Wednesday, November 10, 2010

“The Left is Very Much the New Far Right”

Pat Condell has joined his voice with Elisabeth’s voice — and the voices of all those other people in Europe who have been disenfranchised and silenced, and are only now waking up and discovering their common cause:

“These show trials and violent street attacks are symptoms of [Multiculturalism’s] death throes. They’re the desperate acts of desperate people who’ve totally lost their way… This is just the beginning: the genie is out of the bottle in Europe, and no multicultural diversity fascist is going to put it back.”

Elisabeth’s case is front and center in this video. Many thanks, Mr. Condell!

Update: The video plus a complete transcript are now below the jump.

The transcript below was created to facilitate subtitling in foreign languages. German and French are reportedly in progress. The time stamps are fairly close and careful, so readers may use this template for their own language if they need it.

00:00 Europe today is a shining example to the whole world of how to piss in your own drinking water.
00:06 All over this continent laws are being passed to stifle free speech
00:11 and people are being criminalized for speaking their mind.
00:14 Later this month in Austria Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff goes on trial,
00:18 accused of “denigrating religious teachings”, a charge straight out of the Inquisition.
00:23 Her crime? Pointing out the passage in the Koran that allows a man to beat his wife.
00:28 For this she faces the prospect of three years in prison.
00:32 Welcome to justice, Eurabia style.
00:35 Meanwhile, I hear that some Dutch politicians are worried about their country’s
00:39 international reputation now the Freedom Party is involved in government.
00:42 Well, they shouldn’t worry; their country’s reputation
00:45 couldn’t be any lower than it is right now, thanks to them,
00:48 and thanks to a crooked law that allows their country’s most popular politician
00:52 to be dragged into court like a criminal for telling the truth,
00:55 in front of a panel of clearly biased judges
00:58 who’ve since proven incapable of conducting a simple Star Chamber show trial
01:02 because they don’t have the wisdom or self-discipline to keep their partiality to themselves.
01:06 At the very moment when the eyes of the world were on Dutch justice,
01:11 the crooked judges of Amsterdam rose to the occasion
01:14 and gave such a master class in wretched incompetence and bias,
01:17 the trial had to be abandoned.
01:20 Clearly more concerned with ideology than with justice,
01:22 they’ve proven themselves unfit to judge a baby show.
01:26 One of them even had the nerve to accuse Mr. Wilders
01:28 of undermining the judiciary, but frankly,
01:30 they don’t need his help when they’re doing such a fine job themselves
01:33 of undermining not just the entire Dutch legal system,
01:37 but the very foundations of Western Civilization.
01:41 The prosecution don’t want to proceed.
01:43 They say there’s no charge to answer,
01:45 but the judges are pushing ahead anyway with a new trial,
01:47 because they’re determined to get this guy.
01:49 You see, impartial justice was never the purpose of this trial, or the one in Austria.
01:54 The purpose is to silence dissent by example,
01:57 to show everyone else that they, too, will be treated as a common criminal
02:01 if they dare to express a negative opinion
02:03 about the world’s most backward, intolerant, and violent religion.
02:06 This is where we are in Europe today —
02:08 it’s like something out of the old Soviet Union.
02:11 I’m surprised they haven’t tried to incarcerate Mr. Wilders
02:13 in a mental hospital — maybe that’s yet to come.
02:17 To make matters worse — and quite a lot worse, too —
02:20 we have to contend not only with crooked judges and spineless lawmakers,
02:24 but with lazy and partisan journalists
02:26 who corrupt the language and suppress the truth,
02:29 and who slander anyone who speaks up for Western values
02:32 as “far right”, as a “fascist”, as a “hatemonger”,
02:35 a “racist” — which is what “far right” means.
02:38 The truth is that in Europe today,
02:40 the Left is very much the new Far Right,
02:43 and this manifests most crudely here in Britain
02:46 in a motley rabble of anti-democratic cultural self-haters,
02:49 relativists, pimply-faced students, Islamists,
02:52 anti-Semites, and left-wing fascists,
02:54 who comprise the ironically-named “Unite Against Fascism” organization,
02:59 whose tactic of choice is to bring violence to peaceful demonstrations
03:03 they don’t agree with, and like a bunch of jackbooted Nazi thugs,
