Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are We Lumberjacks?

Are we lumberjacks?Last night, while looking through the referrals on our sitemeter, Dymphna and I discovered a blog we’d never seen before. It’s called “Are We Lumberjacks?”, and we were so taken with it that we immediately added it to our blogroll.

Lumberjack a is very witty fellow, and we just kept scrolling through his posts, chuckling and guffawing. A couple of snippets — from today’s post:

The Dissident Frogman reports that a member of the French parliament is calling for military action against Israel.

…it irresistibly brings to mind the famous taunt “you and what army?”

And here’s another one, concerning the infamous Cindy Sheehan Celebrity Fast:

I joined the hunger strike by accident yesterday. I’m pretty sure curried chicken is allowed so long as you don’t use too much garam masala or salt. Tonight I’ll see if I can’t make my own pork loin smoothie.

A lot of his gags are visual or depend on the context of the images, so we really recommend a visit to Are We Lumberjacks?

As a side effect, he hijacks the punctuation in every sentence that mentions him.