Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ungentlemanly George Galloway

A Most Curious GeorgeSay what you will about American politics, we have nothing and no one in our American Congress approaching the level of scumminity that is the soul and substance of Britain’s George Galloway.

Leaving aside his hideous hijinks on stage, his affection for Saddam, his blubbery kisses toward Cuba's Castro and Syria’s Assad, the fact that he was up to his gluteus maximus in the oil-for-food corruption – shoveling all that muck to one side, let us consider his latest treachery.

Slate has an essay by Christopher Hitchens on Galloway’s newest moral outrage. In an interview with Gentleman’s Quarterly, the toad who is genetically incapable of gentlemanly behavior has suggested a final solution for his country’s Prime Minister:

Asked by GQ if he would justify the suicide-murder of Tony Blair (with the tender GQ proviso that only the prime minister would be killed in this putative assassination) Galloway responded as follows:

Yes it would be morally justified. I am not calling for it, but if it happened it would be of a wholly different moral order to the events of 7/7. It would be entirely logical and explicable. And morally equivalent to ordering the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq as Blair did.

Why is this moral cretin still able to gain access to any medium of communication? He makes Michael Moore look circumspect and the good Lord knows Mr. Moore will never, ever be elected to public office in this country. Galloway makes Howard Dean look sane, even boring in comparison. As Christopher Hitchens explains Galloway’s existence in the public sphere, it goes like this:

Galloway is a member of Parliament by the grace of an electorate in the East End of London but is widely regarded as a corrupt scumbag, an egomaniac, an apologist for tyranny, and a supporter of jihad. How would he phrase his complaint if someone were now to propose overruling his voters and offing him as the insult to humanity that he has become? I think I can hear the squeals of self-pity already.

Next time you see a sleazy Washington politico making fatuous statements, remind yourself: at least we don’t have the likes of George Galloway to degrade our public discourse.

It could be worse, much worse.

And while we’re at it, let’s hear a round of pity for the poor Brits who have to endure him. If any of them are reading this post, could they explain the thinking of the voters in his district?

Hat tip: Norm Geras (btw, Norm’s wife, Adèle, has a new book out, Made In Heaven. It’s her 91st book, for heaven’s sake. Conscience to Dymphna: think of that next time you’re whining about being behind in your posting, Dymphna dear.)


Manny C said...

You guys have missed the communist Australian news outlet, the SBS, conduct this drooling interview with Boy George several weeks ago. In it he says the following:

GEORGE GALLOWAY: We now know, and the whole world now knows, America is defeated in Iraq - it is defeated in Iraq. The Americans do not control one street in one town or one city in a country they invaded and conquered three years ago. When their soldiers leave their base, they drive as quickly as they can back to the base. They know that this can be their last journey on Earth, and so I say, from the bottom of my heart, we salute the resisting people of Iraq, which has inflicted this defeat upon the superpower, the United States of America, in Fallujah, in Ramadi, in Sumaria, in Najaf, in Kabullah, in Basra. All over Iraq, the Iraqi people have risen and spoken and fought and defeated this superpower which invaded them.