Monday, June 26, 2006

Slumming Around the Gates Again

Mining for TruthAs I noted last year, one can judge the character of a man by the quality of his enemies.

Thus, it gives me great pleasure to report that James Wolcott, the éminence grise of Vanity Fair, he of the impeccably tailored raiment and the delicate ocicats, a man of exquisite taste and sartorial refinement — James Wolcott Himself has taken notice of Gates of Vienna again!

Dymphna has instructed me not to link to his post. She said, “He doesn’t deserve it.” I said, “Hey, fair is fair; he gave us a link.” Increased our traffic considerably, as a matter of fact. So who cares if all the new visitors were members of the Comintern?

But she is adamant. Anyway, here’s what he said:

For readers willing to don miner’s [sic] helmets to explore a smoke-filled ass just off the main highway, behold the cavern of Baron Bodissey.

How did we come to deserve such favor? With all the other juicy and low-hanging fruit on the tree of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, why pick us? Why not the succulent plum of Little Green Footballs? Or the ripe red apple of Instapundit? Or even the tempting pomegranate of Roger Simon?

But, no, he chose Gates of Vienna. I guess today is just our lucky day.

I’m floating on a cloud!


Zerosumgame said...

I'd like to say what I really think of Wolcott, but you would have to ban the home schoolers from reading this thread.

Always On Watch said...

Gates made Vanity Fair? Congrats!

Charles Martel said...

He choose you two because you are prolific seekers of Truth and do not usually defer to the insanity of political correctness. He choose you also because of the irreplacable Fiordman. Yours is, hands down, one of the best blogs out there. The Baron is a modern day Don John and Ed Cid rolled into one. And Dymphna is a modern day Amalda de Rocas. May the Reconquista continue unabated and may God bless our country.

Mitch said...

I notice Wolcott does not allow comments on his blog. Not a big surprise, is it?

hank_F_M said...



Rather you and Dymphna work hard to put out a blog that can’t be ignored.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

Dymphna said...

Always on Watch-- Have you ever actually *read* VF??? Only the "vanity" part is correct.

I looked at a copy recently in the dentists' office. I can guarantee you, Wolcott's sensibilities are such that if he likes or approves of something, it's the kiss of death for anyone with an authentic aesthetic sense. Dig thru the old mags the next time you're at the doctor's office; you'll see what I mean.

Mitch --

You mean he wouldn't dare allow comments. Narcissists and the self-important are too afraid of being deflated by reality to permit dialogue. Such people exist on the left and the right.

That's why I like Charles Johnson's blog -- his is an example of the spirit of generosity so is so threatening to others.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

I hadn't come across this Wolcott character previously, but a little bit of reading enlightened me to what a complete tool he is .

James Wolcott wrote that : Sometimes I think: if this nation could somehow harness the energy in all the smoke it blows up its own ass, we'd all be able to drive to heaven in Cadillac Escalades.


For readers willing to don miner’s [sic] helmets to explore a smoke-filled ass just off the main highway, behold the cavern of Baron Bodissey.

So logically by "ass" and "cavern" James Wolcott meant rectum and large intestine not for instance donkey and cave. Now, I'm not a man short of abusive adjectives, but IMHO thats still pretty sleazy innuendo. Wikipedia describes him as "an American journalist, well-known for his stylish critiques of contemporary media." Odd, cause he writes like a clown with the accent of a british upper class twit.

"Even the most piddling life is of momentous consequence to its owner. " - James Wolcott

That'll be a fitting epitaph eventually.

Surely this is a good enemy to make. I am positively envious.

Wally Ballou said...


When you say: "self-important and wholly ridiculous tagline", you mean like "The Liberal Avenger"?

Methinks there's a beam in your eye, brother.

Wally Ballou said...

Baron - your "floating on a cloud" wouldn't have anything to do with that smoke-filled bottom, would it?

What's with all this booty talk among the liberals? I spot a bizarre meme.

NPR's loathsome "game" show makes cracks (har) about Cheney living in Karl Rove's "backside" (link).

Then, the great brain of the Dem's foreign policy machine, Rep Murtha seems to be obsessed with Karl Rove's "big, fat backside"(link), and now that master of stylish prose and well known rear end aficianado James Wolcott wants to peer up the Baron's with a mining helmet (remain seated, Baron, those things are hot!)

What does it all mean? Is this a new brand of fundamentalism?

newton said...


tla is a troll. Baron and Dymphna would do themselves a real favor by watching this guy... and making sure that he doesn't begin hijacking threads. He already has done plenty of damage elsewhere.

I already fumigated my blog house against this cretin. I advise you guys do the same.

Wally Ballou said...

Yeah, he has checked in here before, but I haven't seen anything totally over the top from him (D and B may have had problems I missed). The comment in this thread was pretty lame, and it gave me an opportunity to try to puncture his pomposity a little. if he starts trolling a la Dr Zaius - the Saint and Baron will shut him out.

I was actually looking forward to some comments from misguided souls directed here by Wolcott. But that's just combative little me.

Purple Avenger said...

I don't suppose you left a box of Little Debbies laying around? That would attract Wolcott like ants at a picnic.