Monday, January 22, 2007

The Week Britain Died

We received an essay with a cover note from a British reader this morning, both of which are worth posting in their entirety:

Dear Baron and Dymphna,

After “Undercover Mosques” was transmitted on UK television last Monday here is my take on a week that has left me bemused, depressed and shameful. Is the Britain we have become really what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought and died for?

I am sending this to various other sites. If you wish to use it I would be grateful if you would attribute it to me under my full name.

I am currently writing a book regarding consequences for the West that 50 years of liberalism has ensured. Hence a little publicity is no bad thing.

Kind Regards
Paul Weston

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The Week Britain Died
by Paul Weston

When future historians look back at what was Great Britain, they would do well to note the events of January 15th-22nd 2007.

In a quite extraordinary week, the people of Britain were given several clear indications of where there country was going, yet these indications were resolutely ignored by the media, the people and the government.
- - - - - - - - - -
The TV Company, Channel Four, was at the forefront of the news, but for all the wrong reasons. In one programme they bought the nations attention to the sheer bigotry, intolerance and racialism of one section of our community, which was subsequently endlessly debated by the media and deemed worthy of such importance that even Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were sucked into the national breast beating.

This programme was “Big Brother” which for those mercifully unaware is a reality TV show charting the ignorance, pathology and hysteria of social degenerates locked together in a house for the viewing delectation of British people of ALL social backgrounds. Last weeks programmes focussed on the unpleasantness with which an English girl and her friends treated an educated Indian actress. By mimicking her accent and calling her “that Indian” so a continental political rift ensued between Britain and India, smoothed over by the intervention of the aforementioned Blair and Brown. By the end of the week this unedifying spectacle attracted over 9 million viewers.

In another Channel Four programme, “Undercover Mosques” an intrepid journalist with a hidden camera put his life quite literally on the line and bought us news from various Mosques around the country. This news, essentially, was that homosexuals should be killed, paedophilia condoned, women as second-class citizens beaten — as should girls who do not wear the hijab, and lastly, Islam must take over the UK and run it under Sharia law whilst waging Jihad against the infidels.

To rub salt into the wound it transpired that some organisations calling for all the above have been singled out and praised by Tony Blair and the British police as role models for their inter-faith and multicultural activities. Perhaps this is why our politicised police, so keen to prosecute the BNP’s Nick Griffen for accusing Islam of being wicked, have done NOTHING in the face of Islamic calls for murder and conquest.

The viewing figures for this highly important programme were between 1 to 1.5 million people. Given the pre-release advertising and the importance that UK Muslims would put on such a programme it is probable that the vast majority of viewers were not of the race and faith singled out for extinction, but the Muslims themselves. Indigenous Brits may have numbered in the low thousands.

For the first time in this Country the mainstream population was given information previously only available to the tiny minority of people with sufficient interest and intelligence to seek it out via “right-wing” websites or books conspicuous by their absence in Waterstones. I have always thought that if the general population knew what I knew, then the political scene would change. I was sadly mistaken, and not just about the population at large. What should have triggered outrage was ignored by all, including the so-called highbrow newspapers. The Guardian refused to even mention it, whilst the rest of the British media were interested in one thing and one thing only, Big Brother.

“Undercover Mosques” is perhaps the most important programme to have been made in the UK since the invention of the television. It is not the time to detail the transcript here, but it was chilling, terrifying stuff. That the British, in their entirety, ignored it in favour of the appalling and degrading Big Brother, possibly the worst programme ever made is cause for concern, yet could the pathologically suicidal British fall any lower? Well yes, they could.

There were two other stories in the papers this week, both related to the European Union. The first was that the British Parliament would nod through a watered down version of the EU constitution without, as previously stated, a referendum. The second was that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was intending to re-introduce said constitution despite the previous no vote from the Dutch and French. It would appear obvious that the EU Socialist Super State will be inflicted upon us undemocratically. Should we care about this or is Big Brother still uppermost on the warped, adolescent minds at the BBC? Both stories, of course, went unmentioned by the TV media.

