Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coming to a Charnel House Near You

Picasso: CharnelThere is an important new site out there. Bookmark it. Blogroll it. Tell everyone who is willing to listen. H5N1DROME contains all the information you need to understand avian flu and to be prepared for its eventual arrival here.

Arguments abound as to whether or not this virus is going to assume plague-like proportions. When you mix the transmission of illness and the inevitable politics of medicine and economics, the result is something like war. People die, some needlessly, information is suppressed for the “common good” (for example, the World Health Organization) and to “avoid panic” (the Chinese government). Those who happen to be positioned to acquire enough information and financial backing can make a killing — so to speak — from this configuration of plague, fear, and concupiscence (in the medieval sense of that word, not our modern-day definition where it-all-boils-down-to-sex-just-ask-Freud).

As usual, knowledge is power. Just to name two bloggers who have raised the warning flags, Winds of Change and Right Wing Nut House have written cogently on the plague. Armed with just the screen you are sitting in front of you have enough power to assume some control over your position in the coming cascade of events.

Stay tuned.


ShrinkWrapped said...

Find a friendly physician and keep enough Tamiflu in the house to cover everyone. It can stay potent up to 3 years and is the only treatment with any efficacy for bird flu.
Once (if) the Pandemic breaks, it will be near impossible to get ahold of Tamiflu.