Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why Denmark Matters

Map of DenmarkLet’s see what’s on Gates of Vienna this morning — Heck, they’re nattering on and on about the Danes again! What is it with them and Denmark?

It may be that some people are tired of hearing about Denmark and the fallout from the Great Cartoon Crisis. Readers who have an opinion should feel free to vent it in the comments.

But Danish reader (and translator) kepiblanc, in the comments to last night's post, seems a little nervous about all the attention that Denmark has been getting in this space:

Lately I feel that Danish affairs are being a little over-exposed here, but — on the other hand — I’m pretty sure we are at the front line in this war and — maybe — “last nation standing”.

Denmark is not so much the “last nation standing” in Europe as the only one fighting back. It can’t even claim the role of “canary in the coal mine”, since it has steadfastly refused to keel over and die the face of the Islamists’ demands.

In fact, if you read the rest of kepiblanc’s comment, you’ll find very interesting news about a poll of Danish opinion concerning Islam. See if you’re surprised by the results.

In any case, we’ll continue reporting the news from Denmark, as long as we keep receiving material from kepiblanc, Zonka, Exile, Rune, and anyone else who can turn Danish into English.

Denmark represents our future. Or, to be more precise, it represents one of two possible futures. The other future, the one represented by Sweden and France, is the path of surrender, passivity, and fatalism. It is the path of cowardice and dhimmitude.

Anyone who thinks that the issue of radical Islam is overblown, who thinks that it is a scare tactic or a fantasy dreamed up by Islamophobes and neocons, should consider the following fact: A minister in the Danish government has publicly admitted that he censors himself because he fears violent retribution from Muslims.

Do you think he’s deluded? Or a fool? Or a hysteric? Or is he close enough to Ground Zero in Eurabia to know what’s really going on?

The significance of this event cannot be overstated: Bertel Haarder believes that the government of Denmark — the same government of which he is a member — cannot protect him from people who would kill him because of what he says. He believes that the police, the laws, and the courts of the sovereign democratic state of Denmark are of no use, and are unable to defend him from his country’s enemies.

And all this is happening because Denmark is fighting back against political correctness, multiculturalism, and Islamic fascism.

The alternative is to be, like Sweden, a whole nation full of Bertel Haarders, to be voluntarily enslaved by multicultural cant, and thus in thrall to Islam.

The choice can’t be any clearer than that: those are the two doors, and we must walk through one of them.

Which one will we choose?


kepiblanc said...

OK - And thanks for your brave support, Baron !

Exile said...

See this.

Xyan: You may be missing the point. I expect these people to do what I elected them to do. Follow my link above.

Baron Bodissey said...

xyan -- I'm not calling myself brave. Kepiblanc is very kind, but I'm not brave; that's why I blog anonymously.

But I expect our elected leaders to stand up for our freedoms. That's what we elect them for. If they can't be that brave, they should not run for office. It's their choice.

eatyourbeans said...

Speaking out is well and good, so is blogging on and on. But one side holds the monopoly on violence, and until that changes things won't end well. One nom de blog's opinion.

Pastorius said...

Do you have a link for that Bertel Haarder quote?

Epaminondas said...

Elected leaders' primary responsibility is the safety of the nation. That can be achieved in two ways.

Security and defense.

That's it.

Harder clearly has an idea which path has been chosen.

Send in Ann. Nobody shuts up ANN, not even when she outght to shut herself up. That is not without value either in the right moment.

As far as speaking out...anyone who wants to find any of us, can, with some skill DO IT, I assure you.

Zerosumgame said...

Baron (and others):

I am not so optimistic about Denmark's ability to "hold out" against Islamofascism, for two reasons:

1) It sits across a narrow strait from Sweden, the most dhimmified country in Europe and it's only land border is with Germany, which, while not as far gone as Sweden, France or Belgium, is not jokingly called "North Turkey" for nothing.