03:07 because they’re afraid of free speech,
03:08 and they know they’re defending the indefensible.
03:12 “Unite Against Fascism”, but not religious fascism,
03:15 because that might offend the fascists — perish the thought!
03:19 But don’t worry — you people don’t need to be ashamed of yourselves,
03:22 as if you’d know how — because the rest of us are busy doing it for you,
03:25 with interest.
03:27  And this kind of thing is happening all over Europe now.
03:30 Anyone who stages a peaceful demonstration in favor of democracy
03:33 or Western values can expect to be physically attacked
03:37 by gangs of these violent self-righteous dipsticks
03:40 who owe their own freedom to other peoples’ willingness to defend it,
03:43 but whose own meager horizons stretch only as far
03:46 as the suppression of legitimate dissent.
03:49 How very progressive!
03:51 Of course, these people are not really anti-fascist at all, are they?
03:54 They’re anti-freedom, anti-free thought, anti-free speech,
03:57 anti-free everything except free handouts from the state.
04:01 You see, leftists and Islamists share a keen sense of entitlement
04:05 from a society they affect to despise.
04:08 So they’re united in hypocrisy and well as in intolerance,
04:11 ignorance, stupidity, and hate
04:15 Multiculturalism in Europe is dead in the water,
04:18 as every recent election has shown.
04:21 Even the politicians are admitting it now.
04:23 Some people cling to the illusion of it still,
04:25 the way the Soviets clung to the illusion of Communism,
04:28 but it’s over, and these show trials and violent street attacks
04:32 are symptoms of its death throes.
04:34 They’re the desperate acts of desperate people
04:36 who’ve totally lost their way.
04:38 Criminalizing opinion is an open admission that lawmakers have lost control,
04:42 and created a situation they can’t handle.
04:45 But that’s what happens when the people are never asked for their opinion,
04:49 and, when they give it, it’s ignored.
04:51 Well, now it can’t be ignored,
04:53 and it won’t be ignored.
04:55 Whatever happens at these two trials,
04:57 this is just the beginning.
04:59 The genie is out of the bottle in Europe,
05:02 and no multicultural diversity fascist is going to put it back.
05:06 Already, thousands of people are speaking out
05:08 and making their voices heard
05:10 in opposition to the relentless Islamization of our society,
05:14 and soon it’s going to be millions.
05:16 People who’ve had enough of political correctness,
05:18 of being told what they’re allowed to think and say,
05:21 of being told to respect a religion that respects absolutely nobody.
05:26 And they’re finding out as they do speak out
05:28 that they’re not alone, and that they’re not in fact fascists
05:31 and hatemongers and racists at all, despite what they’re told
05:34 time and again by a cowardly crooked press.
05:37 And, like many of those people, I oppose Islam for the simple reason
05:41 that Islam opposes me and everything I believe in.
05:45 I don’t care how Muslims feel about that.
05:47 I don’t care how anyone feels about it,
05:50 nor should I be required to.
05:52 In my opinion, Islam’s disgusting treatment of women
05:57 is a crime against humanity, nothing less.
06:00 It’s a thousand percent wrong.
06:02 There’s no grey area.
06:04 It’s unconscionable and unforgivable, and it’s poisoning the whole world.
06:08 It’s not “different” or “relative”; it’s backward and uncivilized.
06:12 There’s no excuse for it, and no excuse for defending it.
06:15 This is what I believe very strongly indeed.
06:20 And you may disagree, and you have a right to do so,
06:23 just as I have a right to say so,
06:25 and I do insist upon the right to say so
06:28 as openly, as often, and as loudly as I like,
06:33 and anyone who chooses to be offended
06:35 can go ahead and drop dead for all I care, with all due respect,
06:40 especially over there in the Islamic Republic of Austria.
06:44 Curbing free speech is like taxing air.
06:47 Nobody has the right to do it, no matter who they are,
06:50 or who they think they are, or what fancy badge they’re wearing,
06:54 or what holy book they’re holding in their grubby little hand.
06:57 So they can pass all the laws they like,
07:00 and they can string them all together in a paper chain if they want to,
07:03 or fly them like flags from the minaret of every mosque.
07:07 Those laws will be resisted, and they will be overturned,
07:10 because they’re the laws of cowards and appeasers,
07:13 whose rotten multicultural lie
07:16 will soon be nothing more than an embarrassing stain on history,
07:20 and the sooner, the better — if I may say so.
07:26 Peace.
07:27 Now there’s a thing.

