Sunday, May 14, 2006

Being a Progressive Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Baldilocks reports an amusing encounter on the phone with a haughty leftist demanding that PJM remove any links to his posts. From the sound of their conversation, John Aravosis was most indignant, even playing his “I’m-a-lawyer-card” to impress her with the seriousness of PJM’s transgressions. And, of course, he wanted to talk to someone higher up on the food chain than a mere office flunky, right? D.C. lawyers don’t talk to lesser beings.

After listening to his run-on rant, and being reprimanded for responding instead of letting him talk, Baldilocks reassured this mighty being that he would be placed on a “no-post” list and hung up.

Judging from this conversation it is clear that Mr. Aravosis wasn’t Raised Right. Someone should talk to his mother.

Why is the left so rude? So narcissistically certain that courtesy is not required when dealing with obviously cretinous conservatives? I thought their multi-culti religion demanded that they give a more-than-even break to victims…are not conservatives ipso facto victims of their political delusions?

Eeyew…Pajamas Media has cooties. And Condi is a liar.

And Bushy stole the election…twice -- does that mean since he’s never been elected he can run again? Somebody ask a lawyer.


Buffy said...

Whatever the reason for the rudeness and lack of deep thought on the lawyer's part, it is ultimately Bush's fault. You must know that by now. Global warming, peak oil, Darfur, childhood malnutrition in Borneo. It's all Bush's fault.
Bush is like a worm eating through their brain, turning it into a raging, frothing mass of blame. Bush is even now speaking in their minds, practicing strategeries of dastardly deception, making them be rude, repetitive, and shallow.
Oh, the pain! Somebody please stop that worm, stop him!
D..a..i..s..y, d..a..i..s..y g..i..v..e m..e y..o..u..r a...n...s...w...e...r d....o

Wannabeleader said...

I think while progressing, one will have to say sorry sometime.


X said...

Progressives seldom progress.

al fin said...

Did someone allow the HAL 9000 computer from "2001" onto this blogsite? It is rather startling to suppose that an american politician could have such an effect on a computer.

You made me cough up my single malt, Buffy. For shame!

Baron Bodissey said...

My mind is going, Dave... I can feel it going...

D. Vision said...

Well, according to the ammendment's language, Bush can't run again, since he's held the office for at least 3 years.

Even so...look a the bright side. The left will have spent 8 years torpedoing one man. Exactly what platform are they going to run on in 2008? Bush hatred? They've spent all their ammunition on trying to destroy one person. When Bush leaves office, no matter how low his approval ratings are, what exactly will they have accomplished?

They can't even figure out whether they want to impeach him or not. Now Nancy Pelosi claims they definitely won't! Damn, they can't even have the backbone to impeach their own machinations. Who could ever trust such duplicitous fools?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Dymphna & Baron!

Here's my take on why the Left is so angry and mostly so lacking in basic civility.

Key to this is understanding that Leftism is a RELIGION to many of these people, and they approach it as such. For someone to have the temerity to disagree with them (especially when they are so much smarter than us and have seen The Light)is not only blasphemous but threatening to the whole belief system.

So someone they disagree with is not merely mistaken, but evil. Look at the tone of the speech and written word and compare it with fundamentalist Islam, for example and you see the parallels quite easily.