Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cat Stevens’ Jihad Train Gets a “Peace” Award

Fjordman reports that on January 4th, Cat Stevens received an award from MEDEA, an EU/Arab sort-of-secret society established to promote the fusion between Arabia and Europe.

The publicity blurb says:

Yusuf is being awarded the prestigious award as a result of the work he has done to increase peace in the world.

The Mediterranean Prize has sections for Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity and Architecture. The prize is assigned each year to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic worlds that contributed with their actions to reduce tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean.

Fjordman has reported previously Bat Yeor’s findings on MEDEA, and on the hard work the Eurabians have put into pushing their unrelenting agenda:

“The Euro-Arab Dialogue as a forum shared by the European Community and the League of Arab States arose out of a French initiative and was launched at the European Council in Copenhagen in December 1973, shortly after the ‘October War’ and the oil embargo. As the Europeans saw it, it was to be a forum to discuss economic affairs, whereas the Arab side saw it rather as one to discuss political affairs.

MEDEA Institute wishes to be a resource and a reference point for people wanting to engage in the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue. Via its meetings and talks the Institute seeks to create exchanges between political, economic, and diplomatic players, experts, journalists, academics and others.

As Bat Ye’or points out, while most of the workings of Eurabia are hidden from the public view, sometimes we can catch glimpses of it if we know what to look for.

Ah, yes. Yusuf Islam, that icon of peace and understanding. CAIR wasn’t real happy in 2004 when he was taken off the plane bound for the US and denied a visa. Canada followed suit.

Debbie Schlussel had the goods on Yusuf back in December — another Borders’ bookstore bonanza:

Is a CD recorded by a Muslim extremist the “perfect gift for the music maven”?

Borders thinks so and is marketing “Another Cup,” by Yusuf Islam ne Cat Stevens ne Steven Georgiou, in its glossy “Holiday Guide” magazine insert, urging Americans to buy “Yusuf’s first pop collection since he adopted the Muslim faith in 1977.”


The world is littered with former folk singers and pop stars from the ‘60s and ‘70s who’ve tried to make a comeback. But none has received the endless hype that pop culture outlets are providing to Yusuf Islam.

And none has uttered the extremist views spewed by Islam throughout the years, without apology.
- - - - - - - - - - -
In 1988, he authored the pamphlet “Eyewitness,” in which he claimed:

The Jews seem neither to respect God nor his creation. Their own holy books contain the curse of God brought upon them by their prophets on account of their disobedience to Him and mischief in the earth. We have seen the disrespect for religion displayed by those who consider themselves to be ‘God’s chosen people.’...There will be no justice until all the land is given back to its rightful owners... Only Islam can bring peace back to the Holy Land.

In 1989, a week after Ayatollah Khomeini issued his fatwa for the murder of “Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie, Islam agreed:

He must be killed. The Koran makes it clear: If someone defames the prophet, he must die.

And Islam’s views haven’t changed much. A map of the Middle East currently on his website doesn’t recognize Israel. There is only “Holyland” on his Map of Hate. In 2004, Islam told ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas that he supports HAMAS.

The entertainment industry wants to shove all of that under the rug. “Enough time has passed since the [Rushdie] fatwa,” says Billboard’s director of charts, Geoff Mayfield. “His faith is established and less of a negative than it might have been earlier.”

But objections to the embrace of Yusuf Islam are not about his “faith”. They are about his extremist statements and actions. A May 2003 expose on Islam in GQ documented his many ties to Osama Bin Laden and HAMAS. The author—Jake Tapper, now with ABC News—detailed Islam’s tight relationship with Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the leader of the London based Al-Muhajiroun, which is believed to be Al-Qaeda in Britain. Bakri organized the famed London celebration of “The Magnificent 19” on the 1-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Sometimes one has the feeling that Borders and their ilk are not merely camp followers of the EU-UN-transnationalist sovereignty-killers. Instead, they seem to be in the forefront of the American faction devoted to bringing us down.

Yusuf Islam is a disgrace. It is reassuring to know that Homeland Security et al keep up with the ageing musicians’ scene.

That's some “peace” train this deluded “revert” rides. Look closely: it eerily
resembles the long lines of box cars full of terrified Jews headed to their deaths.


Always On Watch said...

Any word as to how his CD sales are going? If one plays it backwards, is there a special message?

Always On Watch said...

Okay, that comment was flippant. There's nothing flippant about what he wrote:

There will be no justice until all the land is given back to its rightful owners... Only Islam can bring peace back to the Holy Land.

Actually, the Islamic definition of "peace" is the entire world as Dar al-Islam. Until then, Islamists have declared a state of war. No number of playings of "Peace Train" will change that.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

This just more evidence of the aphorism: "Awards are like hemorrhoids. Sooner or later every asshole gets one."
-Sarah Morton

Profitsbeard said...

I thought music was forbidden by Islam (the religion nor the moron) as frivolous Western decadence and a devilish lure leading the faithful Mohammedan from mandatory prayer?

Shouldn't some hardline imam issue a fatwa against this homicidally-inclined hypocrite?

"Peace Train" degenerated into "Pea Brain".

(I heard Yusuf lost the last of his cracked marbles trying to come up with a rhyme for "Dawa".)