2) In his fine book "While Europe Slept", there is a very telling exchange that Bruce Bawer has with some non-dhimmified Danish intellectuals. They indicated that this time, when the (Islamo)nazis come for the Jews, the Danes will NOT resist, because they have been too imbued with the multiculti-PC nonsense where Jews are now the evil oppressing Zionists, and any attempt to stand in the way of Muslims and their desires is seen as racism or Islamophobia (not to mention it is bad for your health).

So, no, I do not expect Denmark to rally the rest of Europe. I expect her to fall to an eternal Islamofascist slavery, perhaps a few years after her neighbors do.

I would venture that the last bastion of the "Christian West" in Europe will actually be Eastern Europe, namely Poland -- an idea that does not particularly thrill me either.

Baron Bodissey said...

Epaminondas --

I know we'd be easy to find, for anyone who wanted to seriously look for us. Just for fun, I found out the real name of one of my favorite anonymous bloggers in about 10 minutes of ingenious googling. But I won't tell!

But -- we're nowhere near as easy to find as Bertel Haarder.

Zerosumgame --

The Eastern Europeans might be all right if they don't let the Muslims immigrate in the first place. They have the West as an object lesson.

Finland is another one -- not many Muslims there.

Steve Bodio said...

As Eatyourbeans said: "one side holds the monopoly on violence".

It is very American of me, but I can't help thinking that one reason the Europeans are so helpless to resist is that guns and self- defense are demonized and made illegal there. It would be damned hard to take over the American west or south or even New Hampshire, but only the State protects European citizens-- or doesn't.

(Actually the French countryside is full of guns and the folks there may be pretty fed up with their government).

Why is Zerosumgame disturbed that Eastern Europeans are more likely to resist? They have suffered and learned, and won't back down as easily from tyranny.

Always On Watch said...

A minister in the Danish government has publicly admitted that he censors himself because he fears violent retribution from Muslims.

Am I the only one here who finds this admission astounding?

He's not Islamophobic. He's a realist--and think of the reverberations. To my mind, he's being terrorized.

rickl said...

Bertel Haarder believes that the government of Denmark — the same government of which he is a member — cannot protect him from people who would kill him because of what he says. He believes that the police, the laws, and the courts of the sovereign democratic state of Denmark are of no use, and are unable to defend him from his country’s enemies.

In that case, the right of individuals to keep and bear arms should be regarded as a universal human right.

If we cannot depend on government to protect us from violence, then we must all be prepared to defend ourselves.

To put it another way, governments must lead, follow, or get out of the way.

John Sobieski said...

He's no Geert Wilders, who is not afraid to say what he thinks. Self censorship is just dhimmitude.

kepiblanc said...

-- Zerosumgame

Your pessimistic view of Danish resistance baffles me. Ever been here ? - I can assure you that when the Muslims start to go for our Jewish co-citizens, something very, very nasty will happen. I'm even tempted to say that belonging to the Mosaic community here is about the safest place on earth. Our Jews are 110% loyal to Denmark and our values and are a part of our common history. In every respect the opposite of Muslims.

So far we've seen no anti-jewish actions from Muslims here. Our Jews go to their synagogues, wear their little hats (can't remember what they're called) and make no attempt to hide their confessions or heritage. And yet they live in cities surrounded by something like half a million jew-hating Muslims (the exact number is still taboo, but that's an absolute minimum). Well, those Muslims know very well that as soon they as much as think about it they'll find out something extremely unpleasant about the "Silent Dane".

OK, we've got our share of dhimmies and useful idiots, but the rest of us ? - Allow me - once again - to direct your attention to yesterdays poll in Berlingske Tidende (3,000 answers) :
Do you consider Muslims a positive contribution to Dansih society ?. :
Yes : 21%
No : 79%

I don't thing it's a coincidence that Muslims feel free to harass, molest and kill Jews in France, Sweden and Germany, but NOT in Denmark.....

Zerosumgame said...

Steve Bodio:

As a Jew, I am no fan of Eastern Europeans because of their insatiable Jew-hatred.

I consider them to be mostly vile, racist anti-Semites. Polls have tended to back this.

Poland would be building (and is building) a nation on the ghosts of its 3+ million dead Jews.