Hat tip: DF.


meccano said...

Thank God for atheists like Pat Condell. Articulate, reasonable, principled, and even funny. Everything our cowardly politicians are not. We desperately need a credible alternative to the mainstream political parties so that we can vote the traitors out. Pat Condell for Prime Minister.

john in cheshire said...

Mr Condell, concise and pertinent, as ever. And I agree with everything you say. it is encouraging that people like you are around to articulate the evil that is being exacted upon the people of Europe, and for me, specifically my country, England. I wish it would end and we could resume our upward path of civilisation and prosperity. Only when the socialists and muslims in England have been not just defeated, but well and truly crushed, will that journey be able to continue. best wishes.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Pat falls into the welfare poverty of thought trap at @03:50 - 04:01.

It is my experience that the ultra-liberals and left wing groups such as UAF predominantly draw their support from the sons and daughters of the professional classes such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and government workers NOT from the indigenous underclass welfare recipients.

For the past 30 years in the UK the indigenous working class/welfare recipients have been apolitical that is about to change the counter jihad would do well to keep them onside not alienate them with a political red herring.

Communists, CINOs, socialists and ultra-liberals all HATE subsistence welfare, I wonder why!

Engineer-Poet said...

I told you that atheists (not Marxists and other cultists, but freethinkers) would be some of your best comrades in the counterjihad.

"ultra-liberals and left wing groups such as UAF predominantly draw their support from the sons and daughters of the professional classes such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and government workers"

How many of those have either been indoctrinated into the multi-cult orthodoxy, or stand to lose their social standing or even livelihood if it's overturned?  Don't underestimate the ability of people to subordinate principle to self-interest.

Zenster said...

In my opinion, Islam’s disgusting treatment of women is a crime against humanity, nothing less. [emphasis added]

How curious to see such an eloquent and well-spoken individual such as Pat Condell articulate the meme of Islam as a crime against humanity.

I've been saying this exact same thing for many years now and the concept continues to manifest with increasing frequency.

It's long past tea for ripping the mask off of Islam. No other entity is responsible for more slaughter, rape, slavery, injustice, genocide and destruction of cultural patrimony. Islam must be made to bear the onus of its savagery such that those who abet it become tainted by their complicity in this massive affront to civilization.

Just as Nazi underlings were not allowed the excuse of "just following orders", so must multiculturalists find themselves taken to task for blindly propelling their Politically Correct dogma and the Islamic mayhem it has brought to Western shores.

This has nothing to do with prosecuting people by way of laws passed after the fact. It has everything to do with imposing legitimate punitive measures against those who have deliberately perverted Western legal systems for the sake of criminalizing Free Speech that the rule of law was invented to protect.

Anonymous said...

The far "right" believes much the same things as the far left, just for somewhat different reasons. The resemblance is strange and the tacit alliance ugly.

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell is a true hero. I have some experience of British "comedy" and it is absolutely the Church of Political Correctness. Humour seldom enters into it. The followers file in, listen to a sermon by the likes of Rob Newman or the egregiously awful bastard-son-of-Fatty-Moore that is Mark Thoma....or any of hundreds of performers of their like...laugh artificially when all the buttons are pushed and feel good about themselves for being so Right on Man.

By contrast, Pat Condell is independent minded, fearless and genuinely funny. As I say, thats a rarety inBritish "comedy".

However, I cant help thinking all this optimism in the air at present is perhaps a bit premature. A couple of demos doesnt make a revolution. Elisabethj and Geert may still go to prison. Later, Condell and many more of us as well. You see, the sad fact is, it really doesnt matter what we the people think or say, the "intelligentsia" still control all the levers of power, police, military, academia, schools, civil service, health service, the whole kaboodle. And theres no incentive for them to change their course one whit.

