Saturday, December 13, 2008

Introducing Freedom Bloggers

Freedom BloggersJames at Right or Wrong Radio just sent us an email announcing a new blogging collective. The group “Freedom Bloggers” has been launched by the Canadian Counterjihad, and intends to include as many like-minded sites as possible from the entire blogosphere.

I’ve signed up for the group, and if you scroll down our left sidebar, you’ll see the current blogroll underneath the Freedom Bloggers logo.

Here’s what James said:

My partner and I for the radio vodcast at Western Standard and have created a new system for bloggers of the anti-jihad.

People who sign up with it — meaning they copy a bit of code to their sites, and register — will have the first paragraph of each post go to the top of this site with a link back and they will appear at the top of the blogroll till the next registered site posts something. Then that site goes to the top, with the previous poster going to the second spot, etc.

A feature like this was created for the blogging Tories in Canada and it brought people up over 100,000 hits within a year, for formerly unknown but active blogs.
- - - - - - - - -
This is called (.com was taken), and we think this will be a great thing for the anti-jihad and more-or-less libertarian web sites. Better than a blog ring by far. I was hoping you fine people at GoV would consider trying it out. We have a few good blogs there now and we plan to get the best of the anti- jihad to join up, if all are willing.

Please have a look and let me know what you think. We are very excited about it. Emrys has been putting in 18 hour days arranging the code and other things I do not understand at all. You can email either of us any questions you may have but Emrys is the fellow who can answer anything technical. You can reach him directly at Please do consider giving this a try. I really do believe this will be an asset to the entire anti jihad community.

— James for Right or Wrong Radio

Fellow bloggers who are interested may sign up here.


Morgan said...

I don't always write about the threat of jihad or about the need to fight for freedom on my own blog. Would my blog still be included at Freedom Bloggers?