy consequences : if a Dane marries an American or Australian girl yonger than 24 the couple fall under the law as well (provided the Dane isn't a Crown Prince) so they'll probably settle down in Malmoe for a while. If they survive until the girl is 24, they can move back to Denmark.

Red House Hunter said...

With regard to Sweden's state-supported belittling of Swedish culture and history, I am reminded of the old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it".


Zerosumgame said...

LN, Kepiblanc:

thank you for the information.

38,000 Swedes per year leaving (I will presume most are the native, white middle class) in a nation of 9 million is proportionally more than in Holland.

That is proportional to 1.2 million Americans emigrating, which is 3x higher than our actual number, and most of those are dual citizens (all those Hollywood leftists who claimed they were going to leave the country if Bush was re-elected, are nothing but a bunch of big-talking, no-action degenerates).

I did a quick check of immigration figures to the USA, and only a fairly small percentage are coming here. I wonder what the figures are for Canada, Australia and NZ.

Can I also guess that the Communists (Left) and Social Democrats are happy with this outflow of Swedes, because most of the ones leaving probably are to the political right?

Frank said...

Running away cannot be the answer, because sooner or later there will no longer be anywhere to run. Literally. This is happening all over the west; albiet at slightly different rates; and even the US is beginning to be swamped by the third world.

It may be time for citizens to take matters into their own hands.

X said...

Scottsa, I agree. Sooner or later we'll have to turn and fight these people. I'd prefer sooner but, in countries like Sweden, where most of the ppopulation have been effectively brainwashed and where information on certain suibjects is so completely controlled, it's very hard to make much of an impact.

ZSG, I actually suspect that most of the people leaving are to the left, politically. The right are more likely to be independent types, owning farms and property, with large families to defend, so they have little choice but to remain, whereas the left are more likely to be the rootless sort who leave a place and let the plebs deal with the problems they've made.

kepiblanc said...

zerosumgame --

Can I also guess that the Communists (Left) and Social Democrats are happy with this outflow of Swedes, because most of the ones leaving probably are to the political right?

This left/rigt distinction doesn't apply to Sweden. If you apply a normal, western terminology here, all Swedes are 'left' in the sense that they are extremely political correct (apart for the few brave ones, like LN). They're just not used to disguss anything controversial and fear the word 'racist' more than anything else. Well, maybe apart from the snuff being taken away...

archonix --

I don't think 'brainwashed' is the best term, because there wasn't anything to be 'washed out' in the first place. They've never known anything better. The idea of resistance and revolt against the authorities is complete alien to Swedes. I'd rather call it 'stupor'. But the individual 'Svenne' isn't an idiot. He just waits and waits in the hope and illusion that his government will finally solve all the problems. Because it used to do just that. But this time it doesn't and when he realizes that maybe things will start to roll. And when Calle Svensson finally gets angry, it isn't pretty.....

KG said...

"... and when he realizes that maybe things will start to roll. And when Calle Svensson finally gets angry, it isn't pretty..... "
I think it's time to stop consoling ourselves with the myth that somehow,we in the West will suddenly rise up and take matters into our own hands.
We won't.
Because people are apathetic, disarmed, powerless and utterly unused to taking charge of their own lives.
Police and military forces will support the government of the day and by extension, muslims.
Decades of welfare and corrupt leftist education have done their job.

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've linked to you here:

X said...

"I don't think 'brainwashed' is the best term, because there wasn't anything to be 'washed out' in the first place."

Jdging on the current generation you might be justified in saying that, but go back just one generation and it doesn't look that way. Two, and you're back with people who say "familjen först". That generation are dying out, but there are enough to remember those times, and enough will pass it on to their grandchildren. Never lose hope. :)

Kg, it's been my experience that even the most apathetic person will rise when their life is threatened. As I just explained, Sweden, indeed all of scandanavia, is culturally very close to a much more libtertarian way of life than most of europe. Where the french mght continue until it's too late, I think that these northern countries will eventually sort themselves out. Denmark isn't that much different to Sweden at the end of the day, except in how contorlling the government has been. They were more PC, more "tolerant" than the swedes just a couple of years ago, and prided themselves on it. Now look how rapidly things are changing in that country. It only takes on event to set of a nation. I won't presume to predict the event that will set off Sweden, but I know something will come in the next year or so.

My own country might actually be slower on the uptake. Too much french influence. :)

KG said...

archonix, I just hope that you're right and I'm wrong. But I wouldn't bet on it either way.
Another large 9/11 style attack may tip the balance though.

Zerosumgame said...

BTW, I have a question for the Danes and Swedes here.

If Malmo is already a third-world Islamic dump, how do the Danes keep all this trouble from coming across the bridge to Copenhagen?

On a map, it looks like the two cities are only 25 km apart, and a car full of thugs could make it across the bridge in less than 30 minutes.

It's 0310 AM over there, so I assume that I will read a response when I get up in the morning here on the East Coast.

kepiblanc said...

Good morning all...It's a cloudy Sunday noon over here, still no signs of Sweden being alive.

Malmoe is very close to the Muslim tipover, but I guess the Muslims want to consolidate their positions and fight the remaining pockets of Swedes before taking on Copenhagen. And they know very well that Copenhagen is a very different beast entirely. If in doubt, just look at the numbers : the rate of violent crime is 4 times bigger in Malmoe although Copenhagen is much larger. The Muslims in Copenhagen clearly try to keep a low profile right now, realizing they're playing with fire.

This 'phony war' will not last, of course. Sooner or later they'll attack across the bridge and join with their beachhead in Denmark. Matter o' factly, a Danish political party has already proposed to close the bridge....

Meanwhile, the debate in Danish media right now is on the subject of our troops in Afghanistan. What's the purpose ? The Army Tactical Command says that in 4 weeks we killed some 70 Talebans and the opposition find that disgusting, claiming that the main objective isn't to kill Muslims but to help them build a democracy (presuming an Islamic democracy isn't a contradiction in terms).

Personally, I think it's better to fight them in Afghanistan than in the streets of Copenhagen, but that could change....

Mikael said...

Oh well, perhaps the Native-Sweedes will be granted a reservation somewhere above the artic circle where they can do their tribal danses to the tunes of ABBA and Ulf Lundell.

Sweden was once a world power, nearly bringing Russia to her knees. What in Pdins name happened to them?

On a completely different issue, nothing to do with islamists, careful preperations where taken when building the brigde across Øresund to awoid foxes and rats to cross from Sweden to Denmark.

Mikael said...

Odin, not Pdin - doh!

X said...

Mikale, the socialist "democrats" happened to them. They rose up after the war, playing on Swedish guilt about their dalliance with the nazis and promised to change the country And they did, riding high on an economic boom that happened in the 50s and ended in the 70s, when they entrenched themselves by re-writing the electoral rules. There's no political opposition in Sweden anymore, just shades of greeny-red, so people have nowhere to turn.