Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dhimmied Down Notion of Survival: Don't Trust Your Instincts

Fjordman sends an email with this link to a eunuch’s idea of survival in a world populated by those who wish us dead or dhimmified. Unfortunately, this squeaky-voiced person is not crying in the desert by himself. There are many who think like he does. Here’s his solution to bloody borders and beheadings:

I have a different strategy. It is not for everyone, but I believe it is honest and politically safe. Let us take away the most powerful weapon the terrorists have: Fear. Be less afraid of terrorism. Make it your personal project not to fear terrorism, and not to let the fear that remains influence your life. Don’t panic over newspaper headlines. Don’t cancel your vacation because of terror alerts. Don’t hold back your plane because there are some Arabs on it. Don’t support hasty laws and careless political decisions, simple because we “have to do something”.

Accept that there is a threat, but don’t exaggerate it. Don’t trust your instinct to guide you, our instincts are notoriously bad at risk assessment, use reason and facts instead. When people are afraid of flying, they remind themselves that they’re much more likely to die in their car on the way to the airport than on the plane itself. Do the same with terrorism. Fight your fears with facts. I don’t believe in denial, and it is not denial to say that terrorism is one of the smallest threats that any of us face. It is simple irrational to fear terrorism more than traffic.

When you have reduced your fear to a rational level as much as you can, face what remains of it with open eyes. Don’t let the fear influence your behavior, except after careful thought. Life is full of risks, and terrorism is no different from all the others. So there’s a tiny risk you might die today. That’s no excuse to act like a fool or a coward. Death is a part of life.

Dishonor, stupidity, and cowardice are part of life, too. But who in his right mind wants to live that way? Perhaps that’s the key question: “who in their right mind?

Expect to hear this theme come up once more in the 2008 elections, especially if John Kerry jumps off the cliff again. Meanwhile, remember:

God grant us the courage to change the things we can…


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

The risk of terrorism will always be there, until they choose to remove it. The chaps got a bad case of we are powerless liberalism, but at least hes got a stiff upper lip.

Of course if he were really resolute he could do something about it, and no fear. Instead of doing nothing, counseling others to do nothing, no fear. A true blue liberal sort of fellow, apparently no longer able to deny that terror exists, even no longer able to deny that they will do him ill despite his soft, fuzzy and harmless nature, but by wishing really hard, no fear, we can ignore their existance and carry on as if they didn't exist, even though they do, they do.

Guy should probably change his name from Bear Strong to Poodle Resolute or something.

OT Good morning Dymphna, aren't you are up dreadfully early?

Dymphna said...

Yes, I am up early and it is dreadful. The Baron is away overnight at a PJ Media schoomzer, so I woke before light...and if blooger weren't so bloody difficult, I'd have been back to bed long ago.

However, I shall await the Baron's programmer expertise to figure out why this post has "read more" when I didn't put the tags in for it.

And yes, "Bear Strong" is a bite for someone who would write such mealy-mouthed prose. Do you suppose they've developed some sort of mind-ray machine and he happened to walk thru it?

Dinah Lord said...

Don't worry about the boogyman under your bed, little Cubby Bear, just grab your blanky and keep sucking your thumb.


Thanks for posting dymphna.

heroyalwhyness said...

check out this video at youtube, re: Popes speech and Byzantine called "context"

Kirk Parker said...

"When people are afraid of flying, they remind themselves that they’re much more likely to die in their car on the way to the airport than on the plane itself."

Complete nonsense. Hopefully you all picked out the slight-of-hand here: commercial aviation is safer than driving on a per-mile basis, but if it's really as far from your house to the airport as it is to the destination, you wouldn't ever consider flying, would you?

Roderick said...

Actually, much of what the guy says is the way I live my life vis-a-vis terrorism.

He left out one vital part, however:

While I'm being calm and going on with my life, I WANT OUR GUYS HUNTING DOWN AND EXTERMINATING THE BASTARDS. Implementation of that last desire has the most salutary effect on my emotional well-being.

XY said...

"Let us take away the most powerful weapon the terrorists have: Fear."

