Monday, June 12, 2006

The Motoons: Unintended Consequences

The Muslim boycott on Danish products seems to have backfired. According to this DR Nyheder/Inland article (kindly translated by from the Danish by commenter kepiblanc):

Buy Danish or Else!The Mohammed Cartoon affair has become a trade advantage for Denmark

The turbulence in the wake of the publication of the Mohammed cartoons did not harm Denmark’s exports — probably quite the opposite, says Joergen Tulstrup, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for Economic Analysis.

The relatively insignificant setback noticed in trade from Arabic countries is by far outweighed by our reputation in important markets around the world, Joergen Tulstrup writes in Today — The Danish Industy’s Daily.

That fact is reflected in the high expectations for growing employment in the industry — higher than at any previous time during the past four years, the analysis shows.

That doesn’t mean we can relax our vigilance, folks. Keep stuffing your faces with Havarti and Danish ham, and washing it down with Carlsberg.

I know it’s tough, but there’s a war on.

Update: Commenter Zonka supplies this link to a pdf document, in English, of the full report.


Zonka said...

You can read the whole report the above article quotes from in PDF format by following this link.

Kathy K said...

I'm sticking to Tuborg - too hard to find Carlsberg. (Which is fine, I like Tuborg better anyway.) :) The Havarti purchasing continues. Danish ham (or bacon), however, I've yet to find locally.

Balder said...

Great Danish products are benefiting, but too bad that most foreigners don't know the whole story.

The story about Danish manufacturers being boycotted in Denmark by freedom loving Danes.

Some major Danish companies, and most notably the multinational dairy giant ARLA FOODS have been criticized heavily for trying to appease muslim fundamentalists by coming with statements criticizing Jyllands Posten and the government. The company has bowed to the islamists by apologizing for Danish freedom of speech.

Boycott ARLA, IKEA, GRUNDFOSS , and other companies which betrayed the values of the West...
(originally found here at

We should never forget that mass third world immigration initially was a process staged by big companies that wanted cheap labor, and couldn't care less for the long time cost and other consequences.

And it still is the largest companies, that support de-nationalization, globalization, betrayal of western values such as freedom of speech and woman's rights, and appeasement to muslim ideology.

The Swedish furniture company IKEA put an end to the traditional yearly Danish 'Yule-frokost' at the workplace before Christmas. (The Danish Yule frokost, is party characterized by the intake of copious quantities of our national religious sacrament; Beer and Aquavit, honoring the Nordic Holy Boar by devouring sausages made of pork, as well as an open display of a certain degree of bacchanalin sexual freedom (or anarchism) , all of which is 'offensive to muslims'.)

IKEA and other big firms such as the supermarket chain FDB (Brugsen, Kvickly, Obs) also tolerate repression of the female gender, by allowing muslim personnel to wear the muslim headscarf, and have even introduced 'company headscarves', with the company logo printed on them.

The Danish Diary giant ARLA, which was initially boycotted by muslim countries because of the muhammed cartoons, has bent down to it's knees, and has praised 'muslim culture' in many countries in the Middle East and has come with a number of apologzing statements to muslim dictatorships. Statements, which are now heavily criticized by the Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen and other members of the Liberal Party, normally definitely the pro business party.

Another member of the Liberal Party, Jens Rohde, suggested they move their company's main seat to Teheran.

Also Danish feminist organizations, as well as many individual Danes have protested against ARLA 's cowardice and disgracing appeasement policies.

ARLA products are now no longer boycotted in the Arab world, but by the Danish public.

The same goes for the Danish Technological Company GRUNDFOSS (produces pumps etc.) that also betrayed the values of its home country and licked the butts of Arab dictators, rather than to support the values that brought them into business.

I hope the news of this boycott by free speech supporters and woman's rights groups will also be spread to those websites that display 'Support Denmark' banners.

The multinational ARLA by the way, has been long criticized and boycotted in Denmark because of their abuse of their dominant market position, to try and eradicate smaller and often more ecologically minded diaries and small farmers in Denmark.

In the US WALLMART was one of the companies which decided that the 'Happy Christmas' was too offensive to muslims, Jews and other 'minorities' and adopted 'Happy Hollidays'.

It would be great if all the I Support Denmark blogs, would also display an "ARLA NO THANKS" banner, since this comapny more than any other has stirred up the anger of freedom loving Danes. It would be too bad, if now they too would benefit from the "I Support Danmark Campaign".