Tuesday, December 30, 2008

“Just Kick the Whole Lot into the Sinai”

Geert Wilders ventures his opinion on Israel’s “disproportionate response” in this brief article from De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders stands behind Israel

Geert WildersThe Hague — PVV leader Geert Wilders stands behind Israel in the conflict in the Middle East. “Violence against terror is rarely disproportionate”, he responded Sunday concerning the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

“If we [in The Netherlands] had to deal with terrorists just across the border in Belgium or Germany, who were launching missiles at Maastricht or Breda, and broke a truce,” Wilders — if he were Minister of Defense — would have done exactly the same as Israel is doing now.
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Wilders points out that the Palestinians have chosen Hamas themselves in elections. He believes that Israel has the all the right in the world to defend itself. “The cause is blind hatred. There is unfortunately no dialogue against that. If your people and country are threatened existentially and fired upon by terrorists, you shoot back.”

According to Wilders, Israel is quite right: “Just kick the whole lot into the Sinai.”


Spinoneone said...

Of course, this has been going on since the 1950 armistice with Egypt gave administration of Gaza to Egypt. Back then, the terrorists were called "fedayeen," and they raided Israeli farms and settlements frequently. They, too, promised, just as Hamas does today, to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. We should never forget that the Koran and Mohammed's Hadith command Muslims to retake any land once held by Islam and restore it to the umma. Anyone who believes there is a "road map" to peace in such circumstances must have a large stash of high grade BC weed close to hand. Hamas needs to be destroyed; I do not believe that driving the people from Gaza would necessarily help. That action, in fact, might just give Israel a much longer border to defend.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but respect for that man. He is the only political figure I can recommend my children look to for an example of leadership.

If only in the U.S..

Conservative Swede said...

Finally a politician who speaks about the issue like I always have.

babs said...

Don't we, the U.S. have technology employed in the Green Zone of Iraq that is able to track the launch site of missles and mortars. I think I have read about this in that within seconds of a launch the U.S. is able to gain the GPS coordinates of the launch site and strike back.
Why doesn't Israel employ the same technology? A misssle comes over, they send 20 back...

X said...

I assume there's a few reasons for that, not least being that many of these rockets are fired from residential areas. Then there's the fact that the guys firing them bug out the moment they light the metaphorical fuse, whereas the tracking equipment they use in Iraq is used against mortar teams who can't just leave their equipment behind once they've fired off a round. It's a nice idea in principle but there's little to be gained from shooting back at the empty space where the terrorists used to be.

darrinh said...

Islamic anti-Semites get free pass at Melbourne pro-Palestine rally. No mention of this signage in the MSM. No prizes for guessing what I would be called for parading a sign around like that (not that I ever would).

Radiofree8 said...

Babs, Archonix is spot on. The best strategy is for a drone to watch for the firing, follow the launch team back to their hide-out/storage site and then calls in an aircraft to drop a JDAM on them. This eliminates the launch team, the hideout, and any other ordinance stored at the site.

laine said...

It's long past time to do away with the ignorance or pretend ignorance about what the Koran and Mohammed's example dictate to devout Muslims who are the vast majority of the billion, not some fanatic minority as disingenuously presented.

No devout Muslim will accept a two state "solution" with the Jewish neighbor of Israel. Push Muslims into a corner and get them to admit it (they're easily excitable and will give themselves away with the correct questioning). Proclaim this established fact on every world stage to which Jews have access (they have not made enough use of their strong presence in Hollywood etc.) until even the boneheaded leftist MSM has to report it.

Then announce that Israel is through with seeking tolerance and neighborliness from a people who are forbidden by their God and everything they hold holy to give to Jews. Any attack will be met with disproportionate force until every last Arab/Muslim gets the message. They will not prevail. They will die in large numbers until they let Israel alone and mind their own business.

Israel should also call in her chips and get diaspora Jews to broadcast the message that Arabs/Muslims are using Israel as a distraction to divert attention from their own failures and human rights infractions against their own populace in every last Muslim country. They are avoiding domestic unrest by nattering on about Israel.

Israel needs to take off the PC gloves and nail Arabs/Muslims on their incorrigible anti-semitism. It is in the very fabric of their so-called religion.

Jews will never be able to please Muslims except with their own suicide. There is literally nothing to negotiate, nothing that Muslims are willing to give. The sham negotiations have all been aimed at strengthening Muslims for their penultimate goal of pushing Israel into the sea. The ultimate goal is to do away with Jews elsewhere in the world as well, as recent events in Mumbai and scattered attacks on Jewish community centers and individuals around the world bear out.