Funny, I would have thought that guns and bombs are more powerful weapons than fear. In fact, "fear" isn't weapon at all. It's an emotion.

I don't feel any particular fear of terrorism. The proper response should be force targeted at those nations that sponsor terrorism. Force is the only language these animals understand.

turn said...

Actually found a face to go with the Baron's writing style over at Atlas. Next year you go and leave the Baron at home to deal.

I've made no changes to the way I live my life other than being a bit more suspicious when the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel issues a BOLA for certain colored trucks or BWI airport has a couple concourses closed for a gun that shows up in routine inspection (pax never to be found).

I am attempting to encourage what I used to call 'city senses' in my children, however. City senses are the situational awareness that we develop after being (or almost being) mugged and they can generally prevent one from becoming a victim.

O.T.: Fjordman's literate August essay on the effects of the feminist movement in the West was brilliant; although I forwarded it to some friends, I failed to keep it. Can that be reposted or can a link be provided?


Dymphna said...

The links to all of Fjordman's posts are on the sidebar; the Baron just redid our template. The one you want, on feminism, is here.

Zerosumgame said...

And what is frightening is the Bjorn Staerk is considered a righty by Norwegian standards -- and even he accepts surrender and dhimmitude.

And he's been rather apologetic over the years about European anti-Semitism. He isn't himself per se, but it seems like everyone else he knows hates Jews and he has to rationalize it somehow or he couldn't function in Norwegian society.

Phanarath said...

Hope its ok to post something OT here for Zero..

It is getting harder to be a jew also in Denmark now. Well it seems to have been for awhile, but I didnt realise before.

I read about it here allmost a week ago. It talks about how much Jews have, for centuries, been apriciated in Denmark for their contributions in all fields of society. But now they can not walk safely in the streets. It seems time has been turned back to WW2. "Det Mosaiske Troessamfund" Jewish faithcommunety has had to hire an unknown number of security people for the purpose of keeping Jews in Denmark safe.
It also sais that we are a new generation of danish men ready to defend the Jews as we have before.

I am angry and ashamed by this. I thought you should here it from me, since I was so persistant in denying that this was taking place here. If we are unable to defend our jewish citisens, then we deserve all the things you have been saying about us.

Zerosumgame said...


Denmark has 200,000+ Islamofascists and 7,0000 Jews. Further, being in Europe, many Danes have probably been so brainwashed by multiculturalism (Europeans can't make any judgments about Muslims, now can they?) and by venomous anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred in the greater Euro media, that this time, they will likely not step in to defend the Jews.

And that is not just my opinion; it is expressed in Bruce Bawer's book "While Europe Slept" by two Danish writers, who are a bit contrary to the political correctness of most European writers - Lars Hedegaard and Helle Brix.

It's over for the Jews in Europe. They need to get out, or frankly, they will be slaughtered -- by enraged Islamofascist mobs, aided and abetted by EU Bureaucrats and a virulently anti-Semitic media, that will not only overlook these crimes, but will blame it on the Jews. And I have little doubt that the final eradication of Jews in Europe will be a cause for celebration among many Europeans, and certainly for most of the elites.

And that will not even stop the hatred of Jews in Europe. One need only look at the rabid anti-semitism in many countries with few or no Jews to see that the hatred does not stop even when a country becomes Judenrein. Then they just turn the blame to foreign Jews -- the evil Zionists in Israel, the evil neocons in America, and even to hidden Jews.

Nelson Ascher was right. Europe and the Islamofascists deserve each other. 1 million Jews can get out of Europe. 450 million Europeans can't. They have allowed their hatred of Jews blind them to the growing Islamofascist terrorist menace that has been growing on their continent for 40 years. Such terrorism was always OK to Europe, since it was only to kill lowly Jews; it never occurred to Europeans, especially the elites, that this hatred would be turned against them someday.

Again, as Nelson Ascher said recently in Pajamas Media "Anti-Semitism is the tool that the Islamofascists have given Europe to allow it to commit suicide"

Phanarath said...

