Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No Hay Niño Que Se Deja Detrás

Prometo lealtad a la bandera…September 16th was Mexico’s independence day, so principal Sam Williams of Velasco Elementary School in Clute, Texas had a good idea. Last Friday he brought in some Mexican parents to help, handed out Mexican flags to the kids, and had the pledge of allegiance to the flag recited in class. Unfortunately, it was a pledge to the Mexican flag.

Mr. Williams didn’t realize there was a problem until an Anglo parent called into local talk radio (go to Hot Air for the audio from Chris Baker’s talk radio show) to complain about what happened. That lit a fire under Mr. Williams’ asparagus, and now he’s feeling a little sorry for himself.

Folks, these are your tax dollars at work. Or the tax dollars of Texans, anyway.

Though there could be some of Uncle Sugar’s dollars involved — it might be a new federal program, after all, one in which no child is left behind saying Prometo lealtad a la bandera…

Hat tip: Florida Cracker.


El Jefe Maximo said...

"Multiculturalism" or, more properly "transnational progressivism" in action yet again.

What's needed is a dose of nationalism, with a pinch of religion, and I'd throw in a dash of evil old imperialism as well. Every time our leftie enemies pull a stunt like this, or let Chavez or Mad Jan talk too much: they make our case for us.

Profitsbeard said...

This is clearly the work of Il Diablo.

Papa Ray said...

You may be closer than you think about the federal connection, but the real problem here is what our educational system and the people teaching our children has become.

Our children are our future and they are to a large extent going to reflect what and how they are taught.

Homeschooling is looking more and more attractive to me for my Sweet Sarah.

Trouble is, I'll have to find a qualified (in more ways than just education) teacher, because I've only got a fifty some odd year old GED and she deserves much better than that.

Papa Ray
West Texas

bordergal said...

Papa Ray, start looking for Independent Study Programs in your area. They will help you organize your homeschooling effort. They can range from just giving you the curriculum, to ISPs where parents takes turns teaching different subjects in a group setting.

They also have them (at least in Kalifornia) through the local school districts. You get assignments, and meet with a teacher once a week.

Fausta said...

"but . . . but . . . it's diversity!"
/(end sarcasm)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Papa Ray, a 50 year old GED has more educational value than a five year old high school diploma these days, and it's probably just as good as any four year college degree of recent vintage.
Homeschooling is not remotely the same as public schooling, you're not doing the same thing at all, so you don't need the same tools. That one to one ratio is wonderful.
Most homeschooling parents and grandparents aren't the primary educators anyway, they are only helpful facilitators.

But that's not why I signed in to comment.
This multiculturalism thing, she is everywhere. Last week my youngsters were at the library participating in a program to welcome our growing hispanic community. The older ones went to help out. The youngsters went to play. They came home with some crafts they'd done there, including a very colorful poster with the words, "Viva Mexico!!"

I do not wish ill for Mexico, but I thought at a program to welcome immigrants to this state, we might instead do posters of this country's flag, or the state flag, or posters saying, "Welcome to America!"

David Hardesty said...

You all have said some great, and greatly alarming things. But here's what I wonder:

In forcing the kids to pledge allegiance to Mexico, has the principal violated some law? After all, if their allegiance now belongs to Mexico, it can't belong to the USA.

I know, I know, we're "making too big a deal out of this." But shouldn't someone make a big deal out of an educator who doesn't seem to know that a pledge of allegiance isn't a part of a mutlicultural hoedown but rather is how people, well, PLEDGE their ALLEGIANCE to a country?