Angela Merkel was an East-German Communist. Whilst at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig she was Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda in the Community youth wing. She will find this in keeping with the unelected EU Commissioners where ex Communists make up seven of their twenty seven members, including it’s current President, José Manuel Durão Barroso, once one of the leaders of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party).

Vladimr Bukovsky is on record as stating that Communism never died and is now being inflicted incrementally on the West via the European Union. Do the British know anyting of Bukovsky, or indeed of Communism? No, they do not, the BBC et al refuse to talk to him, after all, as an imprisoned and tortured dissident what does he REALLY know about Communism in comparison to the utopian, idealistic British liberal elites who run our government, media, civil service, police and educational institutions.

Do the British in fact know anything, absolutely anything of any significance at all anymore or is the limit of their thought process set at the bar of Big Brother? We also learned this week that a pass mark of 18% is all that is necessary to gain a C grade exam pass. 50% of our schoolchildren leave school without attaining this in English and Maths, yet 100% of them know everything about TV “celebrities” who can barely speak their native language.

And so we ignore the ideology of one movement who state they wish to eradicate us and another which killed close to 100 million people, whilst we embrace the ideology of celebrity, ignorance and pathology.

From my viewpoint, and I say this with great sadness, we deserve all that we get, which barring a revolution will be one of the following.

  • An Islamic State.
  • A Totalitarian Socialist State within the European Union.
  • A Failed State — after the economic collapse of the EU — caused by bureaucracy, an illiterate and inumerate workforce and unopposable competion from the East.
  • Revolution — in the event that the British revolt before these scenarios unfold there will be carnage and civil war, possibly even European war. This is the least probable. We sit slack-jawed and glassy-eyed on our draylon sofas, worshipping at the Altar of television, dressed in polypropolene casual wear, remote in one hand, chips in the other. We have all the Soma we need to insulate ourselves from reality.

So, this week we have been shown our choices and we have chosen the path that 50 years of progressive education, Communist subversion, mass immigration and media brainwashing has pre-chosen for us. Much as we may wish to continue shopping on credit cards, watching reality TV shows and imbibing drugs and alchohol, I am am afraid it is no longer up to us.

This was the week that Britain died from infantilism, liberalism, ignorance and decadence, manifesting themselves in our utter indifference to our survival. We deserve to go, just as future Arnold Toynbees will relate.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

"I have not yet begun to fight!" John Paul Jones

lugh lampfhota said...

But will future Toynbees be able to think or write considering the state of education, the indoctrination and the coming re-education camps (and if that doesn't work, there is always gulag)? Mark Steyn asks, will there be any little Toynbees born, considering the appalling EUtopian fertility rate?

I'm so sorry Mr. Weston, but it will be communism until the muslims within decide that it will be sharia. The few remaining EUtopians then can choose death or dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

Very well put, Mr Weston, I shall be linking to this post and writing about your essay later. For anybody who's interested, the transcript of the documentary can currently be found here.

I don't know, though, if such defeatism as seems to permeate your essay is really justified. After all, you're aware of this, I'm aware of this, other UK bloggers are aware of this. We have information, a wealth of ways in which to spread information, and all the old methods of subversion to hand as well. Where there's life, after all, there's hope.

Unless you're a lefty, in which case there is just 'inevitable', 'self-evident', 'progress'.

Roast Beef said...

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
Winston Churchill

Yorkshireminer said...

