Saturday, July 29, 2006

Eteraz’ Doppelganger

A zealous Islamist, who is also Ali Eteraz’ cousin, seems to have hacked into his blog:

Today my apostate cousin Eteraz is further expressing his idiocy by arguing that attacking Jews is a bad thing. This, after he argued that Jews aren’t apes and swine! He clearly does not want to be part of Hizbollah. That’s fine with me: just means I don’t have to share my cool Islamic green colored Hizbollah jacket with him (the jacket being the sole reason I joined them). I am beginning to think that Eteraz has turned into a Jew. But I did not notice his nose grow larger so maybe he is turning a Jew from the inside. Then again, he is Punjabi, and as such, his nose is quite large already; so perhaps he has always been a Jew! Astaghfirullah!

This cousin is very amusing, even while daring to insult Dr. Sanity. See: Ali Eshtehar on Infidel Doctor of Insanity.


A. Eteraz said...


i fear very much for my blog when eshtehar hacks in.

i fear that one day, he may turn his pen against you.

better his pen than his rocket launcher.

Baron Bodissey said...


My hands in dread tremble so much that I can barely type.

Scott said...

Let's not dismiss an crank. Some
years ago an Eygptian limo driver
shot up the EL AL desk at LAX.

Just the other day a Islamomaniac
took at gun into a Jewish Charity
and what did he do? He shot women.
Not all of them were Jewish but all
of them were of childbearing age.

Where did this former exhibionist
of the Islamic 'faith' aim. Why he
seemed to try to shoot these wonen
in the 'groin' or the 'abdomen' to
include a pregnant woman.

Am I obtuse or paranoid? To me, a
shooting like this seems to be a
local effort at genocide. Not the
'genocide' that the left accuses a
western nation of engaging in but
the real, down, honest to goodness
genocide that only an Islamofascist
could commit. Shoot at women of
childbearing age and shoot at them
at their reproductive organs.

I think we need to disabuse the
Islamic world of this notion. I
think a 'disproportionate response'
is exactly what they need.

A. Eteraz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John Van Laer said...

Thee you have it. You have just read Eteraz. Now follow the Baron's link to Ali Eshtehar and make the call: who is witty, rational, and who is merely raving?

A. Eteraz said...

yes john b/c i write exactly in comments as i do in real life and spend as much time thinking about comments as i do on my essays. by the way, when i come to this blog, i usually comment for the benefit of the hosts and not for the general mass of people who frequent the place. i have very little tolerance for individuals whose first reaction upon seeing me is to turn into trolls.

Baron Bodissey said...

Eteraz, I had to delete your comment due to language. I thought you knew that we try to keep a PG-13 blog here. I'll repeat your comment below (with the appropriate redaction), but don't keep doing it.

Eteraz said...

yes b/c non-muslims have never attacked pregnant women, right? stop seeing the world in black and white and look up the phineas priesthood. they just happen to be from seattle. i can make a you very nice list of a bunch of christian pregnant women attackers. i get tired of people who can point to those who are very unlike them and accuse them of being the greatest threat to the balance of the world without recognizing that everyone is mutually engaged in f***ing the world over in some way or another. except you scott. you are perfect.

A. Eteraz said...

my bad. my blog is definitely rated R.