Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel’s Struggle

From Zonka, a translation of yesterday’s editorial in Jyllands-Posten:

Editorial: Israel’s Struggle

As horrifying as the images from Gaza in these days may appear, it is necessary to constantly keep the roots of this conflict in focus. Israel — surrounded by enemies who wish to remove the Jewish state from the map — is in a struggle for survival. That is the starting point.

Israel has a self-evident right to defend itself. The violence, terror, and war come from Gaza and are forced on the sole democracy in the Middle-East, Israel, which then reacts with a completely legitimate “Enough is enough”.

One can discus the proportion in the military response, although it must be recognized that Israel seems to take into consideration the civilian population of Gaza, that the nature of war otherwise makes difficult: According to news agencies approximately 180 of the 250 killed are regular Hamas-warriors.

However, there is a reason to keep remembering the fundamental conditions in this endless war between Israel and the terror organizations that surround the country, because in such a tragic conflict a false symmetry quickly appears, clearly stated in the phrase “They are equally guilty. Nobody has anything to let the other hear”.

This is and remains manipulation; a moral and intellectual knee-jerk towards the violence and terror. The two parties aren’t equally guilty. The violence goes one way — and releases a response. Israel has throughout the years given its enemies all chances. They have been rejected. The violence has on the contrary been escalated.
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After a massive international pressure Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon. Has this led to peace? No, the rockets continued to rain down over Israel, so a military response on this front became unavoidable last summer.

After a massive international pressure Israel withdrew in 2005 from Gaza. Have this led to peace? No, rockets and mortar shells have ever since rained down on Israel — according to Israeli calculations 6,300 rockets and shells since then(!). A military response was also here unavoidable.

Gaza is one large catastrophe. The humanitarian conditions are horrible. 1.5 million people are pressed together in a small area. The structures of society have all broken apart. The only thing that still works is apparently the military structure and the will to constantly challenge Israel.

Is that the fault of Israel? When will the international community hold the changing Palestinian regimes responsible? For decades the West has pumped a dazzling amount of money into Gaza. Denmark has contributed generously as well. Money that was meant for common Palestinians and in an effort to make the region better able to take care of itself. What has become of that money? Well, the international community slowly realizes what the corrupt-to-the-core Yassir Arafat used the billions for. He spent it on a two-digit number of security services in addition to keeping his private accounts abroad fully stocked.

What Hamas uses the energy and money for is beginning to be equally clear. They have built up to 700 tunnels under the border to Egypt, which are being used to smuggle weapons into Gaza, and they have thrown themselves into a simultaneous battle of life and death against the competing Fatah organization.

Israel cannot be responsible in any way for the changing leaders of the Palestinians, taking their own population as hostages in a darkened, fundamentalist battle. Israel is essentially a Western outpost in this struggle, which is underlined by the fact that on all of Israel’s fronts Iran is pulling the strings.

We must understand Israel’s position. But naturally friends should also by criticized, when there is reason for it.


Zerosumgame said...

J-P may be the sanest paper in all of Western Europe.

And that's including the Telegraph and Daily Mail of the UK, which are normally good in the War on Terror when it comes to Islamists on their own soil, but ultimately infected with the same hatred of Jews and Israel as the rest of Britain.

No other western European paper would put out an editorial like that one. None.


The Baron writes:

"The humanitarian conditions are horrible.
1.5 million people are pressed together in a small area."

The Baron is probably wrong! (Sorry!)
- - - - -
inhabitans per km2
Manhattan 27 241 pers/km2
Paris 24 948 pers/km2
Monaco (totale) 16 818 pers/km2
New York City 10 482 pers/km2
Tel-Aviv 7 532 pers/km2
Singapore 6 489 pers/km2
Köpenhamn 5 777 pers/km2
London 4 761 pers/km2
Gaza-enclave 4 167 pers/km2
Malmö city 3 596 pers/km2
Umeå 3 340 pers/km2
Örgryte 3 282 pers/km2
Stockholm city 3 318 pers/km2
Helsingfors 3 079 pers/m2
Lund 3 049 pers/km2
Gaza city 2 715 pers/km2

from the Swedish blog:

Baron Bodissey said...

Anti-Islamist --

Don't be absurd. Whether it is right or wrong, I didn't write it. The editor(s) of Jyllands-Posten wrote it, and Zonka translated it.

Either you are being disingenuous, or you are eager to pick a fight -- or both.


Neither being disingenuous nor eager to pick a fight, only happened to be unprecise - for which I a second time express my apology. Still the fact is interesting and the editor of JyllandsPosten seems to be wrong,
-These poor palestinians!

Zonka said...

The error is mine the original said: “1.5 million people pressed together on an area comparable to 'Langeland'” a Danish island, and I translated it to a small area, as the reference to Langeland, would be lost to an International audience.

no2liberals said...

Concerning events in Israel, a run to the store for more popcorn is in order.
Not only is Egypt affixing blame to Hamas, they are taunting Iran.
Egypt mocks Iran, Hezbollah on military record.