Sunday, June 11, 2006

Déjà Jenin All Over Again?

Update (thanks to linearthinker, in the comments) : Intuition in this instance simply meant knowing the evil mind of Hamas. They kill children, they shoot innocent people in the back and blame the Israelis. Hamas’ version of honor and courage is a twelve year-old suicide martyr.

Hamas’ moral universe is so far from ours that they might as well be living on Mars. Unfortunately, they inhabit Earth with the rest of us, and they work tirelessly to bring everyone down into the sinkhole where they reside.

It won’t work anymore; this is a massacre too far this time. Too far, too transparent, and too obviously covered with Hamas fingerprints, right down to removing the evidence from Gaza Beach and refusing to cooperate in an open investigation.

Here’s the news from Israel:

An Israel Defense Forces intelligence officer has confirmed that the explosion that killed eight Palestinians on Friday, was caused by a stockpile of Hamas explosives.

“Shortly after we stopped defensive firing at Hamas rocket launch pads which were deployed behind Palestinian human shields, members of Hamas scrambled to fire more rockets at our positions,” said Col. M. “We have eyes on every meter of Gaza, from the sky, from the ground and from the sea. One of their rocket tripods collapsed inadvertently setting off an explosion of a stockpile of Qassam rockets. The Palestinians killed their own children. And this was not the first time.”

Hamas terrorists fired rockets and mortar bombs from a crowded Gaza beach at southern Israel. Some of the rockets fell near the Israel city of Ashkelon. Some 17 rockets were fired between Saturday and Sunday morning. A man at a school in the Israel town of Sderot was wounded, Israel officials said.

Israel Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant said today that the Israel Defense Forces has additional evidence that it wasn’t Israel artillery that hit the beach in Gaza. Galant, who commands Israel’s southern command, said Israel stopped firing 15 minutes before the explosion. It’s all on secure videotape from both sides of the conflict. Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he was sorry about the deaths, which included three children.


The Israel Colonel who confirmed that a Hamas explosives stockpile killed innocent Palestine children on a Gaza beach, added: “It should be noted that the Hamas rockets which killed those kids came from Iran. For many in Palestine, Iran and Syria, those children are now merely good “martyrs” and serve as blood food for the Islam terror propaganda machine.”

It was either a deliberate sacrifice of unwitting Palestinians or it was simple incompetence in handling explosives meant for Israel. Either way, Hamas is despicable and anyone who funds them is wrong.

Giving money to Hamas means funding the death of children for the purposes of propaganda. Those who refuse to see that are willfully blind.

Gaza beachBy now everyone has seen the video about the heartless IDF shelling those harmless Palestinian victims – innocent families on the Gaza beach for a happy outing – killed by a vicious attack from the Evil Entity.

So tell me, why was there a cameraman on the beach, set up and waiting for the tragedy to happen? Was it simply fortuitous, this camera filming the horrible events?

Or is there perhaps a mole in IDF who reports to Palestine when some atrocity is about to happen? Yes, that’s it: a mole in IDF, unable to prevent the tragedy but at least able to let the Palestinian authorities know so they can warn everyone to leave the beach set up the camera in time to catch the perfidy on film.

Palestinian taqiyya is so clunky sometimes that they don’t even bother to hide the little man behind the curtain. Funny thing is, whether or not the curtain is in place, the MSM can’t see Professor Marvel back there pulling the levers. And should you remove the curtain, why, they’ll keep on claiming that their “facts” are truer than reality any day. After all, they’re the BBC (in this case), or the New York Betimes, or whichever organ of dissembling is extruding their news of the moment.

The IDF, unfortunately, does sound like the Bush administration sometimes when it responds to these taqiyya moments. One wishes for some direct talk here, not apologies, or scratching their heads and pretending to puzzle over how such a thing could have happened. Come on, folks, pull the curtain back. A great many of us are willing to look.

Over at The History News Network, they have several developments on the story, including the fact that – surprise! – the PA is refusing to cooperate in the investigation. No time, place, or details are being given out to aid in the inquiry. However, there is lots of hot air belching forth about the “earthquake” they’re going to give Israel in return for this incident.

In our brief vale of tears, the unremitting, over-the-top Palestinian taqiyya rhetoric is about as close as we come to glimpsing the eternal.

Hat tip: At Level Ground: Life and Times in Israel


Freedom Fighter said...

This is another Pallywood production,people.
J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Gaza beach killings: The latest production from PallyWood

Olmert was not the sharpest tool in the shed to immediately `issue regrets'.

Actually, the Palestinians attempted to use kids a few days ago for another `photo op'.J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Beast eats itself..and its children

These people don't need a state so much as a nice quiet sanitarium with understanding shrinks.Or at the very least, a situation where somebody makes their decisions for them.

Papa Ray said...

The polls were starting to show that the people were getting too interested in peace.

So, Pallywood was rang up and asked for a suitable producation to get the people's hate stoked back up.

It's as simple as that.

Papa Ray

linearthinker said...

Hamas Murders Children in Palestine, Blames Israel

mts said...

Here's the evil genius of this all:

They make this spurious film. Of course, what is a fully equipped film crew doing hanging out on a beach? And if they ran up right after the shell blast, what were all these people doing running around waving bloody robes? The concussion would have knocked most of them out, and disoriented the rest. Including the film crew. No wonder they're not cooperating in the investigation. They know it's all b.s., and want the probes into the authenticity of the film to die down, so the truth can come out as quietly as a mouse weeks and months from now, once this has been milked dry.

But the thing, the genius of it is, who cares if we find out it's a hoax? They already did what they set out to do - get some propoganda out for the rabble to see and get worked up about, remind them that they hate "the Jew." Peace might have been on the horizon, considering polls, and they can't have that - Hamas will be in the unemployment line. We will see retractions in the West, but the Middle Eastern peoples won't see that - all they'll remember is the film, and believe it's true. Same old "burning the Reichstag" concept.