Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spend Florida Cracker’s Money UP to now, there's not been any reason to put up the whole of another blogger’s post on a subject. However, in this case, Florida Cracker is making an offer that only the hard-hearted can refuse.

In the interests of objectivity, Dymphna will admit that animals are not her favorite thing. She is subject to the will of two cats — both strays. Their various ailments have proved pricey, especially the neutered male. And then there is the (mostly) Lab puppy that the Baron’s Boy found in our woods one Christmas Eve; never content with us she has lived for many years at a neighbor’s house while we supply vet care and upkeep. It always seemed that she was a dog who knew where she belonged, and it wasn't here, much to the Baron's Boy's heartbreak. As he said at the time, "How can you expect me to be normal if I grow up without a dog?" How, indeed?

The fact that the neighbor has three other dogs for company might have something to do with Sandy's decision to absent herself. The Baron’s Boy used to pick her up and take her swimming at the river but he’s off to college now so that era has passed.

Meanwhile, Florida Cracker has made this appeal. In the interests of all those poor animals left alive after Katrina's destruction, please consider F.C.'s offer:

     As I've written before, whenever there's a disaster, the Humane Society of the United States sends out emergency response teams. The HSUS holds a formal agreement with FEMA and the Red Cross to provide disaster relief for animals, and works side-by-side with them.
If any of my readers send in a donation HSUS Disaster Fund, the Louisiana SPCA, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, or the Humane Society of South Mississippi; I'll match it. Just e-mail me the receipt they provide. When it gets to $1000, I'll holler.
The Humane Society of South Mississippi doesn't have a way to donate online, but clearly they couldn't be left out.
Go to her site for the links you’ll need to make your contribution.

Let your conscience be your guide.


goesh said...

In light of the fact that Western pets have a higher protein diet than many humans on the planet do, I'll be damned if I will donate one farthing to the relief of an animal when so many humans are in dire need.

Texas Gal said...

They why don't you do both goesh?

Thanks for the tip Baron. I just sent off the Red Cross a donation and was looking up the New Orleans Humane Society site when I read your message. Now that I can get it matched.. all the better.

Baron Bodissey said...

Texas Gal, I'd love to take credit, but this one was by the Baroness Dymphna.

You can tell, because her posts are the ones that combine smartass and genius in unprecedented prose forms.

Texas Gal said...

You can tell, because her posts are the ones that combine smartass and genius in unprecedented prose forms.

LOL.. I resemble that remark!

Apologies to the Baroness, I failed to read the tagline. And thanks again for pointing the direction. Donations made.