Thursday, May 11, 2006

False Alarm on Abu Laban

Ahmed Abu LabanThe Danish cartoon jihad imam has decided to stick around in Denmark for a while longer. Despite Denmark’s notorious human rights abuses, Ahmed Abu Laban has bravely decided to enjoy the fruits of the Danish welfare state for a while longer.

Exile has sent us this translation:

Abu Laban will stay in Denmark

Imam Abu Laban has no plans to leave Denmark voluntarily. But if his residency permit is revoked, he is ready to leave at once.

This is what Abu Laban is saying after several different media reports said that he had given up on Denmark and was leaving for Gaza with his wife and youngest children.

“I have never said that I will leave Denmark voluntarily. But if the law says I must go, then I will go”, said Abu Laban to Ritzau.

Exile credits the Ritzau news bureau for this text, although I can’t find the exact URL. However, for those who can read Danish and register for it, there’s a story with the same title in Berlingske Tidende.

Also, it’s evidently not the first time that Abu Laban has spoken out of both sides of his mouth; see Abu Laban Speaks With Two Tongues.

For those who are interested, the original Danish:

Abu Laban bliver i Danmark

Imam Abu Laban har ingen planer om at forlade Danmark frivilligt. Men hvis han får inddraget sin opholdstilladelse, er han klar til at rejse med det samme.

Det siger Abu Laban nu, efter at flere medier torsdag oplyste, at han har opgivet Danmark og er på vej til Gaza med sin kone og yngste børn.

- Jeg har aldrig sagt, at jeg vil forlade Danmark frivilligt. Men hvis loven siger, at jeg skal rejse, rejser jeg selvfølgelig, siger Abu Laban til Ritzau.


Anonymous said...

JP has the article.

I´ve translated some of it.

Jason Pappas said...

Damn! He gets our hopes up just like Baldwin and Streisand did in 2000! Why can’t these people just keep their word and leave?

Besides, the US gov't is going to come to the aid of the Hamas supporters in Gaza (sad to say.) There's plenty of welfare there!

Sigh! When will people wake-up?

X said...

Would you want to go and live in Gaza?

Tjhe comparison with Streisand and the Baldwins (pick a cad, any cad) is apt, though. The celebrity left, hell, the left in general seems to share a trait with Islam: compulsive lying.

Why do we even listen to them anymore?

Zonka said...

In two interviews with Jyllands-Posten Abu Laban states:

JP: Are you saying that it is only a matter of when? That you have already made the decision?
AL: Yes, yes, yes, yes. It is our conclusion and decision.

And on May 10:

JP: We want to write an article in the newspaper about that you have decided - that you have made your decision. I would like to ask you to be certain: Have you made your decision, and it's not just a consideration: Have you actually decided?
AL: Yes

Jyllands-Posten have both conversations on tape!

And on May 11:

AL: I have never said that I will leave Denmark voluntarily. However, if the law says I must leave, naturally I will leave!

Conclusion: Never believe a two-faced liar -- Once a liar always a liar!