Sunday, August 21, 2005

Two Weeks of Blogging Genius

Watcher's CouncilFamily doings, with college-bound kids leaving and preemie granchildren arriving has backed up the Watcher’s Council voting, which deficit is about to be remedied:

In the August 12th vote, The Education Wonks won handily with a delightfully scandalous story about the great Alaskan pork choke. Our neighbors to the north are raking it in every time many of us fill up for gas.
    Don't pass-up the opportunity to take a look at this very interesting "thank-you" letter written by Alaskan writer Nick Jans. He shows the rest of us just how much largesse that his state is receiving from taxpayers in "donor" states such as Texas, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and California.
The non-Council Winner was a sobering look at how some very fringe-y people think. And act.

The Dawn Patrol’s post on Planned Parenthood’s media campaign must be seen to be believed. It’s a gob-smacking bit of unreality…except you know there are people out there who write this stuff and people who read it. Thanks to Dawn Patrol for being willing to lift up the rocks and report on what she sees. Someone has to do it. Shudder.

Alpha Patriot placed second, writing about the final campaigns of WWII.
     When you go home
Tell them for us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today
— From the book by James Bradley, "Flags Of Our Fathers", pp 246-7
He and Council member Right Wing Nuthouse posted on similar themes. They are best read together.

Look at everything here, from the man who puts it all together so you can just peruse at your leisure.

The past week’s entries were full of stories about Able Danger. This anchor, tied to Berger’s underwear is eventually going to make him look like the little girl in the suntan lotion ad of years gone by.

Dr. Sanity won first place in the Council match with her clinical assessment:
     it seems to me that if anyone in the Clinton adminsitration knew about Able Danger, it would have been Mr. Berger as National Security Advisor. A revelation that he was behind the decision not to allow military intelligence to pass on information to law enforcement officials about a terror cell that included Atta and other 9/11 murderers provides the first, possibly significant motive for Berger's bizarre behavior in spring of 2004. It would have to be something sensational like this to have made the Clinton official do something that egregiously antithetical to his professional reputation. His actions in stuffing documents into his clothing were those of a person in a state of panic, or high emotion (e.g. fear).
Lots more Berger business this week, too. Be sure to look.

Iraq the Model had a message for Cindy Sheehan in the non-council section. His post won overwhelmingly. Highly recommended for every American to read.

Get all the goodies from the Watcher here.


El Jefe Maximo said...

The quotation from "Alpha Patriot" is one of my favorites, but it's older than Bradley's "Flag's of our Fathers." The version I've got is from the British war memorial in Kohima, India, and reads a little differently:

When you go home,
Tell them of us and say,
For your tomorrow
We gave our today.

As best I can figure, this is usually, attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds, Times Literary Supplement [London], 4 July 1918. Wonder if it's his ? It's certainly beautiful.