Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Counterjihad Banners Placed on German Bridges

I’ve reported previously on the “veiling of statues” movement in Germany, which aims to bring the problem of Islamization to public attention by symbolizing the attitude of Islam towards both women and representational art.

The group is called “The Anonymous Group for Democratic and Free Thinking”, and its latest action was executed this morning on bridges all over Germany:

Islam Oder Freiheit

Here’s the press release issued by the group, via Europe News:

Placing banners on motorway bridges in a Germany-wide campaign

On 16 December 2008, we continue our campaign that started with former actions such as veiling of female statues and sculptures with a head scarf and burka. This time we place banners of up to 8 x 1.3 meters on bridges near the following cities: Heidelberg, Konstanz, Eckernförde, Osnabrück, Bremen, Krefeld, Berlin and Munich

The banners show the web address of our homepage and the following slogans in German:

“Islam — or Freedom?”

“Freedom — or Islam?”

With this action in combination with the homepage launched today, we aim to point out the fact that a creeping Islamisation takes place within the European societies. This causes concern due to the fact that even in a society that is as free as Great Britain, the Islamic law, Sharia, is recognized at several civil courts. For many Muslims, the Islamic law is superior to the national constitutions and laws of the respective European state for the reason that this religious law is based on Allah’s words.

The effects of a distinct prevalence of the politically oriented Islam on Europe, are sketched on our homepage www.unterm-schleier.com including profound background information, Quranic sources, history, and general knowledge concerning the political Islam. With this homepage, we provide sources of information for multipliers, both journalists or regional politicians and the broad public. In addition to the categories of information, there is Advice, a practical part, and the documentation of the former and current activities that advertise our homage or invite the general public to get involved.

We want to set records straight in the public debates. There is misinformation supported by statements such as “Islam is peaceful”, in the discussions regarding “Gender equality in Islam”, or in a premature decision on what is “Islam and Islamism”. Islam includes political and social-ideological components. Therefore, it is not only a religion. Eventually, the Quran is to be taken literally and is immutable. The normative aspect shines a different light on the Quranic Sura when they refer to war against infidels, to physical punishments such as chopping off hands, or to the roles of women and men in Islam.

In the public debates, it shall be questioned to a greater extend if it is possible to align Islam with the European constitutions, whether Muslims and citizens of liberal societies speak about the same topic when they talk about peace, for example, or whether gender equality in Islam means the same as in Europe.

We are an international group of young people, partly with immigrant background, who love democracy, cultural diversity and freedom that we want to enjoy. Grown up in a society based on tolerance and compassion, we admit to European values and would like to advocate for those. Our liberal achievements shall not be taken for granted as in history many people fought for those European values repeatedly.

These are the values that are close to our heart:
- - - - - - - - -
  • Freedom of the individual and self-determination
  • Freedom of religion, of thought and of expression
  • Human and personal rights
  • Dignity of every individual
  • The constitutional state and the democracy
  • Respect for private property
  • Equal rights for women
  • Tolerance
  • Sustainability
  • The idea to support the underprivileged
  • The separation of state and religious institutions as well as the principle that religion is a private matter.

Within this, we think that our European societies are based on the views of Humanism, Rationalism and the Enlightenment as well as on Christian-Jewish values and is established on Roman law and on democratic principles.

Like extreme right- and left-winged political attitudes, the political Islamic ideology endangers those European achievements.

Our activities are not aimed against anything. Rather they shall be seen as a campaign promoting European values, democracy and liberal thinking. We would like to initiate public debates about Islam in Europe within the frame of the European values.

Anonymous group for democratic and free thinking



Visit Europe News to see photos of all the banners on the German bridges.


thll said...

An encouraging development. The reaction to the action of Islam in Europe is growing.

Unknown said...

Well I should hope so, but I'm afraid we are too late. Once the EU-coup is completed we're so screwed.
Sample the SA-like treatment of Chech president Vaclav Klaus by Cohn Bendit and his EU-bullies in his own palace and be afraid..

Holger said...

One point they forgot is "Cultural preservation"

I think that is also very important! Anyway, it's these guys, who get the message out into the streets that makes a real difference. Sure, online is also key but to find it you have to look. By signs etc everyone sees it! GOOD JOB!

Zenster said...


Bilgeman said...


Germans with banners...

And on our side, no less.

My but 'tis a brave new world, ain't it?

Welcome aboard, mein herren, the coffeepot's in the corner.
Enjoy the many haram treats available at the slop chest.

laine said...

This is the first encouraging light visible on the darkening European horizon whose umbra is casting shadows on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Yes there have been heroic individual pinpoints of light previously whom we know by name, but they have been outright murdered like Van Gogh and Fortuyn or unjustly demonized as crazed extreme rightists by the crazed extreme leftists who have gotten away with presenting themselves as moderates. Divided and isolated, enlightened souls have fallen or remain in peril.

This fledgling movement for Democratic and Free Thinking if nurtured and joined by a critical mass may get the numbers to protect individuals from being picked off and the message silenced. Someone else will raise the banner and march on. This is the way it has to be.

It is perhaps the third way, between slavish appeasement and bloody conflict. Europe still has enough Europeans for a decade or so to gain back their freedoms through use of what free speech remains to them and moral suasion on a grand scale. Basically, ordinary citizens need to rebel peacefully against those who are leading them to slaughter or cultural oblivion and leave their traitorous leaders flockless or with the Muslim masses to whom they cater.

The model could be the criminally under-reported story of how the small Baltic state of Estonia "sang its way to freedom" from the oppression of the USSR once the tectonic plates started to move for geopolitical reasons.

["Imagine the scene in 'Casablanca' in which the French patrons sing 'La Marseillaise' in defiance of the Germans, then multiply its power by a factor of thousands, and you've only begun to imagine the force of 'The Singing Revolution'."
Matt Zoller Seitz, The New York Times

"If Hollywood made this story up, no one would believe it. And yet this story of hope, nonviolence, and perseverance has been playing to standing ovations in theaters across the country".

"The young people, without any political party, and without any politicians, just came together ... not only tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands ... to gather and to sing and to give this nation a new spirit,” remarks Mart Laar, a Singing Revolution leader featured in the film and the first post-Soviet Prime Minister of Estonia. “This was the idea of the Singing Revolution.”


The model included an unbroken chain of peaceful yet uncowed citizens holding hands called the freedom chain snaking through all three Baltic states. You didn't have to be able to sing a note to participate in the slow sawing off of Soviet shackles.

What was achieved in microcosm could be achieved pan Europe.

Free Europe! Support the evolved civilization that has brought the most humane life to the greatest numbers!

This is our duty as beneficiaries of a culture now on the ropes. We have lived the good life without being required to sacrifice. That time is over. Either our apathy goes or the good life does.

I highly recommend visiting the site above to watch the two minute trailer to get an idea of how peaceful resistance to tyranny can work when done on a mass scale. Many of you will find it inspiring and uplifting when your spirits sag about what seems like the impossibility of it all.

Charlemagne said...

Good start but they really need to muster up the courage to in fact BE against Islam and Islamization.

Their statement that they aren't against anything reminds me of when people try to prove they aren't racist by discussing how many non-white friends that have. It is the attempt to disprove an accusation of racism rather than just saying "I am not racist" and leaving it up to the accuser to prove the accusation.

Joanne said...

You just need to few to get the ball rolling and before you know it a lot more people will step out of their political correctness zone and speak out against Islam and its demands that the indigenous peoples are not afforded.

Czechmade said...

"a lot more people will step out of their political correctness zone"

A lot of them are not in their "PC zone" at all, they simply have no way to make their loud voices...come out somewhere!