Sunday, June 04, 2006

Canada: It’s Almost 6/6. Do You Know Where Your Terrorists Are?

Hmmm… Canadian jihadists. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Those peace-loving Canadians harboring a bunch of ammonium-nitrate-wielding bombers? Surreal.

And their exposure long overdue. Thank you, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Thank you, Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Wake-up time, you gentle Northerners. Get your boots on and prepare to live in the muck here with the rest of us. Couldn’t happen there, huh? No 9/11 for you.

Except that you almost had a 6/6 or a 6/11 or whatever date those creatures would have chosen to stick it to you. So no more condescension, okay? No more pious lectures about the violent US. Looks like you have more than your home-grown share.

See, that’s what happens when the immigrants come and they don’t assimilate and you preach multi-culti tolerance for jerks who don’t like you — hate you, even — and refuse to honor all things Canadian, including your laws against killing infidels:

The exact targets of these young terrorists were not revealed, but it is their profile that is most shocking: young Canadian Muslims who have somehow become radicalized while growing up in Canada.

They are “homegrown.” In other words, they have emerged from within Canada, rather than infiltrating it from abroad. They are insiders, not outsiders like Millennium Bomber Ahmed Ressam, who was behind Canada’s last major terrorism scare in 1999.

“Increasingly, we are learning of more and more extremists that are homegrown,” says a declassified CSIS report obtained by the National Post. “The implications of this shift are important.”

Still, your homegrowns are different from our homegrowns. Sure, we have lots of Muslim-American “youths” in schools and working here. Born here, even. But they hang with one another, not with the kaffir. They don’t mingle, thank you.

However, we have another problem, and who knows if you have it, too? Such things aren’t permitted to be discussed under your laws re speech curtailment so this bomb could be sitting on the back burner in, say, British Columbia, just waiting for the temperature to climb.

You see, what we have here are actual American citizens who convert to jihad. They aren’t first or second generation Pakistanis or Saudis or Somalis (though we do have our share of those). No, these are members of a group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra, and they were born to American parents (though usually just one of those. Dad is not normally around), grew up here, went to what passes for American schools, and then — rootless, disaffected and without guidance — they are recruited for jihad duty. Suddenly, their lives have structure, spirituality, and meaning. When you’re at the bottom of the pile, even that bit of daylight can look good.
These are dangerous people. They turn over 30% of their income to their guru in Pakistan, they live in private compounds, and municipal authorities don’t mess with them. Some of their neighbors, sounding just like Canadians, have a “live and let live” attitude toward these strangers in their midst.

These are not Louis Farrakhan’s Black Muslims, though the Nation of Islam is bad enough. And extremists of another sort. Consider Farrakhan’s group the forerunner of the homies in Jamaat ul-Fuqra…

Are we worried? Sure. Are the authorities keeping an eye on them? We hope so, but who knows? Sometimes the “authorities” are so hounded by the suicidally correct that we wonder if they can function effectively. If Jamie Gorelick hadn’t set up her asinine wall between domestic and foreign surveillance, would we have had a 9/11?

Maybe, just maybe, the cooperation between your intel bureaucracies prevented your Ground Zero.

Meanwhile, as the Muslims scream “profiling” and “Islamophobia” learn to hum “O Canada” while you go about trying to live in peace. They don’t deserve your attention: ignore them.

Sing after me:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

And sing loud!


Frank said...

Well, I'm a Canadian of a rather more rightwing bent than the usual but hey, I come from western Canada, so I can be expected to be a redneck, eh?

Naturally, the sociopathic sociologists and the canadian Broadcasting Corporation are bending over backwards to find out why its our fault these assholes...opps..."alleged" assholes...were storing up 3 times the ammount of ammonium nitrate used by McVey in Oklahoma. I've even heard Bush blamed for dragging Canada into the war on terror.

Even CSIS has invented a notion that pushes enthusiastically against the parameters of outright dishonesty and stupidity, calling the bad guys "followers of an ideology of violence and not of any particular religion.", as if the belief system of these freaks goes no deeper than a belief in explosions. This is suicidal dishonesty IMO.

Frank said...

Well, the Cons are popular in the west, but up until the last election the Liberals were able to successfully use scare tactics in the east. Last election the constant dirt, sleaze and general arrogance finally caught up with the Libs and the Cons got in as a minority government.

I'd say a combination things has kept the Cons high in the polls: First, a genuine shock on the part of the east that Canada didn't immediately dissolve into Nazi Germany as the Libs had promised would happen if the Cons were elected. Second, a style of governing in which the Cons actually do what they said they were going to do (something Canada hasn't seen for decades). Third, the complete meltdown of the leaderless Liberals because of further revelations of past sleaze and newly manufactured present sleaze and fourth, the NDP (extreme leftwing party) is becoming more shrill and comical than before. I suppose a bit of luck has to be credited too...there have been no major economic downturns or other disruptions so far. If an election were held today, the polls indicate that the Cons would have a majority government.

Unknown said...


I live in Toronto and pretty much agree with Scottsa's comment. Although only in government for about four months, the Conservatives give the impression that they've rehearsed this for some time. Few, if any, stumbles and a pretty decisive government. The meltdown of the Liberals certainly has helped - the latest revelation being one of the leadership contenders (Joe Volpe) has "accepted" maximum amount campaign donations from 10 year olds. Their parents also happen to be executives of one of the largest generic drug manufacturers in Canada.

Here is a good parody of the Volpe incident "Youth for Volpe"

Bookyards Beta Search Engine said...

I live in Montreal, and I have always believed that Canada's first terrorist scare or attempt would be done in this city. We have a large Arab - Islamic community here, and of all ethnic groups that make up Canada's their "ghetto" in the Montreal is the most distinct. While I would feel at home in Chinatown, Little Italy, or Little Burgundy (Montreal's Black Community), I am definitely not welcomed in Montreal's Arab Ghetto/Community. I am asking my fellow Canadians if this is the case in their city?

As for the other comments made by the others, I have to agree that Canada's Government is now more focused at solving our problems....unlike the previous government. Lets just hope that we will not be disappointed as many are in the US

Frank said...

I used to live in New Delhi India...for a good number of years. The Muslim community there and accross India were forever agitating, demonstrating, rioting and causing general mayhem.

I grew to dislike Islam on a general scale, and although I know and like some individual Muslims, I distrust greater Islamic society.

Unknown said...

Canadian Pundit:

I can't think of any neighbourhood in Toronto comparable to Montreal's "Arab Ghetto/Community". The closest I can think of would along Gerrard Street in the east end of the former city of Toronto. I cycled through there last summer and it's located just past the Vietnamese area and mixed in with Indian businesses. I read somewhere that is where their businesses are located but they live elsewhere. I think they are somewhat dispersed throughout the GTA. I also think the Muslims in Toronto have a more varied background than Montreal where I'm under the impression most are from North Africa.