Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Swarming the Borders

Bill Quick, inspired by LaShawn Barber, is fulminating about our leaders’ catastrophic failure to control our borders:
     Is that so hard for for the vote-drunk fools who are charged with protecting our borders and our nation to understand?
Do I “expect the government to round up each illegal alien and kick him out?”
Why, yes. Yes, I do. And a heck of a lot more Americans expect the same thing. I suggest we get together in 2006 and start kicking out the politicians who won’t kick out the outlaws. Is anybody with me? Remember: every single member of the House of Representatives, as well as a third of the Senate, is up for election next year. Now is not too soon to start researching your representatives and their records on immigration. If they are unsatisfactory, let’s spread it across the blogosphere. Immigration can be a huge issue, but not if the liberal MSM has anything to say about it. This issue can be the first great issue of the blogosphere.
I am represented by Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and Representative Nancy Pelosi. I’ll take a look at their records on immigration and post the results here. If they aren’t satisfactory, I’ll be pushing hard to knock off Pelosi, who is the only one of the three running next year.
Michelle Malkin also weighs in:
     And here, as elsewhere, while politicians pay lip service to protecting the public, they look the other way as illegal alien gang members get driver’s licenses, go to school (where they freely recruit new members), and congregate at taxpayer-subsidized illegal alien day labor centers were local police are discouraged from inquiring about immigration status or reporting suspected illegal aliens to the Department of Homeland Security.
Blog Swarm!This issue is worth a swarm. Bloggers of like mind: climb aboard!

Our senators are John Warner and George Allen. Warner is past hope, but Sen. Allen wants to be president, and thus may be malleable. Our representative is the Hon. Virgil Goode, a true fiscal conservative. We will soon be finding out where he stands on this issue.

I’ll even mint a new slogan:

The nation which fails to control its borders will fail to control its future.

Stay tuned.


Rick Darby said...

I'm all in favor of the goal, but there are some things about the strategy that we need to ponder.

Assuming we could shake out every senator and representative whose record on illegal immigration is contemptible -- and that would be most of them, damn it -- how would they or their fellow politicos know why they went down? The mainstream media would invent an alternative explanation, and especially in the case of Republican illegal-immigration collaborators, would position the housecleaning as simply a rejection of incumbents or conservatives.

"Throw the bums out!" has a nice feel-good quotient, but what if every candidate in a race has a disqualifying history or views on immigration? (That's likely to be the case more often than not.) What good will it do to swap Prostitute One for Prostitute Two?

Don't get me wrong -- the immigration fight is one we must take on. But it will be useless to oppose incumbents without first finding and supporting acceptable alternative candidates.

Always On Watch said...

Too many of our politicians (very few statesmen in the lot) will not take a stand on illegal immigration. It's the power of pandering for the almighty vote, I think. Some evidence shows that immigrants vote as a block for those who will admit more immigrants.

There should be absolutely no taxpayer-funded centers for day laborers! And those centers are popping up all over Northern Virginia--elsewhere, too.

Contractors caught with illegals should be fined--heavily fined. Hit the developers where it hurts.

What is it about the word "illegal" what people fail to understand?

Years ago, amnesty was issued. Many thought this was a one-time event. Here we are, looking again at even more hordes of illegal immigrants. Not all of course, but some of these illegals are criminals and gang members.

Whatever happened to our federal representatives paying attention to protecting U.S. citizens?

Rick Darby makes a good point. Will any candidates take a stand on this issue?

Always On Watch said...

In early August, anonymous left this lengthy comment at my site @
2005/08/american-street-and-illegal.html :

In northern Virginia, it is more than just five or six families in one house. Think about 19 people in an 1000 sq ft rambler with one kitchen and one bathroom. Wall to wall beds. That was not in my neighborhood, but in my development.

We original neighbors in my neighborhood believe the house across the street is now a "safe house" for illegals. We watch them come and go - many, many people. They have constructed a building in the back yard - which the county supervisor inspected and stated that, in his judgement, it was for living quarters, because of the doors, insulation, etc.

Those people moved in on a Saturday. Tuesday morning there was a wide band of red paint spray painted the full length of the street-side of my husband's white pickup. We have lived here for more than 30 years without incident.

