Sunday, July 23, 2006

There’s That Word Again

From today’s News From Norway:

The deteriorating situation in Lebanon has received a lot of news coverage in Norway in the past few weeks. Only days after hostilities in the region broke out, our prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, pledged to send 200 million Nkr (35 million US$) to the Lebanese and Palestinian governments, in an effort to relieve the suffering of the local population. The Norwegian government also strongly condemned the actions of the Israeli military, which they feel are disproportionate and in breach of international law.

I feel like an unfortunate pedestrian must have felt during the Great Boston Molasses Disaster: engulfed, knocked down, and asphyxiated by a treacly flood of politically correct verbiage.

It’s not just the aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy aspect of all this, the fact that the donated money will eventually end up replenishing Hizbullah’s and Hamas’ lethal weaponry.

It’s the sheer obstinate stupidity of the political leaders of the West, who will sell the future of their countries and their civilization for a very transient mess of electoral pottage.

Enough! Can’t we somehow retire the word “disproportionate” from the language?


Zerosumgame said...


Given my past run-ins with Dymphna, I am of course, reluctant to post here, but I did want to say a few things, based on my rather considerable time looking through blogs and conversing with Europeans about the coverage of the War between Israel and Iran (which is what this is, when you boil it down):

1) I have to give the Danes credit; it seems that their leadership and media, while not sympathetic to Israel on the scale of conservative media in the USA, has been very good in Europe, even better than major UK newspapers like the Times and the Telegraph, which are not considered very hostile newspapers to Israel by European standards.

2) Outside of Denmark and some of the right-leaning British publications, though, the coverage in Europe has been pretty despicable. After 2002, it seems, Western Europe has thrown off the mask of pretending to care about Jews and now vilify us for the crime of defending ourselves. They pretty much want us dead and their coverage shows it. Spain and their cowardly leader Zapatero have been particularly degenerate in this regard; I don't read Greek, but given the historically fanatic Jew-hatred of the Greeks, I would venture their media is just as bad.

3) Based on what I see in AFP and in English-language blogs about France, the French are also in their Islamofascist mode right across the political spectrum. Granted, they have historical ties to Lebanon, but I venture that the Maronites, despite their public pronouncements, would love to see Hezbollah gone.

4) Nobody seems to cover Eastern Europe's reaction to the war. I would venture it is not as bad as "Old" Europe, but would ask if anyone here can provide some input.

Thanks for indulging me.

moif said...

Well I'm Danish and I'm backing Israel all the way and I don't give a fig for Jens Stoltenberg or Goran Person either!

Baron Bodissey said...


Welcome back! You might want to check out my earlier "Prairie Dogs" post if you haven't already. I think just about all of Western Europe except for Denmark will be smoked out.

As for the Danes -- well, moif says it for them...

Zerosumgame said...


Yes, I read your Prairie Dogs post. Depressing, distressing, and yet predictable

tellurianna said...

disproportionate? yes!

but that's verbiage....

in secret? how to find that out?

whatever the reason, it's certainly a distraction.

but for what? I suspect....

Voyager said...

Look at Norway...........who brokered the Oslo Agreement ? What nationality is Jan Egelund ?

The political caste has too much capital invested to let facts get in the way of fantasy

Always On Watch said...

"Disproportionate"--another euphemism for advocating appeasement.