Monday, November 15, 2010

The EU Emperor Has No Clothes — At Least in Finland

EU Skull Dragon

The current economic mess is putting a severe stress on the political monstrosity known as the European Union. The debt crisis — inherent in the design of the monetary union — was inevitable, and is now torquing the Eurozone in ways it was never designed to withstand.

Centrifugal forces contributing to disintegration are making themselves felt first at the margins of the empire. As a result, it takes a Finnish nationalist politician to be one of the first to point out the emperor’s déshabille. Timo Soini, the spokesman for the True Finns party, says that the EU Constitution was the biggest brainwashing process of all time.

Here’s a report from Tundra Tabloids with the latest:

In response to the question about what to think of Greece’s announcement that it won’t be able to pay back it’s debt on time, and that Finland is expected to hand over millions to a failing Ireland, Timo Soini, spokesman for the True Finns party, whose party has extended its popularity to +14% of the vote, responded in a MTV3 interview this morning on Finnish TV: “Did it come as a surprise? No it didn’t.”

He goes on further to add:

“When Greece was discussed earlier, it was clear then that Greece wouldn’t be able to pay back its debt. Now Ireland falls into the same hole, not as deeply, but it won’t survive without outside help. We should distance ourselves from Ireland. When the EU’s constitution was approved, we were told that it would bring jobs, I was there at the time. It was West’s biggest brainwashing process. Now where are we, we were lied to then, and we’re being lied to now?


The interest rates are low in Sweden, in Denmark and in the UK, they are the ones that have their own money. A sensible economic policy should be formulated, whether it be inside or outside the EMU, but the whole time its being spun that there’s only one possibility, a monetary union. Such thinking isn’t possible without a fusion of politics, like finance politics, tax politics etc. This has been the EU’s aim, towards a federalized European Union. This is a wrong policy.”

The drone MTV3 morning show host: “Why Timo Soini, is it wrong politics, why is harmonizing such a bad idea, a joint Europe, in which the welfare state is spread evenly?”

Because sovereignty is the most important political value. So that Finns, in their own parliament, can decide all of their own issues. So now that we’ve come into this super state of Europe, we’re just floating along, then the finance minister is once again explaining why it has to be done like this, and then brings it before our parliament, but knowing full well why it was done. Greece should be thrown out of the EMU system, because Greece won’t survive no matter how much money you pump into it.

The only solution is for those countries in an economic crisis, should be returned to their own currencies…

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.


Anonymous said...

Greece should be thrown out of the EMU system, because Greece won’t survive no matter how much money you pump into it.

Racial Agitation Hate Speech. Prison awaits.

proto said...

I was there at the time.

I was there as well. Butter mountains, wine lakes etc - total distortions of supply and demand and markets.

A place where asking for a referendum on far reaching national commitments was vilified no end by the
high priests of the EU.

Unifying useless variations like the electrical plug never occurred to anyone but all bananas must be “free of abnormal curvature” and a minimum 14 cm long (EC Commission Regulation No 2257/94 - now repealed - get it :-)

I must confess that in the past I was pro EU but the events of 2000 around the pre-emptive sanctioning of a democratically elected government opened my eyes to the fact that the EU was a classic fascist construct.

Richard said...

The EMU was set up as a socialist political entity, not a monetary or economic entity, it depends on way too many nations to decide that they are going to pay taxes to support other nations.

To a lesser extent the US is facing a similar problem with California and the other liberal states that are going bankrupt. The EU probably won't survive this crisis, the US probably will but only if we can get the left out of power.

laine said...

Like all socialism, the EU is just a wealth redistribution scheme, in this case between countries. The productive countries subsidize the layabout corrupt ones. Socialism only appears to work as long as there is a non-socialist or less socialist cash cow to subsidize it. The least socialist area makes the money and the socialists grab a growing share, set themselves up as little kings and redistribute the rest for votes. So sorry, Germany, but you're the fall guy for the Greeks who refuse to discipline themselves and live within their own limited means. The rest of the PIIGS are lining up at the trough. After their close up look at the nazi version of socialism and the communist version, Europeans are very slow learners indeed.

laller said...

When we(Denmark) had a referendum regarding joining the EURO in 2000, I voted no. In a discussion with a mate and one of his younger brothers, who were pro EURO, I said I voted no because fiscal policies weren't "harmonized", which is something the EU now wants to rectify somewhat. Atleast they've gotten smarter - or maybe they were just waiting for a crisis to force it on the people? I also said I didn't believe the penalties for breaking the rules would be enforced: It didn't make sense to me to fine a country that was already struggling financially, it would only add to the struggle. I also didn't believe that a country that crashed would be kicked out of the EURO, as that would weaken faith in the EURO... Basically I was right, they were wong: "I told you so".

Anyway, I'm curious as to how the US handles the states doing their own thing fiscally? Is there any oversight, any control? Are there rules and limits as well as possible penalties?



Ireland seems to be one gigantic lunatic assylum,since sixteen fifty they have fought for self-determination,blood and bombs,death and violence,upon achieving this for the greater part of the island,they then give it away,invite another foreign oppressor to place a boot upon thier necks,and proceed to fill thier country with disparate tribes of uncivilised parasites,who will shortly reduce the irish to a minority,while thier foreign masters gerrymander a referendum purporting to be the will of the people,while saturating thier financial sector with endless funds to give the appearance of a booming economy.Why did they bother?