Friday, September 15, 2006

Kill Him with Kindness

Is there anything more delicious than watching one of your adversaries brought low by his fellow jihadists and then having to be rescued by those he himself torments and would like to eliminate?

Such is the case of Ahmed Akkari, Lebanese by birth and now Danish by voluntary citizenship. Mr. Akkari is a trouble maker in Denmark, and was one of the leading lights of the Motoon outrage. He is also a bully. According to Wikipedia, when he was doing his practicum in teaching, he became physically violent with an eleven year old boy:

In 2001 Ahmad Akkari was sentenced to 40 days in prison for beating an 11-year old schoolboy on 3. November 2000 because the boy had allegedly been bullying Akkari’s little sister. The sentence was suspended because Akkari was a first time offender. Akkari, who was studying to be a teacher at the time, was present that day at Muslim private school Lykkeskolen in Aarhus where he was working as an apprentice teacher. According to sources at the school quoted in Ekstra-Bladet, his 11-year-old sister was playing with a boy from her class and the boy accidentally pulled her headscarf off. Akkari sought out the boy, pulled his ear drawing blood, and threw him to the ground kicking him several times. The female teacher who reported Akkari to the police was later fired after pressure from Muslim parents.

Ah, yes. The Religion of Peace as practiced in Denmark. Report an adult for beating up a little boy, and we’ll get you. What a way to win hearts and minds. Perhaps the Lutherans, the state religion of Denmark, could take a lesson from the page of Akkari and the parents who sought revenge on the teacher who properly reported his crime? Or maybe not. Lutherans draw a boundary between the military and religion, something Islam is still working on.

However, criminally assaulting children is not this man's only claim to fame. Mr. Akkari is also the spokesman in Denmark for a group which calls itself “The European Committee for Prophet Honouring.” Hmm…another religious clash here: honor the prophet, beat the kids. At any rate, Mr. Akkari is a co-author of the Akkari-Laban dossier, a document that served to generate much heat (and absolutely no light) in the Middle East over the Motoon contretemps. The umbrella organization of Muslim to which Mr. Akkari belongs — imams and poltical poobahs — created much of the (unsuccessful) pressure to have the Danish government interfere in the rights of free speech possessed by Jyllands Posten. This group numbers among its members one Ahmad Abu Laban, the head of the Islamic Society in Denmark. He’s such an extremist that even the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have consigned him to the persona non grata list.

Here are the outlines of Mr. Akkari’s life trajectory up until very recently:

…born in Lebanon in 1978. In 1985 the Akkari family came to Denmark, where they obtained asylum, but returned to Lebanon in 1990. Upon their return to Denmark a year later they found they didn’t qualify as refugees again, because the Lebanese Civil War was over. With the support of some Danish local media, which featured young Ahmed as a model immigrant, they were granted a humanitarian residency permit in 1994…He became a Danish citizen in 2005.

But guess where Mr. Akkari was when Hezbollah kidnapped the Israeli soldiers, touching off the latest conflagration at the border of Israel and Lebanon? Yep, he was visiting in Lebanon. And guess what he wanted? Why, to be evacuated from the war zone along with the other Danish citizens there. After all, it was his right as a Danish citizen.

In other words, this pompous troublemaker put in harm’s way those who had to rescue him from the mess in his native country because, as a Danish citizen, he had the right to protection.

It is doubtful that the irony of the situation will penetrate Mr. Akkari’s pompous head, but it is nonetheless one of God’s little jokes that the very country this publicity-seeker wants to condemn for its laws about freedom of speech is also willing to rescue him merely because of his Danish citizenship. In other words, his value as an individual human being was honored by his adopted -- and excoriated -- land.

What do you want to bet that he’d surrender his rights in a Copenhagen minute for the fantasy of living in a Denmark which honored not the Western tradition of the value of the individual but instead instituted some version of Sharia law for all Danes?

Fortunately, we don’t need his consent to see through the inconsistencies that zealots like Mr. Akkari live with just so they can have it both ways. In fact, if Sharia law were ever to prevail in Denmark - not bloody likely - I’d wager that Mr. Akkari would sorely miss his militant victim identity. And in the internecine Muslim warfare that would be sure to follow, his inherent value as an individual would be quickly eclipsed.

I recommend following the saga of Ahmed Akkari and all its myriad of links at Wikipedia.What a piece of work he is: a prototypical Western Muslim troublemaker tale.

Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg are two of the blogosphere’s greatest resources.

And thanks for the hat tip to commenter Andy Gilmour at Professor Bainbridge’s site.


Wally Ballou said...

I know it's not nearly your main point, but you brought it up, so it's not quite OT:

Three cheers for Project Gutenberg.

What a wonderfully monastic character PG has - and it has been in business longer than the Internet, havng its official beginning in 1971.

[begin fugue]
The best thing that the Internet is growing into is a global collective memory - aside from all the online noise and nonsense, vast collections of knowledge and art are being built every day in a way that will help guide and illuminate humanity for a long time. I don't say "forever" - see the "deep Time" people for that.

A coule of notable links:
American Memory Collection
The Internet Achive

Profitsbeard said...

"...Committee for Prophet Honouring"?

Here's how I 'honour' the "prophet":

Denmark needs to learn one word:


Or, if that isn't p.c. enough, how about:


anti-uffe said...

A very precise summary of this loathsome swine. Ahmad Akkari is undoubtedly one of the most hated men in Denmark. May I suggest you insert an image of him? Part of the package that goes under the name Akkari is those innocuous cow's eyes:

In Russet Shadows said...

Men like this exist at the West's pleasure, much like man exists at the pleasure of God.

Islamists are children, mentally, morally, and emotionally.

X said...

much like man exists at the pleasure of God.

If you take the view of god that Islam takes, perhaps. Warning: theological rantage ahead...

In the judeo-christian view of god, we aren't merely held to exist at god's pleasure, like a prisoneris held - here anyway - at her majesty's pleasure. It's far too pejorative. We exist becuase God loves us and wants to see us at his side. Those that accept him are held close, like a swan might hold its chicks under its wings. Even the putative bad-guys are held to exist because God lvoves them and wants them to accept him, even though he often knows they won't. I guess he's the ultimate hard-luck case...

But yeah, God isn't a mean god. It's a very distorted and corrupted version of that ethic that seems to be driving a lot of people who are willing to overlook Islam's many and varied faults in the hope that it'll be come a good socialist ally. And it's another version that tries to overlook Islam's faults and believe that it can be changed and made to fit in to western society. People like Akkari, therefore, exist in the west for as long as our willingness to believe they might change will last. Humans, unlike god, aren't infinite, and so can't hold that patience forever.

In that sense I suppose you're right, in that they exist here only as long as we are willing to allow it.

moif said...

I can't stand the little sod, and neither does any other Dane I know

Baron Bodissey said...

Jay --

Our ISP is down. See the top post.