There are always 14 vehicles, at least three of which are commercial, parked on the street in front of the house which is situated on a slow curve, giving more room than other homes have for street parking. AND, there are two people who, in the morning, park their cars in front of that house - one person gets into one of the white commercial vans. The second person walks to a house two doors down the street and joins another person in a commercial vehicle at that house and they drive away. Of course, one person who drives the second van in front of my house lives in the "illegal safe house." I reported the first white commercial van to the president of the company of the business. One white "signed" van was promptly replaced with two "no sign" white commercial vans. How is that for cooperation?

A few days ago, my daughter and I arrived home in one vehicle followed by her fiance in another vehicle to find no parking places in front of our house - on our side of the street! People were, of course, standing around talking in the yards of the house across the street and next door. Since there was a party next door, I asked if they knew who the cars belonged to. They moved one so we could park one of our vehicles on the street in front of our house!!! We pulled two vehicles as far as we could into the driveway so that my husband could get most of his truck into the drive when he arrived. I called him on his cell to let him know the situation and to ask that he not cause a scene. We do have to live here until we are ready to sell to some more of their kind.

AND, before my neighbor sold, she took her son to kindergarten orientation in the neighborhood. The staff at the school HUNTED for an English welcome package. After some time, they thrust a Spanish package in his hands and told him to enjoy. My neighbor was able to get the county to agree to enroll her son in the school in the neighborhood they were moving into several miles away. She transported him daily for eight months - more than 20 miles.

That is the joy of living around illegal immigrants. They come in and "slumify" the neighborhood. As we drive into the neighborhood, daily, we see more junk added to the yards of our wonderful neighbors - welcomed by the government - (who I am sure helped them buy their house!!!!!)

airforcewife said...

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Bill Richardson demanded border help after he had lambasted the Minutemen. I think he put a finger to the wind...

I grew up in the Central Vally of CA. Illegal immigrants? Why, yes, all over the place. Also, two vastly disparate cultures were coexisting, not much mingling.

Yashmak said...

"I am represented by Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and Representative Nancy Pelosi."

I can think of about a thousand reasons besides immigration that those 3 need to go. Every time their names appear in the news, I add another to the list.

Wild Bill said...

Ya'll are beatin the wrong dead horse here.. Dont take folks long to forget, does it ?? Just a couple of weeks ago, a landowner was "relieved" of his property by a judge for trying to stop illegals on his property.. Aint the politicians.. Its the judges and the pro-immigration groups.. Only solution to it, is for Pres. Bush to declare a NATIONAL Emergency, and unleash the National Guard to close the borders.. The ACLU will be all over him like stink on shit, and some judge would probably order them to stand-down even then too.. Richardson was one of the ones that raised holy hell when there was talk of a border fence in his state, and called it anti-immigration !!
I too had a mexican family that lived right across the street from me last year.. A couple times a week a car or truck would stop and unload anywhere from 4 to 10 folks carrying sacks and bags, most likely with whatever they owned in them.. They would knock on the window of the house and someone would come out and talk to them then go back in and leave them standing around in, or takin a pee somewhere in the yard.. After a while someone would come pick them up.. I talked to my Sheriff about it, and he said it didnt do any good to pick them up cause INS wouldnt come pick them up and the judge would make them turn them loose then, and we would be out the price of feeding them and taking them to the doctor and meds.. What we would have to do is build in essence, concentration camps, and prepare to hold em for a long period of time.. First thing Mexico's Fox would do is refuse to take them back, so we would have them locked-up long term.. You think the cost of the war in Iraq is high, you just think what it would cost to feed, cloth, health care, housing, and maintain restraint for 1.5 M people the first year, and double that for the second..
But heah !! Look on the bright side.. It sure would make it a lot easier for Hilary to go and sigh-up a bunch of new voters !!With the felons in the prisons that she wants to vote, that would mean that she could have an extra 10 M votes.. That is, if they ONLY vote TWICE !!

Baron Bodissey said...

What's the right dead horse to beat, eh, Wild Bill? Or are they all dead?

Seriously -- the judges are ultimately the responsibility of our elected representatives. That's another thing to hold them accountable for, their record of judicial appointments, and whether or not they are willing to impeach them.

Of course, Congress is no more inclined to impeach judges than President Bush is to veto legislation...