Friday, January 05, 2007

Issac Schrödinger is Free at Last!

Note the typo in Isaac’s name in the title above, brought to my attention by Discarded Lies. Lewy says, “I’m blaming Dymphna at Gates of Vienna for misspelling the name. Damned cut and paste…” Quite right, too.

I’m not going to change it at this late date, because that would alter the permalink. The memorial of my dyslexia shall remain!

Remember Isaac Schrödinger’s panicked dilemma?

He had fled Pakistan, renounced Islam, and settled in Canada. Then the authorities decided he didn’t fit the refugee “profile” and were going to deport him. As a declared apostate, he faced death if he were to be returned to his native country.

As you can imagine, getting your story heard in a bureaucracy requires an immigration attorney to present it for you. And immigration attorneys have to make a living.

Thanks to the generosity of the blogosphere, Isaac collected enough money for legal representation (though this lawyer must have been working partially pro bono, since the total raised was somewhat over two thousand dollars, a very modest legal fee).

At any rate, after all these months of fear, Isaac can now literally breathe free.

Here’s his email:

From: “Isaac Schrödinger”

> Dear friend:
> I had a grueling, almost four-hour hearing today in
> Toronto. I’ll provide the details on my blog next week.
> Though, I will give you the final words of the judge as
> she made her decision.
> “You are a convention refugee.”
> Thank you for saving my life.

Send your congratulations to: i.schrodinger-AT-gmail-DOT-com


MathewK said...

Now if he had been a Militant, Jew/America/West-hating jihadist, he would have been given a free pass.

Dymphna said...

and a free college education.

Pangloss said...

Congrats to Isaac!

Helping the freedom loving Muslims and ex-Muslims is one of the most important things we can do. I've been chewing over a few things and wrote them down in the Counterjihad Infowar, Part 2 at my wordpress blog.

Bobby Coggins said...

I am glad that GoV, and others were able and willing to put the story out there so people could find out and pitch in.

Nilk said...

That is fantastic news. Well done for Isaac.