18% to get a “C” grade. You surprise me, I thought you just had to go to school. I have been disgusted with the British educational system for years. When I left school in the late 50s the minimum was dare I say it 45%. The trouble is as soon as you willfully implement a so called Multicultural society, you immediately start to dumb down the educational system and tailor it to the most stupid. The result of the PC idiocy that has infected fair Britain, which propound the doctrine that we are all equal, which we are so obviously not. Warren Buffet who has just given I don't know how many Billions to the Bill Gates foundation, put it very succinctly, I was one of the winners in the Ovarinary lottery. Education should give everyone the best possible education for their ability so that we can make the best use of their individual gifts, not an equal education. The way we do it now panders to the mediocre and discriminates against the gifted.
Paul you seem so despondent, you shouldn't be. I know how you feel as a fellow Brit, I hang my head in shame when I hear the clap trap spouted by our so called intelligent politicos. The problem is that it takes such a long time to change the attitude of a medium size country, there is so much inertia built into the system. Small countries like Denmark do not have this inertia and can turn very quickly. Medium size countries tend to look for a leader, we see it very much in England , where is the new Churchill when we need him, small counties look for a solution. I see many manifestations of change. When I phone my friends in England there language gets more and more intemperate, they know what is going on and they are Angry. The BNP are very rapidly gaining ground with the white working class, when they reach critical mass they will explode onto the political scene, in exactly the same way the labour party exploded on to the political scene in the 1920s. Wait and see what happens in the Municipal elections in May. Britain is certainly not done for. I agree with what you what you have to say about the EU, joining that corrupt organization is one of the reasons that we are in such a parlous state at the moment. We have always been at our best when we have stood alone and aloof from Europe. By the way I don't know if this is your first book but I would check out LULU. Com it makes publishing easy and you wont have to go hawking it round England and America to get it published like Melanie Philips had too. Great article well written.

Deep regards


Dymphna said...

Yorkshire Miner--

45%?? That was failing in my school. 60% was barely above failing.

If they'd accepted 45% I would not have ignominiously failed typing. Which I didn't want to take anyway.

I think Britain is at a crossroads. The next few years will tell which direction it takes.

But then, I believe in --because I know some of them personally -- moderate Muslims. As one of our secular Muslim friends said of the imams we see screeching in the media: they're nothing but Islam's version of the 1930's backwoods preachers here in the hollers and boondocks of the south.

Which brings to mind a song I heard on the radio as a child in the South (one of those stations that don't exist* anymore; played country, bluegrass, old-time music -- the kind anthropology students go out to find the remainns of)...anyway, here are the only words I remember of the chorus:

Slap 'er down again, Paw,
Slap her down again;
We don't want our neighbors
Talking 'bout our kin...

Sounds like...anything familiar?

* I take that back. There is one such station in our local area and probably in other rural places. It does farm bureau reports, local obituaries, and has a sell-and-swap hour. The very early morning program (farmers and country people do get up tiresomely early) is like a warm bath in the past...

And one other thing: I think our politicians are much more venal and corrupt than yours. I call it our Imperial Congress -- many of them have been bought with lobby money. Something has to give here, too, and I think it will be our 2 party political system, but I have no idea how that will evolve. One only has to look at the mediocrities running for President on the Dems' side to know we're in deep doo doo. The Republicans are pathetic.

melonie said...

Keep faith.

Some on the big brother forum believe that the big brother furore was contrived in order to bury the dispatches programme (I shant go into details here, too lengthy). Our theory is laid bare within it, for a while anyway, as the forum moderators tend to delete our posts rather quickly.

But it is easy to condemn or question the comments made on Dispatches from behind this screen, I wouldn't dare do so in public. I would be called a 'racist'.

Hmmm. Keep faith? Perhap's if I feel I can't speak out, I'm already lost.

Big Brother indeed. Who needs a TV programme when we're already being controlled by the real one.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the internet, of course, is that one can speak out about anything. A painful personal experience, random news of the day, or suspicions of a conspiracy.

Personally I don't think it's much of a stretch at all to say that the Big Brother thing was picked up and blown up to distract from the real truth of the Dispatches documentary. I might go so far as to say the 'racism' was engineered, but who could trust such fishwives to keep their mouths shut about that? Doubtful, so most likely is MSM skewing and exaggeration. It's been very convenient indeed that all this happened so very soon after the real story of the week, the documentary.

I wonder, what would Bat Ye'or or the excellnt Fjordman say about this? If Oriana (may she rest in peace or some version of Valhalla) were still alive and heard about this, I wonder how loudly she'd shout?