And the excuse that it was done by the Germans is no excuse. Far more Poles helped round up Jews than helped save them. Historian Martin Gilbert once said that even as the Poles publicly denounce Hitler, they privately praise him and worship him for ridding him of the evil Jews.

Even after the war, Poles continued to be savage to returning Jews (Kielce pogrom 1946) and this Judenhass was institutionalized under the Communists (anti-semitic agitation, 1968). Even in the '80s and '90s, it was common for Polish politicians to savage their opponents by saying they were hidden Jews.

These people do not deserve freedom, they do not deserve democracy, they do not deserve America's help or respect. As anti-communist as I am, I was hoping the Soviets would have crushed the burgeoning Solidarnosc movement in 1981.

Picture one day you woke up, and you went through life in America, and all of a sudden, you found our entire black population was gone, having been exterminated, yet people carried on and enjoyed life without regard to 10+% of their population being eliminated. How much respect would you have for America or Americans then?

If your answer is "little" or "none", then that should be your answer when it comes to the Poles, too.

enuff said...

In John’s comment, 5th from the top, he states,

'I think it is brave of Bertel Haarder to openly admit that he doesn't dare challenge the muslims. I see that as a kind of protest, and I'm sure many people react to it.'

Therein lies the problem and danger. Haarder’s admission of self-censorship is an ‘end statement’ and - with respect to his position as Minister of Education - it will no doubt be reflected in the policies of the Ministry, the employee’s and, subsequently, the student’s who all come under his scope. Essentially this leaves no room for free and open discussion outside of the ‘party line’ - in this case, the demands and dictates of Islam to lessen the likelihood of personal or class persecution.

Zerosumgame said...


I appreciate your support of Jews, but in the end, when 500,000 (or whatever the number) Muslims revert to bombings and mass violence, I honestly do not think Denmark will think it worthwhile to fight such a menace to protect 7,000 Jews. There comes a point where even you don't hate something, you can reach a point where it becomes more trouble to keep it than it is worth. Muslims will make sure that Denmark reaches this stage with its Jews.

I think even just one 7/7 or 3/11 would do the trick -- especially after all the vicious anti-Israel/anti-Semitic propaganda that you Euros have been fed in recent years by your own news media.

kepiblanc said...


You said : I honestly do not think Denmark will think it worthwhile to fight such a menace to protect 7,000 Jews

I say : I honestly think you have a lot to learn about Danes.

You said : you Euros

I say : If I did'nt know you, I would take that remark as a grave insult.

Eric Grey said...

Keep posting stories of heroic Danish resistance, and we'll keep drinking Carlsberg here in the States. It's important that people know of the continuing resolve of the Danes as opposed to the weakness of the other European states, so that we know we are supporting a worthy nation.

eatyourbeans said...

Whether Danes will or won't defend Jews is beside the point. Will Danes defend themselves? To have this man Haarder say, in effect, that the Danish government has abdidated to Islam is hardly encouraging.

If such a spineless and abject government were to exist, (speaking purely philosophically mind you) I think it would be the right and the duty of the people to hang the cowards and along with the so-styled herrnvolk of Islam on the spot.

Joern said...

When Haarder is expected to be some kind of a pioneer
who seems to matter a great deal,
it is funny to know that he helped
to extend the concept of 'refugee'
(ment to EU-charter)at the summit meeting in Copenhagen
6 December 2002.

I will still advise him to act intelligent instead of taking the way he chose recently, where he in his Folk High School manor taught the Danes to choose the same door as his obvious does.

And when we we noticed his splitted tongue at last when he claim to still maintain the freedom of speech it was not nice.

I invites the islamists in this way to go harder on him, and go harder not just on Haarder but go on Danes abd Denmark.


for at supplement:
The Facade Cracks:

The best
Joern E. Vig, Denmark

Joern said...

One of our honest contacts told us that he attended a course where
he met a young man from International Red Cross in 1970s.
The course was on STRATEGY.

