Wednesday, January 31, 2007

“We Export Violence”

Fausta has a post this morning about an interview on Abu Dhabi TV in December with Dhiyaa Al-Musawi. See the invaluable MEMRI for the full interview, with English subtitles.

Dhiyaa Al-MusawiMr. Al-Musawi is obviously a cultured Arab intellectual, and seems to surpise his interviewer with his forthrightness. He has some hard things to say about his fellow Arabs; for example: “We suffer from backwardness.”

This is an obvious commonplace for those of us in the West with Counterjihad tendencies, but it’s refreshing to hear it from a Muslim in the heart of Araby.

Mr. Al-Musawi argues for a tolerant humanism among Muslims towards the rest of the world, instead of training the young to be what he calls “booby traps”.

Read what he has to say and listen to him talk, and tell me if you think he’s practicing taqiyyah. Remember, he was speaking in Arabic for an Arab audience in the Middle East.

This is the kind of person who needs to be included in our outreach. Even if he’s an apostate, not a “true Muslim”, and doomed to be shunned and killed by his own people — the presence of people like him, there in the heart of Islam, will do more to undermine the radicals and aid our cause than nuking Mecca ever would.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is in just as much danger as we are.

More, in fact, since most of the extremists are in favor of what I might call a "truer Islamification" of the Islamic lands before they get serious about going after the infidels on the outside.

"This is the kind of person who needs to be included in our outreach."


pela68 said...

This guy is very brave. I would'nt go out in public with this sort of reasoning- and I live in Sweden! It is good to see that somone at the arabian pensula has actually got it.

The sad thing is that he is'nt a "moderate muslim" at all. This is a guy who has allready left islam and is to be considered an apostate.

Frankly! There are no "moderate muslims"- only muslims or kufrs and apostates. He may call himself a muslim, but true muslims won't call him that.

It's not the so called "moderate muslims" we need to reach over to. It is the "real muslims" who has to be taken care of- one way or the other.

Now- there is ceartnanly a lot of people all over the world, who like Dhiyaa Al-Musawi calls themselves muslims. They may even belive in an entity called allah and they allso may pay respect to the five pillars of islam. These are fine people! Hopefully they are the bulk of the muslim people. They are just not "true muslims" by islamic standards.

But! As have been stated before. There are no such thing as a non- muslim islamist.

Again; The greater problem here are not the muslims- It is islam!

pela68 said...

Oh, and considering the Barons last paragrafe.

Sadly, thse brave apostates may be couragous. But, do they have any influence in the umma at all?

As allways- the "radicals" are the ones that actually has got it right visavi the quran. A guy like this would never win a theological debate against a radical, on the simple premesises that the radical would be the one who would be right. Every time!

More than 480 times the quran endorces violence, most of the time against unbelivers. Can he really make any difference? At all?

Aunty Belle said...

Al-Musawi needs to be on CNN, BBC, FOX etc...but do ya'll thik that will happen?

The problem is, he will be denounced by muslim organizations that will pressure the networks not to give him face-time.

npabga said...

I think that al-Musawi's influence in Arabia would be negligable, as much as our influence on Western policies concerning Islam is percieved by others. But this shouldn't stop us or him and others like him. Though we can't be sure that he has changed any opinions in the M.E., at least we know of one person who is willing to brave the Umma, and call a spade a spade. Though I don't think we could even "outreach" to him, he still should be held as an example.

Evan said...

His phrasing and his turban make me wonder if he's a cleric. (I couldn't get no satisfaction from Google.)

X said...

This man has had a huge influence merely by appearing on television. Don't forget how powerful the goggle-box can be.

livfreerdie said...

Being the pessimist that I am, I'm betting it is another tactic to lull the kafirs to sleep, one of those "cover all the bases" approach.


Marco Oliveira said...

Is there were more Muslims like Al-Musawi and less hate-preachers, Islam would be popular in the West just like Buddhism.
I hope Mr. Al-Musawi doesn't become a victim of fanatics.