Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ramadan 2006. Burn, Rinse, Repeat.

Well, it’s time for the month of Ramadan. A long period in Islam where one fasts, prays, and sets fire to things. Stones are saved for throwing at human beings alighting from trains.

Paul Belien is reporting on the lack of reporting by the mainstream press. Both events — the riots and the gaze avoidance by the elites of the criminal behavior of their immigrants — are a recipe for the perfect storm of dhimmitude in Europe. And, of course, what better place to start Ramadan in the EU than in its capitol, Brussels? How fitting is that?

According to Newsbusters, the excuse for the rioting was the death of a Moroccan prisoner:

What makes this story unusual is that so far, there has only been one report issued across the newswires (by Reuters) covering the events, and even though the rioting is entering its third day, not a single photographer has been dispatched to document the activities of the Muslim mob.

We have learned from reports in Belgium (which have been roughly translated via Babelfish) that the prisoner was apparently poisoned, and there were no external signs of injury on his body. The parents of the family, and subsequently, the mob, blame the Belgian government for his death, but autopsy reports turned in so far have not been definitive. A more telling video [there is a link here in the original Newsbuster’s post, but it wouldn’t load. Let us know if you succeed] documents some of the reported destruction, but I’m sure there’s plenty there that’s not covered as well.

In the riots, as reported by the Brussels Journal, stores have been firebombed, bus shelters have been demolished, cars have been set alight, and two Molotov cocktails were thrown into St. Peter’s Hospital, which is “one of the main hospitals in central Brussels.” Yet amongst all of this meleé, the Associated Press hasn’t seen fit to send a photojournalist? Nor Reuters?

Well, perhaps their photoshop person is on holiday?

The rioters are seeking justice. Well, of course. That’s why the police let them go. Actually, the Brussels police released the ten vandals they captured in order to “defuse” the situation. Now tell me: how do you defuse human refuse which has the capability to spontaneously combust? “Defusing” the situation is nothing more than cowardice. It inflames that which it proclaims to tamp down. What a joke!

No doubt these youths can find some hadith in their inflammatory belief system which will cover mayhem and whatever destruction occurs to them.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Brussels Journal reports that French youths got off to a good Ramadan start by ambushing and seriously wounding two police officers. Hmm…doesn’t France have a National Guard? Are they all hiding under their bunks?

Synchronistically, a few days ago one of our Australian readers sent us a report of the on-going slide in her part of the world. I asked her permission to print it, but having been a reporter in her time, she took it back to clean it up first. Here’s what she says:
- - - - - - - - - -
I’ve been visiting your blog for a couple of months now, after taking a link from Andrew Bolt here in Australia at the beginning of the war in Lebanon. Through you and others I’ve made my way to quite a few other blog sites. It’s gratifying to see so many individuals (even the Pope!) bucking the PC line on issues of culture, civilisation, politics, religion and society, and holding the MSM to account for its utterly deficient performance in fair and honest reporting, especially during the recent Israel/Hezbollah conflict.

People like yourselves are beginning to focus an unacknowledged tidal wave of anger about the ways in which politically correct postmodern doctrines have hijacked almost every aspect of Western life. There’s been a mainstream revolt against it here in Australia during the past decade, and rest of the West now seems to be catching the mood, however belatedly.

In Australia the rebellion caught the local commentariat completely unaware. So convinced of their omnipotence were our elites, they missed the point that the population here isn’t stupid. There’s a deep streak of skepticism and common sense in Aussies, what you might call an inbuilt “bulls*** meter,” and an obstinate refusal to be told what to think. Put it down to our Irish convict roots, whatever, but it’s real and pervasive. It has taken repeated re-election of Prime Minister Howard’s conservative government with increasing majorities since 1996 to convince the left that average Australians are not misguided redneck bigoted dupes, but responsible citizens who take the future of our country seriously (and recognise a pup when it’s being sold to us).