I know of Lars Hedegaard and Helle Brix. They are often quoted in Jyllandsposten and allways for good and clever stuff. I havent read that book though. I realy hate all that stuff you write about Europe. But I have no arguments left in me, right now.
I just wish you wouldent paint us all with the same brush. Right now, I cant hold it against you though. But not all cards are on the table. We will surprice you, in a good way, somehow.

Zerosumgame said...


Jews can't worry about pleasant surprises from Europeans.

Based on the last 2000 years, all we can expect is irrational, never-ending hatred and genocide. Europe is simply incapable of anything else.

You impress me as a good and moral person. But you are in a minority in Europe. And that minority is getting smaller all the time -- as a result of political brainwashing by the media and by demographics.

I do not know your personal situation, but I think if you care for your future (and your family's future, if you have one) you should seriously consider emigrating to the USA, Australia, or (English-speaking) Canada. Do it now, before Europe goes completely to hell and you have to fight with millions of others to find a home in the Anglosphere.

Phanarath said...

About the pleasant surprises; that might have been just a peptalk for myself.

Thanks for the kind words about my person, but as much as it is nice to feel special, I dont think I am a minority in my own country. It is only in small Muslim dominated areas, that this is going on. Its still totaly unacseptable.

I would like to know that my family was safe though. I think if I knew that I would post my real name. If it was only about myself I would say;bring it on.

And this bring my back to the topic, sorry for the OT.

What he writes only makes sense if you only care for yourself. And thats pretty much all I have to say about it.

turn said...

As an American and a Christian I'm appalled at the direction things are going in Europe for Jews, Christians and even secularists.

The Church obviously does not have the numbers to educate people as it once did, and so it's necessary to quietly find like-minded citizens, have meetings and determine for whom deserve your vote.

Ballots before bullets in any sane civilized society; as an American, I would resort to bullets before an exodus.

Phanarath said...

The Church is pretty much wrapped around it self. Some belive that is Islam is just another kind of cristanety and ask Imams to come and make sermons in churches. Some are very oposed to this and claim that cristianety should repel islam as an evil. They argue with themselves and have no commen ground.

This is strange becourse Luther was pretty clear on this matter - Wer are protestants - He said that we should fight Muslims on two fronts. As Jesus divided things into, what you give to the emperor and what you give to god, so did Luther say that we should fight for our countries against the muslims with weapons in hand and for God we should prey that he would free us from the muslims. But these things should never be mixed, so we would think that it was ok to kill for god.

The priest who are aguing for the Muslims to be accepted, are asking for these writings to be removed. And offcourse others dont want that.

We have no church to guide us. But the problem is not their numbers. I think its the fact that priests go through a universety education, so they have been wrapped into the PC-hell.

You are right Turn. The way to go is to meet with people. Keep explaining and explaining. And in the end yes. If nothing else work, we must fight.

Zerosumgame said...


Luther was among the most rabid Jewhaters in the history of Christian clergy. His screed "The Jews and their Lies" written in 1543 could easily have been written by Goebbels or by someone in the Islamonazi Middle East today.

The legacy of the hatred against Jews in Norway and Sweden as a result of Luther is overwhelming.

Norway did not allow Jews until 1851. Sweden did not allow Jews until 1774. Neither country has EVER allowed shechita - the kosher slaughter of meat, because of the supposed cruelty to animals. Apparently, Scandinavians think that animals have more rights than Jews do.

turn said...

Both Catholic clergy and lay need to pay close attention to the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and also as Cardinal Ratzenberger.
Let there be no doubt that Islam is most emphatically not a variety of Christianity. It is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.
That's Jesus the Jew for any anti-Semites out there.

Jews should forever be revered as the people who kept God's law and prophesy for the arrival of the Son.
Luther was a son of his times. Remember your history [ Reformation then Renaissance and then Enlightenment] and recall that change was not simultaneous everywhere.

As much as multiculturalism is pervasive in Europe today, I believe that common sense has not abandoned the common man and woman. In the U.S., at least, our foundation lies in the trust placed in the citizenry.

When the outrages of honor killings, sha'ria law and muslim youth violence are no longer to be tolerated, you must vote (and fight) for civilization, not the steady devolution that Islam is trying to impose upon Europe.