She can't, so perhaps it's our duty?

X said...

The big brother furore has covered a multitude of sins. The BBC hasn't even bothered to report that Tony Blair's "gate keeper", one of his closest aides, ahs been arrested over charges of breaching the 1925 Peerages (Prevention of Abuse) act, and also charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The latter can carry a life sentence. The police have had to call in computer specialists to crack and search the computers at No 10 for evidence. Instead they've reported on some stupid bint shouting at another stupid bint then and getting all teary in an interview about it.

I reckon Blair will be out within a month or two. Brown, his now named successor, will be implicated and will start his leadership bid with this cloud hanging over him. The entire cabinet is potentially complicit in this. It will bring down the government. Interesting times...

Nary a peep from the BBC...

kepiblanc said...

MrSmith said...The beauty of the internet, of course, is that one can speak out about anything.
So far, perhaps. But the EU is about to take over the EUrabian part of the DNS system from USA-based ICANN. And we all know what that means, don't we ?

Yorkshireminer said...

Yes and if they had accepted 18% then I wouldn't have failed English Grammar. It has been the bane of my life. I cannot spell and I cannot do grammar. I spent 2 years doing grammar at night school after I finished school and only scrapped through with a pass. I think it must be some form of dyslexia. All the males in my family seem to suffer in a major of minor form. My cousins son is profoundly dyslexic. I praise Bill Gates every day for the spelling check in Word. In all other subject I was always in the top 5. Education is so important it shouldn't be left to the teachers, at least not the teachers we have got now. I think I was lucky because most of the teachers I was taught by, were ex-service men who had taken a short teachers training course after they were demobed after the war, to be taught maths by an ex-gunner with a glass eye, the result of a war wound, is an experience none us will forget. Learning the maths to lay and fire a 25 pounder certainly taught me all I ever needed or wanted to know about sines cosines and tangent. He also insisted on teaching us mental arithmetic, a form of mental martial arts, that has gone the way of the slide rule. I am certain he could see with his glass eye, well certainly out of the back of his head for he never missed a trick. He was a firm but fair disciplinarian and a great teacher. Getting the basics firmly fixed should be the emphasis in primary and secondary school the three Rs as we used the say Reading Ritting and Rithmetic. I certainly had a very good grounding in at least two of them for which I am eternally grateful. Now every course under the sun is taught to satisfy some fad or political fancy diluting the teaching of the basics. When I was at school we were taught cookery that mutated into Home economics, and finally into Food Technology, what ever that means. Education has turned into a farce.
As for your politicians being more venal than our lot, that I wouldn't know, they certainly seem to be more cowered than your lot, most of them wouldn't dare break wind if the whips didn't give them permission. Prime Minister's question time is a very dull affair now most labour MPs seem to be nothing more than extras on a film set feeding the Prime Minister, it saddens me.

MikeZ said...

I would refer Mr Weston to the book, "Londonistan".

As far as the country goes, I've been calling it "Formerly Great Britain" for some time now, and see no reson to change.

kudos to 'mrsmith' for posting the transcript. We in the US don't get much chance to see Channel 4.

Anonymous said...

Glad it's useful to you. Remember also, you can view the whole thing on Google video using that link posted here a couple of days ago (unless it's been removed already). It's great to read the words, but quite another thing to be able to hear the passion with which they're spoken.

Good point. I didn't know it was going to happen so soon, but I had a suspicion it'd happen at some point. Still, I'm sure there's ways around that.

Vol-in-Law said...

"Some on the big brother forum believe that the big brother furore was contrived in order to bury the dispatches programme..."

That was certainly my impression, the timing was just too convenient, as was Channel 4 News' relentless hyping of the BB 'controversy'.

