Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Kingdom for a Shoe!

For want of $10 million a shoe was lost…

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand shoes?

Her lips suck forth my sole: see, where it flies!

According to AKI:

Middle East: Saudi Offers $10 Mln for Shoe Thrown at Bush

Dubai, 16 Dec. (AKI) — Wealthy Saudi Hasan Muhammad Makhafa has offered 10 million dollars for one of the shoes thrown by an Iraqi TV journalist at outgoing US President George W. Bush during a press conference in Baghdad on Sunday. Many in the Arab world have hailed the journalist, Montazer al-Zaidi, as a hero and rallies took place in Iraq on Monday calling for his release from custody.

Makhafa told Dubai-based Arabic satellite TV station Al-Arabiya that al-Zaidi’s shoes were “a symbol of freedom not just footwear.”

“They represent a victory for those who have disgraced the Arabs by occupying their lands and killing innocent people,” he said.

“For me, one of those shoes has more value than my lands and property. I want to bequest it to my children,” said Makhafa.
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He said he would be able to re-sell the shoe for far more money, but does not intend to do so.

Makhafa, who is also an elementary school teacher from the southern Saudi province of Asir, said he has received offers of further cash from fellow tribesmen and other Saudi citizens, should he need it.

The incident in which al-Zaidi also hurled insults at Bush, was broadcast across the world. Iraqi officials have described it as shameful.

Officials at the Iraqi-owned TV station, Al-Baghdadiya, for which al-Zaidi worked, have called for the release of their journalist, saying he was exercising freedom of expression.

The Iraqi government has demanded an on-air apology from Al-Baghdadiya.

Notice that the guy with $10 million to fling around is also an elementary school teacher. The teachers of Saudi Arabia must have a better union than the NEA…

Hat tip: Abu Elvis.


closed said...
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closed said...

The job is in the Dubai.

Which means he probably has a foreign expert "assistant" actually doing the job, while he schmoozes with other Arabss, or looks at internet pr0n in his office, all at a heavily subsidized gigantic salary.

Sagunto said...

So this Saudi teacher also bought the heavily edited shoe-version of this incident? Time to show the original footage

Yes, the President had to duck two chicks. Or perhaps those two turkeys he pardoned at Thanksgiving?


Gort said...

The Baron thinks they have a better "teachers union" than the NEA.

Too bad there is an NEA.

Al-Baghdadiya is claiming what al-Zaidi did was exercising freedom of expression. Good thing we have introduced that concept to their society. Using the symbolism of the shoe is one thing - assaulting someone with one is another. Surely they understand the concept of battery.

I wonder how the secret service is dealing with this little embarrassment?

Anonymous said...

assaulting someone with one is another.

It was self-defense. Bush attacked first.

joe six-pack said...

Bush attacked first? Well, if that was really the case, the respose was really weak. Not to mention ineffective. After all, he missed with the shoe.

We will all get to see how it works out when it occurs again after our new defensive minded President-elect sets us up.

rickl said...


I hope the Secret Service is studying that video in an effort to improve their response time for chicken attacks.

Sagunto said...

:) it would be wise @rickl,

And while they're at it, perhaps they should broaden the scope of investigation beyond chicks, and also study the rt when hurling other poultry, rabbits and hares, various ducks and perhaps also those little goats. Think we might exclude pigs, they won't be tossing them, or will they?


Czechmade said...

The solution is very simple: Fine him with those 10 millions and give it over to the Iraqi widows.

Or slightly more to make him go down in depts and celebrate the Iraqi gov. to help the widows that way.