Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Boys From Pluto

The world with which the London bombers identify is neither their parents’ culture nor that of their home countries. This tertium quid they have devised, this generational chasm, is one of the reasons the perpetrators of 7/7 could make their plans in the midst of their families with no one the wiser. The parents, stunned, simply call it brainwashing. If only it were that simple. Here’s the profile — what they are, what they are not — taken from Homegrown Terror:

**These are young people who have broken mentally with their backgrounds, even if they are often relatively well integrated in social and economic terms.

**Contemporary terrorists are jihadists, since they have opted from the outset for armed struggle - a struggle that has taken over the targets of the far left in the 1970s, such as US imperialism.

**[They are] both Salafist and jihadist. Salafists seek to purge Islam of all outside influences, starting with the cultures and traditions of Muslim societies, and restore it to the letter of the Qur’an and the tradition of the Prophet.Salafism is fundamentally opposed to all cultural or national forms of Islam.

**These radicals are not fighting for a specific national cause. They are part of the contemporary global jihad: Bosnia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and now Iraq.

**Their enemy is the US and the West in general. They are not fighting to establish an Islamic state in Iraq or Palestine.

**They are not concerned with solidarity networks or fundraising; nor are they involved in the conflicts and practical problems of Muslim populations in Europe.

**None of them is known to have been active in Muslim trade union, political or communal organisations.

**Those who have attended mosques have often done so under the patronage of fundamentalist organisations, such as Jama’at ut-Tabligh, which do not advocate political action.

** The young second-generation Muslims radicalised in the run-down suburbs and inner-city slums of Europe are motivated by their own situation, not Iraq. They have not been sent to fight somewhere: they fight where they live and where most of them were born.

These are different boys than we thought. This second-generation of al-Qaida has global intetions. Their vision of The New World Order is not atttached to anything we have share. These new warriors are not tied to love of a people, a place, or the desire for freedom. Above all that, these are Salafi jihadists. It would be hard to say which part of that term is primary.

The the rest of us are from Mars and Venus, preaching either the need for war or for love as a response to aggression. These boys are from Pluto, the farthest planet (usually) in the solar system. Pluto was the god of Hades and he is who they worship, whether they know it or not. Their belief is a logical extension of Marxism, caricatured and twisted into a cruel post-modern posture that only a deconstructionist could love.

What grotesquery Marx foisted on the world. And now, London, where he concocted his theories, is merely the latest victim of his diabolical ideas. Most certainly it is not the last.


jeet said...

Aurangzeb, Muhammad Khilji, and Mahmud of Ghazni predate Marx.

Tens of millions of people have fallen victim to Marx's ideas, but those 52 in London are not among them.

John Aristides said...

Marx, in the instance of Jihad, is only relevant as a filter for the cross-cultural translation of Islam's imperial ambitions, yet this is enough to make it dangerous. Salafist and Wahhabist fascism is given cover from close criticism because the Imams and Jihadis have adopted the Marxist posture of grievance-mongering and victimology to espouse their position, a move that plays to the sympathies of the Western intelligentsia and our faux elites. Instead of evil and xenophobic conquerors, they become just one more group with legitimate complaints and demands against the European white man. Their bellicosity is thereby excused by their authenticity.

It is true that Muslims steeped in this Western pathology are more prone to adopt the fighting revolutionary role found in The Communist Manifesto; yet this is so only because their indoctrination begins with a recognizable language. Soon the focus shifts from a redress of grievances to an empowering jihad against the infidel.

The driving force behind terrorism is and will continue to be Islam the religion, coupled with the Imperial desire for a global Caliphate. Western Muslims may begin their reeducation via Marx, but their goal is pure Wahhabist in practice: they want nothing less than the total submission of those who, by their lights, are unclean and unworthy in the eyes of God. Even, and maybe especially, the oppressed Western proletariat.

truepeers said...

Jeet, I would think that Marx's virulent anti-semitism, his equation of the Jew with the crimes of bourgeois modernism, has been one important strain in the interpretation of, and resistance to, modernity that has run through many "postcolonial" countries, especially in the Middle East where the Soviets ran a campaign of Jew hatred, bringing all the European Judeophobic traditions and materials to the area. I find it hard to believe that Marxist, and more generic euro, romantic, anti-bourgeois ideas, however simplified, however diluted in other traditions, were not part of the London bombers' mindset. After all, you can find their residues in pretty much any BBC broadcast.

At the most basic level, however, we can say that Marxism is just another form of Gnosticism and make this into a war, a la Lee Harris, of fantasy ideologies against reality.

neo-neocon said...

Nihilistic rage never goes out of fashion, it seems.

Baron Bodissey said...

Does anyone have any idea whether gthe younger generation of the Nation of Islam is experiencing something similar in the USA? I'm thinking along the lines of John Allen Muhammad/Lee Boyd Malvo...

Wild Bill said...

Baron, I can only presume that those planned training camps in California, North Carolina, and Oregon were meant for the Muslim youth of the U.S. .. In the North and Northeast, they seem to have adopted a more Gang-Style mentality and operations.. Rush Limgaugh commonly refers to Detroit Mich. as New Fallujah.. Reports that I have see, most often state that young muslims stay fairly close to muslim dominated neighborhoods.. Safety in numbers.. What goes on in those neighborhoods is a mystery to me, and most times, a mystery also to the local Police..

Dreamer said...

Hopefully not a mystery to the FBI or Homeland Security.

unaha-closp said...

both Salafist and jihadist. Salafists seek to purge Islam of all outside influences, starting with the cultures and traditions of Muslim societies, and restore it to the letter of the Qur’an and the tradition of the Prophet.Salafism is fundamentally opposed to all cultural or national forms of Islam.

This statement is BS.

Wahhabism is a salafist sect. Wahhabism is a nationalised form of Islam.

Baron Bodissey said...

Note to today's commenters: I have been on vacation, and Dymphna is away taking care of her new grandchild until sometime on Friday Aug 19th (i.e. tomorrow). So we're not really ignoring you!

More tomorrow.