Monday, July 31, 2006

Support for Israel in Eastern Europe

Pro-Israel demonstration in WarsawPro-Israel demonstration in Warsaw

One of the contributors at the Polish-language website Europa21 sent us these photos and this description of yesterday’s pro-Israel demonstration in Warsaw:

About 200-250 gathered in front of Warsaw’s main synagogue to show their support for Israel amid fighting in southern Lebanon that has gone on for nearly three weeks. People prayed for all victims of this war — both for Israelis and Lebanese. And there was a really great asmosphere — this demonstration was really for peace — and for all the people who suffered.There were no agressive slogans or songs. We were there to celebrate our hope for the future and for peace.

Last week a pro-Israeli demonstration took place in Kiev in Ukraine. About 5,000 people gathered to show their support for Israel.

For those who read Polish, here’s the link to the article in Europa21: “W Warszawie manifestacja poparcia dla Izraela”.


X said...

What a mixed up world we live in. First, we get the BNP as the only party in the entire United Kingdom to officially support Israel, now the russians say they're on Israel's side...

I'm confused.

Zerosumgame said...


I thought the UKIP came out in support of Israel too.

I bet Israel could do without BNP support. And I'm surprised they did. I thought their hatred of Jews exceeded even their hatred of Islamofascists.

Zerosumgame said...

Is there someone here who can tell us what the editorial positions have been in major Eastern European (Polish, Czech and Hungarian) media outlets about the Israel-Hezbollah war?

X said...

UKIP are a spent force. They're arguing with themselves over everything rather than actually campaigning, so it's likely that they ahve at least a dozen opinions on Israel, none of them with enough clout to become the party line.

The BNP leadership are pragmatists. Opportunists, perhaps. They latch on to popular ideas to garner more support for themselves, which should tell you what a lot of ordinary people think about Israel. ;) In other words, the nazis are listening to the people who have nowhere else to turn. That's why I said the world is so mixed up, because the parties that should be listening are stuck away in westminster, all parroting the same phrases to the point that even previously sane men like William Hague have been sucked in.

But I think this should also be a revelation to you, because the one party pragmatic enough to listen to what common people want (and unfortunately the only one that I would never vote for even if my life depended on it) is supporting Israel's right to exist and defend itself. They wouldn't do it if they didn't think it would get them a lot of votes. In other words, the majority support Israel.

Now if only the tories would do the same...

Voyager said...

And I'm surprised they did. I thought their hatred of Jews exceeded even their hatred of Islamofascists.

I suspect that was Old-BNP....that New-BNP has a completely different agenda.

What I am tired of is the White Man's Burden argument. We must be nice to Hezbollah or everyone will get radicalised and burn down Oldham town cente.

So unless people in Britain get to the stage of burning down mosques and launching rockets, our role is to do anything to stop Koranic Terrorists from blowing up Tube trains.

This is really cultural hegemony implying that these people look up to us for an example and if we did not walk on two legs they would still be crawling on all fours

Aldamir said...

In Hungary the Left tends to support Israel, while the Right tends to be critical.

Profitsbeard said...

Those with a raw memory of their own recent experience under a totalitarian tyranny understand the stakes.

And the real enemy.

While the majority if the EU drifts in the Cloud Cuckooland myth of Islam as a "religion of peace".

(Or is it just cowardice, preening a 'morally superior' pose to avoid more trouble at home from the infil-traitors from Mecca in their midst?)