Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fee! Fie! Fo! Fimmi! I Smell the Blood of a Dumb, Dumb Dhimmi!

Guess what? Germany thinks it ought to have a Muslim public holiday. Here’s the idea:
    “A substantial fraction of Germany’s government — and if polls are to be believed, the German people — believe that creating an official state Muslim holiday will somehow spare us from the wrath of fanatical Islamists.”
Does this seem familiar? Oh, yeah… now it comes back:
Jack:(gingerly moving Giant’s thumb from his own Adam’s apple) Giant, sir, I was thinking. If you don’t eat me (speaking fast and enthusiastically), why I could go back down the beanstalk and get the King to make you a saint. They’d canonize you and everything. You’d be known in the whole kingdom as “Saint Giant.” Or…wait a minute (strking thoughtful pose while bunched in Jack’s fist), how does “Giant, the Saint” sound? That’s a little more cool, huh? What do you say? Think of relics, processions, statues…“Giant, the Great” — how’s that? Better?
Giant:Eh… Saint? Hmm. Let’s talk about it after dinner… heh.
Chomping sound off camera… Fade to black.

Hat tip: Oh, come on. How do you hat tip Mark Steyn — buy him a mink baseball cap?


goesh said...

- the stupid krauts haven't learned a thing - they richly deserve what they get

Always On Watch said...

My idea of sparing us from the wrath of fanatical Islamists is a bit different. Anybody care to guess my idea?

LOL at a4g's comment!