Sunday, July 02, 2006

Norwegian News

A new Norwegian English-language blog opened for business a few days ago. It’s called “News from Norway”, and is run by someone called The Observer. His arrival in the blogosphere has helped ease the pain of Fjordman’s retirement.

Today’s post is about the presence of large number of unskilled immigrant welfare-recipients in Norway’s major cities, and the problems they pose for the Norwegian economy.

The decisive blow… was handed to our politicians a couple of weeks ago by one of the main business organisation in Norway, the NHO. It published a study in one of the national newspapers on the effects of immigration, and it revealed what opponents of a liberal Norwegian immigration policy has been saying for years. It’s simply not sustainable. We’re not gaining anything by “importing” massive amounts of welfare recipients from third world countries. On the contrary, we as a nation are losing out big time. The study warned us that if changes weren’t carried out swiftly we stand to lose our entire national surplus due to the ill effects of our current policy. That means 250 billion us dollars right down the drain.

If we had sensible politicians in Norway I wouldn’t worry. If we had sensible politicians I’d know they would do everything humanly possible to implement the necessary changes to reverse this negative trend and that things were going to be alright in the end. But unfortunately we’re not blessed with sensible politicians in my country, and that scares the hell out of me.

I’m putting News from Norway on our blogroll. It looks to be a good source of news from the northwestern corner of Eurabia.


Epaminondas said...

Here's my advice to the Norwegians.
Get rid of the pill and have more sex.
Teach your children well.
Make a societal decision to survive and fluorish

Starling said...

thanks for the tip Baron. I read both posts. Good stuff. I'm linking his first post to my blog, The Business of America is Business.

PS: you might want to suggest that News from Norway gets a sitemeter or some other stat counter. that way he knows where his traffic comes from and how much of it you sent him. I'd tell him myself but I saw no contact info.

Frank said...

His site doesn't allow comments unless one is a team member, nor does he have contact info. Is he aware of this?

In Russet Shadows said...

If only having sex was the cureall, they could simply import American pop culture (which is becoming nothing more than a strong aphrodisiac) and that would raise the fertility rates quickly. However, it ain't just having sex, or having kids that is the cure for a cultural disintigration. After all, destruction of the nuclear family has lead directly to the nanny state in the U.S; if power will not be wielded by individuals, it will be wielded by the state.

Dymphna said...

Starling, ScottSA --

I don't have any line of communication with the guy; I just found his blog among our referrers. Since he's got us blogrolled, maybe he'll come over here and read this.

Also, it's possible to have a completely hidden site meter. He may in fact know where his traffic comes from.

Baron Bodissey said...

Whoops! I was in drag for that last comment!

Despite appearances, that was me. I'm on Dymphna's laptop this morning, and neglected to switch her blogger login...

The Observer said...

Thank you, Gates of Vienna, for the nice review of my blog. I really appreciate it. You mentioned in your piece that it’s hard to get hard hitting information in English from the north western corner of Eurabia after Fjordman quit blogging last year. Hopefully international readers will get a better understanding of the political mismanagement that is currently taking place in my country when visiting my blog. I have to admit though, it’s a pretty tall order to fill Fjordman’s shoes, but I’ll certainly give it a go.

I should also mention that I’ve fixed the comments settings on my blog is now open to both criticism and praise.

Thank you again.

The Observer

The Observer said...

Thank you Starling, it’s always nice to get positive feedback. And thanks for the tip. I’ve just installed stat counter and I’m now able to keep an eye on the traffic coming to my site.

Starling said...

Observer, good to hear back from you. It is nice to touch base as I have had it i mind to write a post or two about Norway's decision to disinvest from Wal-Mart. I was stunned by the claim that WMT violated its workers "human rights." I found that a bit extreme. perhaps I'll work up the post tomorrow and it might give us something concrete to discuss.