Monday, September 18, 2006

Alla Ska Med

Those of you who hung around over the weekend know that we covered the Swedish elections, and that the Social Democrats lost. Because our ISP was down, I couldn’t include any graphics to go with the stories, so I’ll make up for it now.

Alla ska med. Så enkelt är det.The Social Democrats’ slogan was Alla ska med. Så enkelt är det. It means “Everybody must come along. It is that easy.” (Some readers prefer to translate Så enkelt as “that simple”).

The image at right is one of a series of full-page ads taken out by the Social Democrats during the election campaign. The car is full of everyone who must come along, and you’ll notice that it’s basically a car full of Swedes — pardon me, I mean “persons of Swedish background” — with the exception of one fellow towards the back, who looks like he might be one of those nice immigrant chaps.

Swedish correspondent LN has made us aware of the disparity between the Social Democrats’ fantasy of Sweden and life in Sweden as it really is. One of the images he sent me was an alternative and more realistic version of what Alla ska med means:

Alla ska med. Så enkelt är det.

It’s too early to say whether yesterday’s election results represent a watershed in Swedish history. We’ll keep an eye on the situation.

On the same topic, this morning Fjordman sent us a link and a snip from the Swedish English-language news site The Local:

The end of Sweden’s one-party state

The defeat of the Social Democrats could turn Sweden into a normal democracy, where it is common for power to change hands, argues Nima Sanandaji of Swedish think-tank Captus.

Sweden has often been described as a “one-party state”, since the Social Democrats have been in power for 65 of the last 74 years. The term one-party state is also used by critics to point out that the Social Democratic Party, the big labour unions and the government have merged together in many ways.

Government agencies are often headed by those loyal to the Social Democratic Party. Each year the various agencies spend in total over 2 billion Swedish kronor on forming public opinion and it can be argued that this often occurs from a clear ideological Social Democratic viewpoint.

These are refreshing words, especially coming from the Swedes themselves. We can only hope that one-party rule is finally coming to an end.


Dan Kauffman said...

Papa bear it's a SOCIALIST State LOL
what do you THINK is entrenched.

Zerosumgame said...

Can the "right" in Sweden have any hope to effectively rule when the news networks, newspapers, universities, and public education system are run by Communists and radical Socialists?

X said...

I don't see why not. The tories here in the UK started with a very firmly entrenched old-labour appointed sivil service and managed 18 years. The'd have gone on for longer if Thatcher hadn't been stabbed in the back by the "liberal" wing of the party. Politics isn't that differen't in Sweden; inf act it's probably less likely to be a problem than here, since most of our ideas about civil service were inherited from the French and have been around for a long time, whereas Sweden only took on the idea within the last century, so their civil service, while large, might not have the same inertia that ours had in the 70s.

Deuce ☂ said...

The thing that has come to an end in Sweden is that they no longer are what they were when the social experiment started. Then it was a homogeneous Protestant state with a morality and ethic from the fifities. That is gone as a result of an absurd emigration policy and yes political correctness. The correction is taking place because like many others in the West, the elite ruling class, formed in the sixties, have trashed the standards that made the original experiment successful. Now what do we do with the trash?

moif said...

Exactly, and the Swedish elite doesn't lament the loss either.

Sweden as it was is long gone and the whole Scandinavian and Baltic region is going to have to bear the consequences of the Swedes stupidity as generations of young jihadi's multiply like rats amongst us until we find ourselves in the same mess as the UK, Holland and France.

MikeZ said...

I thought "Alla ska med" was Swedish for "You will be assimilated".