Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“A Renewed Sense of Community”

Last night our Flemish correspondent VH reported on the plans of Pro-Köln and its allies for holding another anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne next year. One of the German politicians involved in the planning is Henry Nitzsche, a member of Parliament and a former Christian Democrat who now heads his own party.

VH has compiled some additional background material on Mr. Nitzsche:

The “Alliance for Work, Family, Country — List Henry Nitzsche” might be a rather unknown movement and therefore it is maybe worthwhile to offer a little insight in the stands of that party.

The party’s name in German is “Bündnis Arbeit, Familie, Vaterland”. Henry Nitzsche walked out of the CDU (the Christian Democratic Union, which increasingly suffers from defectors to the Pro movement) because of its bowing to Multicultural dogma instead of standing for the Conservatism it used to represent.

Nitzsche kept his seat in Parliament (The “List Henry Nitzsche”. When Geert Wilders left the VVD and became a one man fraction he was named “List Geert Wilders”. Before that, Pim Fortuyn called his countrywide party “List Pim Fortuyn”), was reelected, and founded the AFV.

Now, German party programs contain a lot of words that might in themselves understandably — but totally unnecessarily — give someone not too familiar with the German language the creeps. “Homeland Security”, for instance, would be in German something like “Heimat Sicherheit” or “Vaterland Shutz.” To prevent misunderstandings, I did not translate “Vaterland” as “Fatherland,” but as “Homeland,” and “Heimat” as “Home Country,” etc., to try to stay close to the actual meaning and tone.

Here is Henry Nitzsche’s party program, as translated from the German by VH. Point #10, concerning the EU, is especially noteworthy, and violates Europe-wide orthodoxy:

Alliance for Work, Family, Country — List Henry Nitzsche e.V.

Party program (“What we want”)

1. Family

We are committed to family. We stand for respecting, protecting and promoting the family as the main foundation and prerequisite for a sustainable society. Families with children, single mothers and fathers must be the focus of all our attention in our society. Here goes the principle: “the family creates the future!”

2. Stand for Christianity

We are committed to Christian values. These values should inform the community-founding element and foundation of our society. It establishes the principle: “Party policy splits — values unite!”

3. Homeland

We are committed to the German homeland, to this nation, its historically grown minorities and their culture. Only through a healthy national pride and a renewed sense of community can existing moral, economic and social problems be solved. Patriotism is a location factor in globalization. It establishes the principle: “Our country, despite globalization!”
- - - - - - - - -
4. Citizenship

We are committed to German citizenship as a necessary link between our community and our welfare state. We demand the abolition of birthright citizenship and want it replaced by the principle of descent as the only possibility of acquisition of citizenship. However, anyone can become German who has been living a sufficient period of time in Germany, is familiar with the German language and does not resist German law, and embraces our moral and cultural values and rules. Here the principle takes effect: “Only those can become German who want to become German!”

5. Homeland Security

We are committed to protecting the home country. We demand the enforcement of the right of security of citizens through increased protection within Germany and on its borders, also against criminal foreigners. Here the principle takes effect: “Security is a civil right!”

6. Social Community

We are committed to the community and recognize its potential. The community is in potential the abilities of individuals. Everyone has the right to participate in the social community, but also the duty of encouraging it. Social needs must be taken seriously by the state, as the citizens have to respect the community. We demand the restoration of a fair power balance between nation and state. Taxes should be in the interest of citizens, to care and support, but not in the interests of party politics for ideological purposes. Here the principle takes effect: “What the citizens’ hands create remains the property of the citizens.”

7. Work

We are committed to the middle class [a term usually meaning the self-employed], small businesses, and farmers. They are major employers and the pillars of the regional economy. Even in terms of an effective and sustainable reversal of the rural exodus, we demand the unconditional support for these areas and a departure from the lighthouse Saxon politics. The country should not bleed to make certain selected cities bloom. Here the principle takes effect: “Work instead of drain!”

Working and creating jobs must be worthwhile. The risk for entrepreneurs must be lessened by flexible job-contracts, rather than increasing the stubborn treasuring of civil servants. The payment-ethics of companies should not merely pay lip service, but must be a clear duty. Bankruptcy because others do not pay the bills is not acceptable!

We urge massive support for the eagerness to work. It must also be possible to make a living through work. Here the principle takes effect: “Decent money for decent work!”

8. Democracy

We are committed to democracy as an actual “rule by the people.” Therefore, we urge the breaking down of party domination and the correction of the democratic deficit. Through the strengthening of the plebiscite, and other elements of direct democracy, sovereignty should be returned to the people. The peaceful democratic revolution of 1989 [abolition of the Socialist Government of the DDR, and the incorporation of the DDR] got stuck halfway. Back to the principle: “We are the people!”

9. Education

We are committed to school and apprenticeship as base for knowledge and values to the education of the community. The wealth of Germany lies in the optimal education of our children. The outdated school model of the old federal states must be overhauled and sectionalism in education should be abolished! We demand an end to the withering of small schools and the rise of region-wide schools in rural areas (“Let the school stay in the village!”). We stand for an excellent all-day community school until the 9th grade, because the early pre-selecting nonsense neglects the individual development of a pupil; the course of education is impermeable and tears the alleged elite education away from the fiber of the community. We demand that the financial circumstances of parents not have an effect on the education of their children (“equal ability”). Participation in school and extracurricular activities must be affordable. The principle: “Increase education, secure the Future!”

10. Europe

We are committed to a Europe of independent nations. Those hold the right to social, economic, cultural, and military self-determination. We urge the preservation and safeguarding of national sovereignty and economic interests in Europe and foreign policy and the curbing of the influence of the EU in favor of national interests. Here the principle takes effect: “Germany first, then Europe!” The EU should not be a power-hungry bureaucratic monster! An accession of Turkey is categorically rejected by us.

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Skalman said...

Seems like a party with healthy values. If I was german they´d get my vote.

Clear, concise, straightforward and in accordance with traditional european values. Just the kind of politics/politicians Europe needs.

thll said...

More evidence that Europeans are moving in the right direction. The stated principle "We are committed to a Europe of independent nations" tends to support an earlier musing of mine that the fact of the EU (or maybe it will be its tragedy) will encourage the very spirit that the EU is currently working to destroy. History and irony go together very well.

Czechmade said...

The Lisbon thing is still pending at the Constitutional Court of Germany.

It will be interesting how they deal with the formulation that all power is solely coming from the "Deutschem Volke" if EU eats such a big cake of their sovereignty.

sheik yer'mami said...

A wise move to replace 'Vaterland' with homeland, although there is nothing wrong with 'Fatherland'- the red ratbags who are the enablers of the Islamization will make political milage out of it and use it as a smear against anyone who opposes their multiculti utopia, just like the use the brain-dead 'right-wing'-this and right wing that as a mental baseball-bat to whack the weak-minded into submission.