Monday, August 08, 2005

Canada Shoots Itself in the Foot. Again.

If you’re looking for self-immolation — not to mention self-parody — what better place to go than academia? And if you want the ultimate flagellation, go north, all the way across the border into the Land of the Loons.

Now that Tony Blair and Londoners seem to be getting a backbone, the University of Toronto has decided to sub for them. According to The Globe and Mail the law school has hired two professors to teach…to teach Shar’ia Law. According to the acting dean of the law school this is “part of a push for a more global focus that students are embracing.” Can you hear the breathless quality of the dean’s statement?
     "The early indications are that students are going to be beating down the doors, and it's a testament to the timeliness of it, with Islamic fundamentalism in the news abroad and of course the sharia debate in Ontario just this last year bringing these issues close to home," Mr. Sossin says.
Poor Canada. Stupid law school.

However, there’s hope. Canada has its own International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada, and they’re agin it. Big time. Not only that, but the ICASC is supported by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. I’ll bet they are! Who knows better than Muslim women what a crock Shar’ia Law is? Inspired by a misogynist and viciously enforced by some of history's truly evil bigots, Shar’ia is not about law, it’s about obedience. What part of submission do those law students need to understand?

If they’re really going to go through with this farce, then the Code of Hammurabi ought to be a prerequisite for the Shar’ia classes. At least the students will get some real “global focus.”

Meanwhile, Ontario is still grappling with their Shar’ia Court. Some naked emperor was assigned to do a study and he came up with the brilliant idea that “why not…as long as you provide safeguards for the women and children…” No, I’m not making that up. Here’s the summation by the Globe:
    Marion Boyd, a former Ontario cabinet minister who works as a mediator, spent six months researching the issue before recommending that religious law keep a place in family arbitration as long as safeguards are built in to protect women and children.
Wanting to reassure the kaffir that Shar’ia Law is on the up and up, one of the University of Toronto Law School’s new hires had this to say:
    The Boyd solution can work, according to Mr. Emon, who believes Islamic law is more open to interpretation than many realize...
"Islamic law is not just about these rules about cutting hands off thieves or discriminating against women. It's a living tradition in which jurists are trying to embrace and engage in active acts of interpretation," Mr. Emon says.
Well, that’s a relief. Aren’t you feeling better knowing that Islamic law is not just about cutting off hands or stoning women? It also has some interesting provisions for divorce, not to mention one-day convenience marriages so you don't have to violate Islamic law by engaging in adulterous behavior. In fact, you can be nice and pay an agreed-upon sum to your comfort wife.

Look on the bright side: if this guy is teaching he’s less likely to be out bombing things. Just squint your eyes until you can see this correctly.

Hat tip: Eurabia Update


Solomon2 said...

Follow the money. Who is paying for the new professors?

goesh said...

This is absolutely astounding. I want to see Kanuck women wearing burkahs - they deserve it. I want to see alcohol banned in Canada - they deserve it. I want to see Sharia law implimented in Canada so the US can start bombing up there after al qaidah sets up an office. Is there anything the stupid canadians don't deserve, eh?
eh? Can we place a bounty on Canadians? You know, sort of like having big game lottery drawings on Federal land? Everyone puts their name in a pool and a lucky few get to bag a canadian, cut off their ears and have them mounted above the fireplace? You wouldn't need a rifle to bag them, just a club - passive, self- denigrating socialists can't and wouldn't resist.

Dymphna said...

The Canadian citizens are paying for these jokers. It's a public university. They are also paying for the Shar'ia court in Ontario. Or what will soon be the S.C. in Ontario.

Goesh, your image of a Canuck in a burqa is hilarious. Those are some tough's hard to imagine.

There *is* some hope -- there are a few dissenters in Canada, but as you note, they're so *nice* it's hard to imagine them being assertive in the face of conflict. Don't forget, large parts of Canada were settled by *nice* colonials, the ones who didn't want to be bad colonials and rebel against King George. So they moved north to get away from the rabble-rousers.

Australia is another story entirely!

Dymphna said...

Court Fool--