Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No More EUtopias

The EUSSRWhen I was gathering illustrations for Fjordman’s post yesterday, I cobbled together the EUSSR flag shown at right, a combination of retro Soviet iconography and the twelve-star EU flag. It is a graphic depiction of Fjordman’s contention that EU, as a socialist super-state, is consciously modeled on the Soviet Union.

Fjordman has written an associated Brussels Journal post, one in which he addresses the question “Is the Nation State Obsolete?” It is a lengthy discussion of the effort to delegitimize the nation-state, and therefore any national identity.

He quotes Roger Scruton:

The political and economic advantages that lead people to seek asylum in the West are the result of territorial jurisdiction. Yet territorial jurisdictions can survive only if borders are controlled. Transnational legislation, acting together with the culture of repudiation, is therefore rapidly undermining the conditions that make Western freedoms durable.

And further:

Democracies owe their existence to national loyalties – the loyalties that are supposedly shared by government and opposition, by all political parties, and by the electorate as a whole. Yet everywhere the idea of the nation is under attack – either despised as an atavistic form of social unity, or even condemned as a cause of war and conflict, to be broken down and replaced by more enlightened and more universal forms of jurisdiction. But what, exactly, is supposed to replace the nation and the nation state?

Actually, we already know the answer to this question, since we’ve seen it in action before: the troika of Party, Central Committee, and Politburo, serving the interests of “The People” by ruling with an iron fist.

The fact that the Party Congress will likely conduct its sessions in Arabic and apply justice according to the fiqh is neither here nor there.

In Europe, the remaining native speakers of European languages will be obliged to pay for this de-nationalization process. As Fjordman says:

The irony is that while we are being told that we should accept massive immigration because the nation state is obsolete, we are still supposed to pay for it. Many Western Europeans in 2006 typically pay between 35 to 55% of their income in taxes, and almost all of this goes to projects and institutions on a national level. If the nation state is dead, how come it gets half of my salary? The nation state must be the most expensive corpse in human history. It is also noteworthy that Leftist parties in Europe usually get the overwhelming majority of votes from Third World immigrants, who come precisely to enjoy the economic benefits these countries have to offer. The idea that the border should be kept open, since nation states are obsolete, but that citizens should still pay for it has proven to be a stroke of genius for Leftist parties, who can simply import voters and elect a new people. Native Europeans who pay their high tax rates will thus be funding their own colonization.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If Fjordman is right, there is still time for Europeans to take their nations back from the EU.

My ancestors spoke Northumbrian, Scots Gaelic, Provençal, and Low German, so I am somewhat of an ethnic Europhile. The real Europe, that is: the patchwork of peculiar people jabbering in their own languages and maintaining their ancient and honorable traditions, not the Grand Experiment of the “European Union.”

As my contribution to the effort to take Europe back from the EU, I’ve created some additional graphics. First, the large version:
Say ‘No’ to the EUSSR!

It means, “Say no to the EU!” Also, “Stop EUrabia!” and “No more EUtopias!” I invite our European readers to borrow this graphic — or the smaller one shown below, which is designed for the sidebar — and use it on your blogs.

Forsake EUphemism and eschew EUnamity!

Say ‘No’ to the EUSSR!There’s no reason for Europeans to give up their nations. They can gather together with people from other countries and speak English or French or German, and also speak their own languages at home, in their own parliaments and institutions.

A supranational institution can never assure the security of a free people. No one is going to volunteer to take up arms and die to defend the Treaty of Maastricht. People are moved to defend themselves by the natural ties of blood, language, and custom.

Prosperous free-market democracies tend to be peaceful entities. In any case, smaller nations can form alliances to forestall any threat of resurgent hegemony from Russia or France or Germany.

Let’s hear it for Norway and Latvia and Slovenia and Poland and Denmark and Spain! Long live Republika Hrvatska! Vlaanderen Vlaams!

Are you ready to take the U out of E?


El Jefe Maximo said...

"Those Paris Kasbah girls really knock me out, and leave the west behind"

"And Al Andalus is always on my mind."
. . .

"Back in the EU, Back in the EU, Back in the EUSSR..."

kepiblanc said...

Those graphics are brilliant !

And idea : Print them on some sort of plastic and glue them over those ridiculous EU-marks on your cars license plates.

eatyourbeans said...

The happiest outcome I can envision for the nations of Europe is rule by the generals, relatively benign fascisms a\ la General Franco. (That, and 20 million one-way airplane tickets.)
Sorry I can't be more optimistic, but what else can do with a continent of passive ruminants?

Wally Ballou said...

Another logo given away, when you could be selling golf shirts and coffee mugs in the Gates of Vienna Cafe. tsk.

NotClauswitz said...

The EU must die. I forget where I got this EU-Stalin pic, you're welcome to it - or this thing with the EU-Stars-bullet holes in the hammer-sickle shape.
Some Tim Worstall thing I responded to?
I lived in Vienna when I was a marxist brat student.

Baron Bodissey said...


Do you really think people would pay actual money for the EUCCP? Hoo=wah!

DirtCrashr -- I love the Stalin animation! Thanks for donating it; I'll post it later on.

NotClauswitz said...

Sorry for the delayed courtesy followup, you're-welcome! :-) Busy-busy...

Herfried said...

Very good!

Dominik Hennig said...

Have a look!