I think things hjave to get VERY VERY VERY MUCH WORSE before we have a true dawn. and the rebirth of freedom in Europe will be a protracted, painful, bloody labour.

Our only other hope is that a charismatic leader will appear in our military, seize power, form a junta and thoroughly purge this "intelligensia" from our midst. Well, fat chance: the military are totally encadred with the same elite mind-set as the rest of our institutions. Look at their latest folly, seeking to recruit more Muslims into the SEALS as a policy!

Richard said...

Fascism is always has been part of the far left, they can be considered on the right only because they are a little way to the right of the communists. The far right is the radical libertarians who are in their own way as bad as the far left.

laller said...


"Pat falls into the welfare poverty of thought trap at @03:50 - 04:01."

You are assuming that Pat Condell means they are "poor" because they have a sense of entitlement. Rich or poor doesn't really come into it. In my own country (Denmark) they rioted for weeks, torching cars and fighting the police, because "their" house was taken away from them(was a state-owned building, that was sold on the free market, which they refused to vacate for years).
The fact is they DO have a strong sense of entitlement, they DESERVE things from the state, it is in fact their right, they believe. And if they don't get what they deserve, what they have a right to, or, god forbid, they have something taken away from them, well... a few weeks of rioting are just around the corner.


Anonymous said...


"The far right is the radical libertarians who are in their own way as bad as the far left."

I dont understand that.I thought I was a Libertarian.Maybe not radically enough for the above to apply. But basically it means we believe that nothing between consenting adults should be illegal EXCEPT any attempt to regulate or ban any conduct between consenting adults.

The application of these two simple principles would sink Islam which is purely about regulating human conduct. It would curtail the auithoritarian fringes of other religions and cults. It would put an end to the massive policing of thought and speech that now characterises our societies. It would as spin offs put an end to the "war on drugs" and gun control.

Obviously a non-radical interpretation of the above would temper it somewhat by allowing the state to continue to levy taxes. The extreme version would remove entirely all forms of welfare. Maybe thats what you mean by "radical Libertarian". In which case I agree.

But the core ideal of Libertarianism is still my preference.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


... because "their" house was taken away from them(was a state-owned building, that was sold on the free market, which they refused to vacate for years).

Presumably you are referring to the anarchist squatters in Denmark, as with Pat Condell's freedom haters they are not the same as the indigenous honest working class families that rely on subsistence welfare.

As for entitlement how about WW1 and WW2, subsistence welfare was not a free gift in the UK it was paid for in blood.

Note that Iain Duncan Smith and Nick Clegg (scum bags) cynically announced their attack on the working class poor and subsistence welfare on Armistice/Remembrance Day.

sulber nick said...

Brilliant Pat Condell as usual. And as someone has already said in these comments, much funnier than any of the establishment's pet pc comedians - like for instance the UK's lefty 'funny man' Bill Bailey, a permanent fixture on British television 'comedy' panel shows. Bailey's latest one man show now showing in London's West End mocks Christ and His stigmata and refers to the Pope as, "the sultan of abusers, the betrayer of trust, the creeping Bavarian gimp." How brave. How radical. I wonder if Bailey is worried about being prosecuted by the authorities, I wonder if he has anything to say about Islam...

Tedious bores like Bill Bailey and all the other lefty establishment men who call themselves comedians are there more by virtue of their adherence to left wing/liberal orthodoxy rather than because of their 'funnyness'. There's not one with the wit of Pat Condell nor I'll wager one with the courage to enter into a verbal head to head with him.

Just one point. The white working class *forced* to live on state benefits because of the establishment's anti-white stance are not to be confused with those who live on benefits as a lifestyle choice. The former are on our side - they just need someone to articulate their feelings.

Anonymous said...

I've sent a translation to Swedish to Vlad Tepes, hope he can do it, else perhaps I could post it here for someone else to pick up?

I did try to keep as close to Pat's language and choice of words as possible - he is very good, and I like his style!

The translation on Politiskt Inkorrekt is quirky, though it gave me a few nice turns of phrases.

I just hope no one does a sub of that one - so my effort was in part prophylactic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I loved it, and posted it on my blog today! (couldn't find your trackback URL so I'll just notify you this way):