"#1 An Islamic State.
#2 A Totalitarian Socialist State within the European Union.
#3 A Failed State — after the economic collapse of the EU
#4 Revolution

Not feeling too optimistic today; I'd say we already pretty much have #2, with elements of #1 growing rapidly. I think the EU is unlikely to undergo total economic collapse so #3 seems unlikely except as a result of an attempt at #4. I would expect the creation of #2 to be complete shortly before it transmutes fully into #1; one day we'll wake up and "We have always been at war with Oceania". A successful #4 seems less likely but we can hope.

Anonymous said...


Hope sounds good, but what can we do to bring that hope to reality, I wonder?

Vol-in-Law said...

Mrs Smith:
Well, as far as hope for a better future goes, I've been arguing on UK right of centre political sites, writing articles, that kind of thing.

As far as a successful revolution goes, the ideal would be another bloodless revolution as in the 1688 Glorious Revolution. I don't know if that's possible - and even 1688 did result in a major war fought in Ireland. I do think the UK's army head General Dannatt's pronouncement of the need to return from Iraq (which is lost) and defend the homeland jolted a fair few people in Britain, and got them thinking. It would undoubtedly be very hard - the Labour government has undoubtedly trashed our British Constitution and has no legitimacy, but they are extremely ruthless, far moreso than James II ever was. And with the totalitarian left's complete control of the UK broadcast media I don't think there is very much prospect of the necessary popular support for a new constitutional settlement.

Myrddin Wen said...

Behold, a small voice cries out from the wilderness...

Please take a moment to sign, spread the message, turn a whisper into a shout.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

I would state that the Big Brother fiasco was used as a distraction to avert attention from both dispatches (script here) and the 21 7 London bombing trial. See U.K. government: Islamic propaganda and how the U.K. government advises the media to report Islamic issues under the auspices of Operation Contest. Channel 4 is a public service broadcaster.

melonie said...

As mentioned, on channel.4/bigbrother forum, were two posts.
One focused on the conspiracy theory, that Channel4 were alerted to the trouble that the Dispatches programme would cause, and therefore scheduled it to appear during Big Brother week.
But they also had to ensure that BB would be the bigger story, easy, place within it a well-known reality tv personality, with the most (and well-known) abhorrent personality, mix the races up and add various twists and turns, such as evicting her mother from the show (yes I know, laughable isn't it) without preparation, no shoes and cream all over her back (you really had to be there). Okay, perhaps it's a stretch but, there was plenty of bullying going on beforehand and it was, in my opinion, inevitable that eventually, this ill-mannered, uneducated, vile woman with issues, would spout a racist comment, as all possible available swear words would have already been exhausted. We questioned for 2 days, why BB were doing nothing. We could SEE where this was going. Reckon BB could to.
And that's the conspiracy theory in a nutshell. We all believe that the woman in question was more than capable of such manipulation. To be blunt, she is thick (I said to be blunt not polite!).

The other post was regarding the absence of outrage to the Dispatches programme, and comparing it directly to the BB debacle and the distortion of importance. This post lasted far longer than the conspiracy theory post (fuelling our suspicions further). There happened within that thread quite a few knowledgeable posters regarding Islam and it became a debate on that issue alone. Eventually, after 3 days and 5 pages, a record in itself, it perished.
We also succeeded in posting the google link of the Dispatches programme for those who hadn't seen it. Their comments left me with hope. A little hope. But sometimes you can only know the Brit as your enemy when their backs are to the wall and not before. A little hope.
Thank you for highlighting this hysterical, sorry, historical week.



You have summed up the reasons for my blog

A fantastic essay and, unfortunately, painfully true.

Let's all pray for the last option and soon!

Infidel & Kafir Watch said...

If Paul Weston is going to include this information into his failed book, then I really do feel sorry for Britain and it’s British-ness.
People (and especially you infidels) seem to forget very quickly the history of Islam and the history of British rule of most parts of the world. The British rule over Asia and Middle East has brought nothing apart from death and destruction, where the results of a world war conflict between two Christian and European nations still have a destructive impact in the Middle East where European Jews are the main cause.