Basically, most of us were suspicious of the multicultural doctrine from the outset in the 1970s, including the millions of post WW2 immigrants from Europe, the Baltic states and the UK who arrived in the late 1940s and the 1950s. This was an extraordinarily successful migration program that effectively doubled the country’s population in 15 years with remarkably little social disruption and a massive contribution to the nation’s economic growth. It was characterised by two major features: the immigrants were of overwhelmingly Christian faiths and were determined to fit in and make a contribution to their new country. Also, they understood very well the old feuds and hatreds that had destroyed their birth countries and wished nothing more than to leave that behind them.

These people have been wonderful citizens. My city was a major centre of resettlement, I grew up with their children, attended school with them, have lifelong friendships and my own children and theirs are firm and lasting friends. It was the willingness of that post-war generation of immigrants to integrate, to embrace Australia, that made it all work.

Then came multiculturalism…and the onset of chronic indigestion. About the unregulated arrival of hundreds of thousands of Indochinese “boat people” in the mid-1970s post-Vietnam, and the massive intake of refugees from the civil war in Lebanon, we must not utter a word. After all, we were lectured, we had absorbed so many cultures by then that a few more shouldn’t make a difference. Besides, think of the new restaurants that were opening by the day.

The 1970s-80s in Australia was a protracted period of high unemployment, low economic growth, excessive taxation and galloping inflation, but it seemed not to matter that we were taking in hundreds of thousands of illiterate peasants, then placing them in public housing and on social security benefits at the expense of taxpaying citizens. No, my dear, don’t say a word…multiculturalism, you know.

Australia did eventually get over the Indochinese gulp…they’re hard-working people, and however many hundreds of thousands arrived here in a very short time, they settled in and got to work. They’re all Aussies now. Australia also got through the early Lebanese gulp…they were Maronite Christians fleeing a Muslim onslaught. They came to Australia, they got to work, and they’re all Aussies now.

As the Lebanese civil war continued into the 1980s a new wave of immigrants arrived. Families, clans, almost entire villages from the notorious Bekkhar Valley, a muslim stronghold with close palestinian and syrian links barely 50km from the Israel border. More than 100,000 migrated to Sydney alone, to unsuspecting multicultural arms. This new population proceeded to occupy a series of suburbs with an aggression and speed I still find breathtaking. In the south-western suburbs of Bankstown, Punchbowl, Lakemba, Lidcombe, among others, a home in a suburban street was bought, then another & another. These suburbs were originally settled by returning Australian soldiers and their families post-WW2, and in the 1980s were largely occupied by older retired people either singly or as elderly couples.

As one home after the other was acquired, it happened that a suggestion would be made: you might like to sell to my brother, my cousin, my uncle, because life might not be so pleasant as it has been. Pets were killed. Rubbish was tipped onto doorsteps of elderly widows. Vandalism was done to houses. And the old people sold their homes to these people for undervalued prices to escape the threat.

How do I know this? My closest friend grew up in one of these suburbs in the 1950s-60s. Her widowed mother was forced out of her marital home through such tactics in 1993. Her story is by no means unusual. The entire street is now a transplanted village of almost 100 people of an extended family from the Bekkhar valley. It’s notorious in Sydney as the hub of Lebanese organised crime related to carjacking, luxury car rebirthing, illegal export of stolen and rebirthed luxury vehicles and parts, ramraids on ATMs, drug distribution, people trafficking, drive-by shootings….not to mention an extraordinary series of organised violent pack rapes on very young teenaged girls in Sydney in the early 2000s which resulted in groups of young muslim men being jailed for up to 55 years.

By the mid-1990s this area was a significant muslim colony. I attended a series of writers’ conferences in this area of Sydney at that time and was shocked that I was a foreigner in my own country. Men in white robes, women in black, signs in arabic as well as english, complete colonisation in the space of a decade, thanks to multiculturalism.

