Friday, May 05, 2006

Drunk Scandinavians Offend Islam

Drunk Swedes ejected from Egypt for mocking Islam

From The Local:

Three Swedish men have been thrown out of Egypt for mocking Islam, it has been reported.

The three Swedes, together with two Norwegians, allegedly shaved their heads and dressed as Muslim pilgrims. They then went to the square in the town of Hurghada, where they walked around a statue chanting the Muslim prayer, “Oh Allah, we obey you,” Aftonbladet reports.

They then started taking off their clothes, an act that local media reported provoked uproar among local people. Police then stepped in to arrest the men.

“If they hadn’t been arrested they would probably have been lynched,” Islamic expert Jan Hjärpe told Aftonbladet.

Drunk Norwegian tourists nearly lynched in Egypt

From Aftenposten:

Egyptian mermaid: pretty racy, eh?
Two Norwegians, part of a group of intoxicated Scandinavian tourists on holiday in Egypt, were nearly lynched at the resort town of Hurghada this week, after their antics deeply offended the local population.

The two Norwegians and three Swedes ended up being arrested by local police, who protected them from an angry mob.

The trouble started after the five Scandinavian tourists got drunk, dressed themselves up like Muslim pilgrims and started dancing around the statue of a mermaid located in a town square, and pretending she symbolized Allah.

The Scandinavians apparently were trying to parody Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca. When they started stripping off their clothes, the local Egyptians had had enough and went on the attack.

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Anonymous said...

What strikes me about this item is not so much the loutish behavior paraded by the descendants of the Vikings, but that it would be possible to get that drunk for long enough to get haircuts, dress up as Muslim pilgrims, find a suitable statue, and then pretend to worship it, all without either a) sobering up or b) passing out.

Wally Ballou said...

That is an impressive bit of hooliganism. And the mermaid statue makes it other-worldy. Glad they escaped with their skins.

X said...

Swedes tend to drink a lot when they're out of the country. It's a result of the fact that alcohol is cheaper just about anywhere outside Sweden, when you can only buy it in state-owned shops.

Nilk said...

I love it. I'm so glad that they got out of it alive, but the fact that they pulled this stunt in Egypt is fantastic!

Sam Boogliodemus said...

Oh Allen, the hillarity of it all.