Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Freedom of the Burqa

In yesterday’s post, frequent commenter DP111 made the remarks reproduced below. They deserve their own post.

Freedom of choiceThe demeaning of the most vibrant and successful culture in history by the PC and Ultra-liberal brigade has thrown our whole system into confusion. Note the confusion and division in Britain over the Belmarsh detainees — Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, all have been called into question. These were issues that had been settled a long time ago. It is the presence of Islam and its social requirements that has thrown us right back to the Middle Ages. The Islamists though, care nought for our legal, judicial or constitutional systems, except as rope to hang us with.

Bodissey had a picture of the three proverbial monkeys. All three of them are symbolic of the PC culture that now pervades the West. The deaf monkey will not hear unless the speech is politically correct. Similarly the second monkey for sight, and the third will not speak anything that has not been filtered through political correctness.

What is the key? Subversion, as Bodissey suggests, and as I posted in a tangential manner a week ago, is the answer. Subversion is what has been going on for the last 30 years and subversion is the key to put a spanner in the works of Political Correctness and Ultra-liberalism. The tactic is to use Political Correctness and Ultra-liberalism as tools, to tread the PC path and lead it into a dead alley, an impasse, to a logical absurdity.

We have complained that MSM, being totally liberal and politically correct, does not hear or see the Blogworld. The three monkeys are on different wavelengths from the Blogworld wavelength. So subversion in this context means, that we have to frame our articles, speech, and any other form of communication, and put it on the same wavelength as the MSM.

The MSM will not see an attack on religion as politically correct or fit in with their Ultra-liberal view of society. We thus have to shift the battleground to the secular field. Another reason to shift the battleground from the religious to the secular is that the “religious” battleground suits Islam perfectly, as it further raises the profile of Islam in the West, which is the main purpose of the Jihad.

In the first instance, we need to start putting real pressure on two issues, both of which are social and legal issues.

1. The enslavement of women in Islam.

It is damnably unfair that Muslim women have to bear the responsibility of “honour” in Muslim society, a deadly serious matter, but get no power that goes with such awesome responsibility. It is damnably unfair that a Muslim woman has no power to decide her fate. It is unjust that Muslim women have to bear the pains and penalties of FGM. Women are also regarded as chattels in the world of Islam – in effect slaves.

The public manifestation of our acceptance of institutionalised slavery in the West is the burqa. It is an acknowledgement, that we as a Western society have recognised the institutionalised slavery of women in Islam, as legitimate in the West. This cannot be accepted in a liberal and socially just society.

Our sense of justice and compassion for the cruel injustice heaped on Muslim women, is what concerns us as liberal compassionate humans. Once Muslim women are free, as it is their right to be in the West, then the after effects on Islam are of no concern to us. It is a private matter within Islam.

2. The sentence of death on Apostates of Islam.

Freedom of choice is the hallmark of a liberal and just society. Yet we countenance the fact that people who leave Islam, have to go about in daily fear of their lives. Hour by hour that fear stalks them, even here in the West.

How could we have allowed such a situation come to pass in the citadel of liberalism? How did we ignore the cries for help from the weak, the vulnerable and the isolated?

Such social issues are not the fault of Muslims. Muslims are the first and most oppressed victims of Islam. They are just as kind and nice people as any other. It is the doctrine of Islam that gives rise to social values that are so cruel and unjust on individual Muslims. My heart goes out to the weak, the trammelled and the vulnerable Apostates of Islam. They are truly the most marginalized and victimised individuals in the world. Let it not be said, that even here in the West, we allowed such injustice to continue.

The moral high ground is ours if we choose to seize it. Hope for all those in the thrall of Islam, and Compassion for those who are the most marginalized and vulnerable victims of a doctrine that needs to be made humane.



goesh said...

Don't you know, liberals would be exempt from sharia law if ever such folks were in control of things - the fundamentalists would turn a blind eye to gay rights parades, gay bars and PETA, even though dogs in particular are deemed very unclean. They would also ignore abortion and sexual freedom and liberal women would still be allowed to wear pants and short skirts and wear no veil. Liberals are their friends after all.

Baron Bodissey said...

DP111 -- your ideas are contibuting to my "subvert the dominant paradigm" meme, and for that I am grateful.