The young man told my contact - who won his confidence - that Denmark was chosen because of the special character of the Danes - we have lost too many wars, but we have our own language which the Englishmen have adopted a great deal from, our first constitution is dated 1243, and I will not go on...even though I easily could - newer history today. Also because of the small size, but especially the homogenity of its people made it clear.

The young man with the talking gift used the expression
"a jemmy to Europe" more than once. Somebody must have told him
about some strategic considerations I would say. My contact just listened and confirmed what he was expected to confirm.

Later on I heard quite another story from a director in a big company that supplies fizzy drinks This company of world always introduces new uncertain
products meant to Europe in Holland and in Denmark.

I certainly do not compare fizzy drinks with directed immigration
but we are actually able to think in concepts though most of us prefer reality.

My comment about Bertel Haarder
was rather filled with small careless (writing) mistakes.
I apologize!

"If your heart is filled use your brain".

Some Danes actually do, because we found out long ago that size does not matter in every aspect of life.

The best
Joern E. Vig, Denmark

Dagh Nielsen said...

I think your post and some of the comments gets one aspect of Haarder's comment slightly wrong.

He says he cencors himself because he does not want to be in a situation where he has 24/7 protection from the police like a small handful of other Danish politicians. He does NOT say that he does not believe the state and police would be able to protect him if called for.

On a further note, Haarder was our first minister of integration in the current government, and the man in charge of the tough laws on immigration that the government enforced.

He's a real intellectual in its positive meaning, not afraid to say what's politically incorrect or fight for his core beliefs. The bit about self-censorchip was "only" about his and his family's personal life, which is of course bad enough.

We appreciate your general support very much.

Baron Bodissey said...

Alkelele --

I think you misunderstand what I mean when I refer to the state's ability to protect its citizens.

I am certain that Bertel Haarder could obtain adequate bodyguards (funded either by the state, or by his own money) to protect his life and well-being. But that doesn't mean that the government is protecting and defending him.

First of all, in a well-functioning polity, no law-abiding individual should require bodyguards simply because of what he says. That is a sign of the breakdown of the social contract between the state and its citizens.

Secondly, the means available to Bertel Haader are not available to everyone. An average person (not a state employee or elected official) who cannot afford bodyguards would have to submit to the demands of people who would otherwise harm or kill him.

That is already happening in some parts of Britain -- non-Muslim women go veiled in certain neighborhoods, for fear of being raped by "youths". I assume Denmark is experiencing the same thing.

If you have to hire bodyguards, or censor yourself, in order to live peacefully in your own homeland, your government has failed you.

In the long run, such a situation is unsustainable. Either the government will (1) cave in to Islamic demands and censor its citizens, or (2) it will confront the menace of violent Islam. The current situation is unstable; it will not last long. I'm hoping that Denmark (and the rest of the West) chooses #2.

Dymphna said...


I agree with the Baron's assessment but would add that we have some of the same issues here in this country. In a recent email, a commenter noted sadly that in returning to his hometown in Georgia, the place of his long-ago boyhood, the middle class black neighborhoods where he once delivered newspapers have degenerated into areas he would not travel unarmed.

This business of The Other as dangerous is hardwired into Homo Sapiens; deriving laws to restrain the more atavistic impulses we all have is a difficult process.

It took our "welfare" system to create these pockets of danger in this country. The solution of throwing entitlement money at people who had not earned it created resentment and a desire for more entitlement. I think there may be some similarities in European countries with people, particularly immigrants, who "use the system" even while they contemn the culture which provides their sustenance. This is a malign parasitism.

Yes, I realize there are differences; language, customs, etc., that make it harder to integrate The Other into very old cultures such as the ones you have in Europe. And to add to that the problem of a static economy only complicates your situation further.

But for both our countries, the law must be strong, swift, and unerring. There is a place for justice and a place for mercy. Our cultures have witlessly and thoroughly muddled them. Surely that is one of the more dangerous kinds of hubris.

For us, we are more fortunate: we are permitted to arm ourselves. And that custom, now long-codified in our Constitution, grew from the fact that we often took in old Europe's 'barbarians'-- the ones who were a bit too wild to fit into their own culture.

Australia has that same gene pool, doesn't it?