Friday, January 05, 2007

P.S. From Norway

The “Armed Norwegian Liberal” from yesterday’s post has given me permission to credit him as “Birkebeinr”, one of our regular commenters.

He and Fjordman have both found the missing Aftenposten article, which has reappeared here.

He also has this to say:

P.S. Imams inspired by Mullah Krekar’s rantings about Muslim women being as fertile as mosquitoes have announced that Oslo is going to be renamed “Medina” when they demographically conquer the city.

Believe it or not. It’s true.

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History Snark said...

And what do we do with mosquitos?

Asger Trier Engberg said...

Dear Birkebein

I have given your situation a some thought - I am involved in the danish anti muslim movement. My involvement has been mostly on media and politics - here are my experience so far:

1. The struggle against Islamism is quite complex. There is a physical and a media aspect to the it. The physical aspect defines the way you confront the islamists, and this has a profound influence on the way the media depicts you

2. The way the danish resistance has tackled it so far is by provocative but peaceful demonstrations. This has so far been a good succes. The first time we were attacked by a huge crowd, thereby giving the islamist a lot of bad publicity. Many islamist got arrested and are put in jail by the police.

3. What we are basically trying to do is to force the public institution into realization and action. If the public institutions chooses to - they can finish the problem pretty fast. It is not the abality but the will to act that is the problem.

4. In media what we are fighting with the muslims about is the moral high ground. In Denmark Abu Laban (leading danish Imam) tried to picture himself as the muslim Nelson Mandela - indirectly saying that he is prosecuted by the awful white man. It is off cause bull shit, but it tells you about the intelligence of the radical muslims - they are smart. Basically the controlling media will try to stigmatize you as racist - therefor it is very important to be extremely precise in the definition of your own political standpoint. I precisely defined the our antimuslim organisation as pro democracy and anti nazi and anti islamist. We are fighting for freedom of speech. This will leave you on the moral high ground, and the muslims on the moral low ground because they fight for a theocracy and the limitations af free speech.

5. And then i always try to remind myself that I am fighting for good and against bad. The minute I do something evil the muslims have won half a victory.

Birkebeinr said...

Thanks for the advice, Asger.

I really don´t think there is much to do yet here in Oslo. To rally against the islamist will still be considered a crime against political correctness. Berufsverbot and other nasty things will follow. So there is no reason for optimism in this situation.

I think you are very right in saying that a non-violent and intellectuall struggle is to prefer. I think patience is also important.
This might not mean a lot, but
I have heard from different folks visting other churces than I, that there is an increasing number of africans and middle easterns attending sunday services in their congregation...

Nilk said...

Birkebeinr, regarding the increasing numbers of Africans and middle easterners, we have that here in Australia.

Where I go to church, the pastor is well aware of the situation with regards to islam - he got an education years ago when one congregation gained a lot of new members courtesy of refugee programs.

As he and his family got to know the africans, the message was always the same: beware the muslims. They will try to take you over the minute they think they are strong enough.

This is the case here. The muslims are flexing their media muscles, and people are waking up.

Be careful and God be with you in Norway.

eatyourbeans said...

If I knew how I'd upload an aptly nasty parody of that famous 'bloody ape' poster from World War 1, only here somebody replaced the Hun's spiked helmet with a Muslim's turban.

It's time to get angry.

Asger Trier Engberg said...

Dear Birkebeinr

Denmark and Norway are off cause a little different - so you cant always use the same methods.

But it is certainly equally dangerous to protest - the Islamists are well armed.

But one of the most lethal weapons you wield as a freedom fighter is your courage. The more danger, the more respect you earn if you start fighting.

Concerning the use of arms, well then it is a quite complex picture. We are fighting the islamists in Afghanistan, Irak and Somalia, but not the ones that is living in Scandinavia - and that is just plain hypocrasi.

On the other hand starting a fight with the ones that live in Scandinavia could well lead to civilwar. And if the government is willing to fight the Islamists, there are other means. The danish government is doing an ok job I think - mainly the strategy has been to hit the Islamists on the purse. Take away their money - and to harass. This has actually resulted in quite a few islamists leaving the country on their own accord.

The question is then, when do you start a civilwar? Honestly I do not know. And I cannot fanthom the consequences, either it could be over in a blink of an eye, or it could end in mayhem.

But right now we are doing quite well with the demonstration strategy. Check it out on We had a demonstration arranged in one of the worst areas in Copenhagen, but it was stopped by the police - thereby illustrating the problem very well.

We are gaining momentum, and if we reach the parliament - well who knows what will happen.

Wry Mouth said...

Luckily, sice his last name is Schrodinger, we may place our thumbs over his Christian name, at which point in time, the name becomes simultaneously spelled correctly and misspelled. ?

Queen Isabella said...

IMO, the Danish need to do two things to end this Muslim incursion. They need to stop wholesale immigration from Muslim countries and they need to cut off their welfare benefits. If folks aren't there to work, they are there to leech off the system. Phase out the welfare program for able-bodied individuals ASAP and you will see a mass exodus of these people to countries where the pickings are easier.