Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Israeli Woman Beaten in Berlin

Islamophobic and proud of itNorm Geras has links to two news stories about a recent anti-Semitic incident in Berlin. This event took place when a group of women heard an Israeli medical student speaking Hebrew into a cell phone as she passed them. The first girl slapped her and the others joined in, leaving off the beating only when they thought the police were coming.

The news stories are essentially the same. Here’s the one from Ynet.

And here is Norm’s take on it.

By the way, the women were Muslims. No surprise there.

Such people convert others to Islamaphobia, one person at a time.

Damn but if it doesn't feel more like 1938 all the time.


Bobby Coggins said...

I have heard that these people can be likened to canaries in a mineshaft, if that is so, then I think the air is becoming quite foul.. especially in Eurabia, I mean Europe.

Dymphna said...

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Here’s the comment:

eatyourbeans said...
Here's an interesting piece in Le Figero on why in hell Europe is doing this to itself: link.

Bottom line: they're not going to wise up, not until their heads are being sawed off, maybe not even then. Idealism is a powerful opiate.

Papa Ray said...

People have to have the protection of the law. You know, the ol' "rule of law" thing.

The lack of (actually the enforcement of) law in [e]urope is becoming rampant.

Of course, who are we to be saying anything about that, when we can't [or won't] enforce our immigration laws here in the U.S.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Shellback said...

Are we witnessing the beginnings of a low-grade, protracted "Kristallnacht"?

eatyourbeans said...

Oops. sorry. I don't know how to do that, so thanks for linking it for me.

Dymphna said...


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