Admittedly all large empires fall just as fast as they ascend to power, but Islam has never fallen and will never fall. Because Islam cannot be cramped between borders or diluted between different cultures around the world. Once you are a Muslim the nationality becomes secondary or least important.

Islam is never at war with anyone but is always prepared to defend it self, hence the reason why without state of the art weaponry its seems to resist or give the western invasion and terrorist attacks a bloody nose in the Middle East and Asia.

Darrin Hodges said...

Islam has never fallen?, lol, it never ceases to amaze me how Muslims delude themselves.

Dymphna said...

Islam never fell? Umm...Ottoman Empire, anybody?

Well, maybe Islam just shrank a little in the wash.

If it weren't for oil, Islam would have ceased to matter a long time ago. And when oil has been replaced, Islam will again cease to matter.

It's getting from here to there that is the problem. As Lord Acton said about power, one can say about petroleum profits: corruption in absolute terms.

If there is anything less intelligent and more venally vicious than the House of Saud, I don't know what it is...

Infidel & Kafir Watch said...

In my original post I did mention all empires fell (including the Ottoman) but Islam is not an empire, and that was my point. The British are relying on the British history and their rule for answers to fight this battle against Islam (which is really not needed) because Islam is a belief, and a belief so strong as Islam cannot be destroyed with Empires.

Oil, as usual it all comes down to either Oil or Jews. The reality is that we in the west have picked the wrong fight, this time. The oil which is sucked out of Iraq come out to aid and supports the west and our luxurious lives. However can you imagine if today the Muslims (aided with Pakistani nuke tech) decided right no more oil for the west? What would happen to us? Renewable energy is available but firstly it cannot support the whole of the west and US, secondly if oil was stopped for the west then the panic would make everyone’s lives miserable and chaotic.

The house of Saud, is not the headquarters of Islam and neither can it be. Think about it, Islam never believes in Kingship, so where did the Saudi King come from? The reality is that Saudi house or government is disliked by the majority of the Muslims and in Saudi there are youth who are on the verge of bringing a revolution to over throw the Saudi government (don’t tell me you did not know about this), and if this ever happens then British and the west will come to end.

The first weapon they will use against the west is to unite all the Muslim nations, then use the oil to control you destiny.

Vol-in-Law said...

"in Saudi there are youth who are on the verge of bringing a revolution to over throw the Saudi government (don’t tell me you did not know about this), and if this ever happens then British and the west will come to end."

This delusion amongst the Islamists is a hopeful sign. The reason for the Islamist advance in the West is that the Saudis fund it. If the Saudis fell and were replaced by 'official' enemies like Al Qaeda, the funding would be cut off, the bank accounts frozen. If the West really needed the oil and the Islamists cut off the supply (cutting off their own money supply too), the West, in this case the US military, is certainly capable of taking it. All in all I think that an official-enemy-of-the-West takeover of Saudi Arabia would be the West's surest salvation.

Lionheart said...

Paul, do not despair just yet.

It would appear that Tony Blair etc and the media do not yet understand the important concept of "abrogation" in the Quran.

However, I remain hopeful that the penny will drop before too long. We must each do what we can to make this happen.

As General Sir Richard Dannatt has stated: "the truth will out".

The “Undercover Mosques” transcript is on my blog:

St George true

Dymphna said...

caio writting 101a--

Many thanks for that great link! I downloaded the song and there it was in all its hillbilly glory. Didn't realize Arthur Godfrey wrote it, for heaven's sake. I can imagine him singing it on his ukelele -- which was probably the only instrument he played.

I've talked about that ditty for years and last night the Baron finally got to hear it! He thought it would make a fine fundamentalist Islam tune, since it fits in so well with what they've recorded teh imam saying in Britain about how women should treat their wives. Somehow, though I can't bring myself to celebrate that sad fact.

Obviously, Godfrey was making cruel fun of the hillbillies -- or, as I prefer to call them, the mountain Williams.

melonie said...

Britney, thank you for your acknowledgement and praise (dead chuffed, I was!). I know your site well, and rely on it to inform me of matters concerning the homeland :)