Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Day at the Shar'ia Beach

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam

God bless Roger Simon. He comes up with the most intriguing little tidbits. One has to wonder what websites he visited to stumble upon this particular morsel.

I will be the first to admit that I've wondered sometimes what Saudi women wear while swimming(you deal with your fantasy life, I'll deal with mine). Hard as I tried, I couldn't envision anything but large, floating tents that you swam under and they somehow moved along with you. Even google was no help on the subject, though that was some time ago; perhaps Saudi swimsuits are a seasonal thing, thus allowing Roger to find this catalogue offering in August.

So here she is, Ms. Wahhibi at the seashore. The hotel pool? As one of Roger's commenters said, this may be why Arab women don't win medals at the Olympic swim meets. He's on to something there.
Hasema Bathing Suit or is it 'Suite'?
On the other hand, this woman is never going to get skin cancer from too much exposure to the sun. She might die of heat stroke decked out in all that gear, but she'll die with nothing showing.

Dymphna's aunt was a Franciscan sister for sixty years and some of Celine's time was spent as the Mother Superior of a small convent in Tybee Beach, Georgia. Believe me, they never got that covered up. In fact, compared to this woman, they were downright licentious in their black, one-piece, longish boxer-shorts type bathing suits and their white latex bathing caps. But from a distance they passed for your regular, Western-type woman out for a swim.

If this is a must-have for your late summer wardrobe -- say for Labor Day at the old swimming hole -- go here. You have a choice of the six colors shown, but it doesn't say if the whole ensemble includes the flip-flops. Surely flip-flops are infidel fashion? Toes are a real turn on for some men, but maybe that doesn't apply to Wahhabis.

Come to think of it, sooo much of what passes for normal behavior in the 21st century doesn't apply to Wahhabis that the world has taken to looking on in bemused horror at their attempts to meld their beliefs and their contact with modernity. This particular effort is higher on the bemusement scale than, say, their current project of bulldozing Mecca.

UPDATE: Cutler's Yankee Station has an eerie comparison of the swimsuit photo with another picture, this one from the last presidential campaign. As Malvolio says, "some have greatness thrust upon them."


Jack said...

As I noted here, there's certainly a similarity between Ms. Wahhabi and Kerry's bunny suit, don't ya think?

Perhaps some subliminal messaging to the Arab world? :P

Dymphna said...

I intuit that these lovely pieces of clothing are primarily designed to discourage swimming.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

What's even more notable is that this company is Turkish, not Saudi,
so we're dealing with a larger phenomenon.

Dymphna said...


I noticed was a feature of discussion at Roger Simon's. Shows how far the Wahhabi influence has spread. Attaturk lies uneasy in his grave...

Dymphna said...

proudhijabi, you were wrong in your first two words of that comment. It's not "you guys" who wrote this post about the Shar'ia Beach, it's I: a middle aged woman.

Your body parts don't interest me a bit. Dressing up like a clown so one can go swimming does interest me. It's perverted. What a desperate need to call attention to the very thing you wish to hide.

Thing is, Proud H -- you *didn't* get to go swimming. And that's the shame of it, no matter what gear you put on.

Take a chill pill and get over the illusion that we're all lusting after you. What vanity.

Dymphna said...

Sweet pea--

First, anyone who uses "Proud" as part of her nic has got problems with modesty already. Pride is not a virtue, it's a flaw.

Second, you started this conversational mud-slinging so it's right back atcha,proud h.

Third, you may be the most self-righteous person to ever comment on this blog. And that's really saying something.

You're a piece of work. Maybe a piece you ought to return to the manufacturer for a few adjustments.

If allah allows therapy, you might wanna get in line.
I'm not making fun of you, I merely think you're a foolish, deluded person who doesn't realize the extent to which her words and defenses reveal her inadequacies.

You're appalling, kid.

Good luck to you and the Red Sox.

Dymphna said...

Okay, Proud H, one more try:

First of all, the idiomatic expression "kid" is simply a term for someone younger than the speaker. Since I have grandchildren, I am no doubt your elder. Thus, "kid" is a frequently used term in that situation. Especially in a situation when one is confronted with someone who sounds close to hysteria. And you definitely do.

What's with feeling "proud" of your clothing? It's simply something we put on -- unless, in your case, it's a badge of honor to show how different and special and chosen and superior you are...with that kind of loving

As for that insipid "poem" (known in English as doggerel), I already posted on it, back in August -- printed out the whole thing:

Poem For Women in Islam

Hafiz is rolling over in his grave over that awful piece of writing. Where are your real poets?Whoever wrote that certainly isn't one of them -- in fact, he ought to be arrested for crimes against literature.

Here's what one commenter said about those lines:

Muslim women are the lowest in the pecking order in the "institution of slavery" that is now called islam, and the burqa is the sumbol of their low status. The worst part of this is our acceptance of the burqa in the West. This should never have happened. This acceptance is an acknowledgement, that we as a Western society, have recognised the institutionalised slavery of women in islam, as legitimate in the West.

Second, accepting the burqa as legitimate, is taking the side of the oppressor.

Dont be too harsh on muslim women; they have no choice but to do what they are told by their lord and master - the man of the house. It would be like castigating 17th century slaves for their docile behaviour

...see, you think one way about what you're communicating with your mode of dress, but the people who see you think something else entirely.

As Peter Drucker said it, "communication is the act of the recipient." Thus, it doesn't matter what *you* think people should believe about how you dress, they believe what they see. And all your protests can't change their beliefs.

Pardon me while I go back to reading Hafiz...


PS You do know this is a very old post and no one is reading it but me, don't you? Your comments come thru my email or even I wouldn't know you were there.

Normally I don't bother responding to posts from so far back, but you seem so sad somehow...

elmers brother said...

hey Proud H what do you do if a fellow has a foot or hand fetish?

bernie said...

When Muslim women say they are proud to wear the Hijab, as if it's a voluntary thing, they are doing the same thing when someone almost trips while walking and starts skipping to pretend that that was what one intended to do all along, in order to avoid looking like a asshole.

If, in some insane culture, I were forced to wear a red clown's nose, I would certainly walk around proudly saying it protects my nose from pollen and human dander. In fact I would even make fun of those without red clown noses and point out how they are breathing in fart smells and such, while I myself, am immune from such stenches and odors. And if you believe that, you will believe how proud these Muslim women are to be slaves.