Connect the dots for the obtuse. Start with the majority left wing Jews in North America who still prefer to harass Christians while babying Muslims as part of their beloved multicult to exposing Muslim antisemitism. Hammer it into their foreheads.

laine said...

"Israel is the opiate of the (Arab) people"

Mona Eltahawy
(NY based columnist for Egypt's Al Masry Al Youm and Qatar's Al Arab)
Globe and Mail Dec. 30/08 p.A13

Zenster said...

laine: No devout Muslim will accept a two state "solution" with the Jewish neighbor of Israel.


If creation of the Israeli state was the naqbah (i.e., "catastrophe"), then try to imagine what any sort of peaceful solution would represent.

A.) A concession that Israel has the right to exist.

B.) Admission that extant Muslim forces are incapable of militarily defeating Israel.

C.) The voluntary refutation of Koranic doctrine that demands reconquista of all previously Muslim-held lands (per Spinoneone).

Any one of the foregoing trio represents a massive betrayal of Islam. All three together are such a profound confession of inadequacy and ineffectualness that they constitute humiliation on a vast scale.

Remember: Many Arab Muslims consider humiliation to be worse than death.

How then, could the Muslim Middle East possibly condone or reconcile themselves to peace with Israel?

Short Answer: THEY CAN'T.

Long Answer: THEY CAN'T.

Wilders, once again, has it right. Push the Gazans into the Sinai and all of the West Bank into Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Seal Israel's borders and build a larger scale version of the security fence around the entire nation. Kill ANYONE who tries to circumvent it and respond with devastatingly disproportionate retaliation to any rockets or projectile attacks over the fence.

I have mentioned it often here and elsewhere that it will likely require that thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Muslims die for each infidel victim before Islam sits down and shuts up. Current death tolls only serve to whet Muslim appetites for their paradise.

Only when so many of them die in such abrupt numbers will they probably begin to see a down side to acquiescing to the terrorist agenda. Only then will they finally understand that their very existence is at stake and that jihadism must be eradicated.

Muslims must be so fear stricken with the prospect of renewed retaliation over each new terrorist attack that, fed up and panicked, they rush down to the nearest mosque and slit their imam's throat. When the jihadist imams start perishing, perhaps then they will seek out the jihadist scholars and impose capital punishment for all of their murderous indoctrination. And so on right up Islam's jihadist food chain.

Islam must be made to clean its own house and massively disproportionate retaliation is one of the only tools that presents even a shred of hope for this. The other alternative is a Muslim holocaust that will see untold millions dead for their inaction. Stampeding Muslims into immediate action is one of their only hopes for their survival. I see few other ways of doing this. The Muslim holocaust is avoidable but it will require the resolve to pay Islam in its own coin until that currency changes.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I agree that the Israeli response is disproportionate. They should have done this a lot earlier, and over a lot longer time. A week is nothing.

blackmoley said...

Push them into the sinai and other brother countries(ummah). I salute this politician who has spoken out his mind. This will not stop no matter what the concessions by the israilites. These parasites need to be given massive doses of the medicine they talk about- violence. This will all end one day by huge slaughter, the moslem thugs are proceeding towards that goal. Go israil give the parasites their due there is huge support for you.

Anonymous said...

Israel needs to take back the Sinai. The Egyptian military can't take them on, plus the international community can't really say anything. Egypt has literally done nothing - nothing - but violat eevery single term of the Camp David Accords. They are international criminals. One could gather enough reason to take it back from any random 15 minutes of state-run Egyptian TV. Furthermore, the "Palestinians" are all of Egyptian descent anyway and Hamas is an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood creation. It will ultimately have to be an Arab nation that deals with them. The world yawns at inter-Arab ethnic cleansing and human rights violations. Those monsters are so far gone that those are really the only two ways of dealing with them. It is not acceptable to inflict those people on anyone exept Egypt, maybe Saudi Arabia.

Israel needs the Sinai. They deserve it. They earned it a war they never asked for and didn't provoke and gave it away for a peace that Egypt did everything to undermine. Every rocket in Gaza and Judea and Samaria came through Egypt. Make them Egypt's problem. Take back all of Israel.

Unknown said...


Israel needs to take back the Sinai. The Egyptian military can't take them on, plus the international community can't really say anything.

Forget the Egyptian military and the international community. Can Israel re-take the Sinai without approval from Washington? No, of course not. Therefore it will never happen. End of story.