There are now, I believe, 300,000 muslims in Australia in a population approaching 20 million. As I understand it, 200,000 in Sydney, the bulk of the rest in Melbourne and Perth. If you subtract the Indonesian and Malay muslims, who are nice people in my experience and come to Australia mainly for education, the ugly face of Islam in my country is Arab Islam.

There are comparatively few of them here, yet there’s still such insistence that we defer to their cranky sensitivities. Happily, hardly anyone in Australia is listening. Patience with the MC/PC creed broke down completely after the Tampa hijack in 2001 when hundreds of illegals rescued from a sinking boat by the Norwegian ship committed piracy on the high seas in order to force the captain to land them on Australian territory.

Australia sent SAS troops to repel the landing, John Howard won a landslide election, changed the migration laws and illegal arrivals of muslims have ceased. Nobody bothers now because they know they will be sent to a denuded, bankrupt Pacific Christian island to endure years of legal proceedings. Might as well stay in a nice islamic country such as indonesia or malaysia, eat good food and pray at the local mosque.

Years after the decision by our Prime Minister to refuse entry to uninvited aliens, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden have all reversed course. I believe Australia woke up in time. Not sure about Europe, though, less so the UK.

PS: My favourite quote from John Winston Howard, reminiscent of his middle-namesake:

“We will decide who comes to Australia, and the circumstances under which they come.”

Best regards, Maree

Thank you for the news, Maree. It’s good to know that most Aussies have lost patience with the “cranky sensitivities” of the combustible newcomers. Any other path is suicide — and that’s the track Europe has chosen. Or rather, that’s the path the nomenklatura of Eurabia has chosen for its subjects. The latter never had much say in it. In fact, I’d wager a guess that many aren’t even aware that their national sovereignty has been vanquished by the bureaucrats in Brussels.

By the way, let us know how the month of Ramadan progresses in the muslim neighborhoods you mentioned. I would imagine it’s a lot like, say, Lent is for Christians. You know: prayer, fasting, setting cars on fire, carrying ugly signs about what Jesus is going to do to people of other faiths.


Epaminondas said...

It's somewhat gratifying to see every blog picking this up.

Maybe there will be ONE staffer, at CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox to ask where the hell the copy is for this on TV?

Yorkshireminer said...

The gentleman who died in prison died over a week ago, and has been flown back to North Africa, and is now resting quietly under the sod there. He died from a sedative that was given to him in prison, it was given by injection, so I can assume he had been running amok. What do prison officers do under these circumstances. We have had the usually media event with a minister talking to the family of the victim mother with headscarf father with permanent five o'clock shadow. The point is this happen over a week ago. The riots started at the beginning of Ramadan, what does this tell you, the muslims in the part of Brussels where the rioting are happening are mostly out of work, and during Ramadan they most likely sleep all day to forgo the hunger pains. When they wake up it is party time, and after they have gorged themselves and they have let it settle, they are feeling a bit bored about 12 o'clock at night, so some bright spark decides it might be a good time to go out and have a carbecue, and perhaps torch the odd hospital or the odd shop. Don't worry the police and the politicians will look after us, if things get really bad they might threaten to take away the rioters Molotov cocktails. I have been watching the Belgian TV news for the last three days and there has been not so much as a squeak.

Zerosumgame said...

This letting the Islamonazi youth riot is but one more example of how the West has surrendered to these Nazi goons.

The consequences of an Islamofascist victory for us Jews is too scary to even think about. For other people, it will be dhimmitude. For us, it will be a total, final annihilation.

It keeps me up at night when I think about it.

allen said...

Taliban Office in North Waziristan Open for Business

"The Daily Times also reports the Pakistani government and military are no where to be found in Miranshah. The police and Army are absent, leaving the Taliban to fill the security vacuum."

"The Taliban “established their offices to control the law and order situation in the agency," and 'the move has been welcomed by a number of officials including [Pakistani] military [officers].'"

The response of NATO (those are the allies the US is counting on in Afghanistan) may be best captured by Dymphna at Ramadan 2006. Burn, Rinse, Repeat.">More at The Elephant Bar