Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dymphna Poses a Question

Brownwood Texas High SchoolSince we seem to have meandered into the thicket of schooling this weekend on Gates of Vienna, I’ve posted over at The Neighborhood of God with this question: Are There Any Adults Who LIKED High School?

I’ve been asking this question informally for years, and have yet to find anyone who answered in the affirmative. Mostly people either shuddered or said “thank God I never have to do that again.”

The Baron was lucky, though. His high school years were spent in England, where (back then, at least) you could be your own little warty self and no one minded. He did have to put up with some friendly condescension for being a Yank, but otherwise he fit right in.

Was your experience wonderful or was it a nightmare? Were you bored out of your tree or content in the knowledge that those were the best years of your life? Or did you quit in disgust?

If you’ve a mind to, go over and comment on your experience.

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Dymphna said...

Scott said...

(very poetically, but not PG enough for the homeschooled kids who wander thru here, so I amended it)

I may have set a record. A Dubious
Achievement Record,as Esquire Magazine used to compile them, but a record nonetheless, in the number
of high schools I attended.

If Johnny Cash was still alive I
should set it to music like his
trucker song "I've Been Everywhere."

There was Robert E. Lee, I got to see, Woodrow Wilson where Dean Rusk
son's got his first *****, Herndon
High where the grits fought me, yes
I've been everywhere.

Moved to Reston yes, with my mommy,
got busted with Margo Simon and had
to flee, I've been everywhere.

Fairfax authorities said I was a case of incorrigibilty sent me to
see my daddy who in lived out west
in the City and I gotted shipped out there.

Lived in Berkeley, went to Berkeley
High, where Jimi Hendrix he kissed
the sky but I didn't like the scene. Saod please get me out of

Got enrolled in school across the bay, in private academy my day had
to pay and I finally got my degree.
So I went everywhere.

Evanston2 said...

I really enjoyed high school, but got restless at the end.