Monday, November 15, 2010

America: Land of the Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Janet Napolitano I don’t know how long this guy’s site will be up before the Prissy Pants clowns make him take it down. I no longer believe that Free Speech exists in America. Sure, you can say what you want on your day off, but that’ll cost you your job, bub. And then… then, The Lawyers Will Come, trailing billable hours in triplicate. Watch your health, wealth, and value to the community swirl down the hole as Justice grills you to a turn and serves you up with an apple in your mouth pour encourager les autres.

Land of Free Speech? Not anymore.

Ask Derek Fenton, who is suing to get his position back with the New Jersey Transit. That’s the guy who burned a few pages of the Koran at Ground Zero on 9/11 on his day off. I’ll admit that his form of dissent isn’t mine, but surely he has a right to his act? After all, burning the American flag and telling kids to kill their parents earned Bill Ayers a university position.

What was further dismaying About Mr. Fenton’s case was the Governor’s position. Christie said the Transit folks were right to fire the guy. That summary judgment caused me to put a big black line through his name as a possible Republican candidate for national office. He’s been wonderful for New Jersey’s finances, but who needs his kind of interpretation of the tenets of free speech in higher office? No thanks.

Okay, back to our entrepreneur. He’s got a website: “The One Stop Shop for Your Official TSA Groping Guide Shirt”. For those devil-may-care, spit-in-your-eye adventurers, this shirt is designed to be worn to the airport and used as a guide for your Groper. It’s a graphic shirt, but it certainly explains the process in sufficient detail.

I dare you to buy one. And wear it at the airport. A certain lack of sobriety would help. I’d put up an image, but… just to be safe, why not take a look for yourself.

Hey, wait a minute. Given those detailed directions, what about…

  • What about women with breast prostheses due to mastectomies? Will they be forced to remove their prosthesis so it can be groped further for possible explosive materials?
  • What about military vets with limb prostheses. Will they be forced to remove arms or legs if they Opt Out?
  • What about the poor befuddled cross-dresser who hadn’t heard about the new Scope or Grope rules? There he is in his designer dress and three inch heels, on his way to meet his true love. How does he escape the telling x-ray or the startled hands?
  • What about the little girl with leukemia who’s just finished a round of radiation and is feeling well enough to go see Grandma. Are they going to make her take off her wig?
  • What about Grandma herself? Does the wheelchair get Scoped and Groped? What if she can’t stand up and has to be transferred from chair to seat with someone needed to hold her in place? Obviously, she can’t assume The Position for their Scope, so do they just perform The Grope as she sits?

You get my drift. The slings and arrows of time and fate which deform some of us also [used to] earn us the respect of discretionary exceptions. Otherwise, what are all those Handicapped laws about?

Anyhow, this entrepreneur is to be congratulated on his initiative. You can follow him on Twitter. I don’t know if he has a Facebook page.

Also of note, another fellow has documented the travail he endured whilst interfacing with various members of the TSA at the San Diego Airport. His story is worth reading just to understand how thoroughly bureaucratized and befuddled these folks are. What did Captain Cleary tell his fellow pilots about the new TSA procedures? Oh, yes: that they were “embarrassingly devoid of common sense”. Seems like the more you learn of these procedures the larger looms the void. It is Kafka come to life.

This hapless traveler, whose plane left without him, was first ordered to be escorted from airport property by the police. Then once he was on his way, he was told he wasn’t permitted to leave the airport and had to return to be Groped some more. The man left his camera on at different times, just to catch the audio portion of parts of his experience. But he’s also written it up in some detail.

His story has captured the attention of 1,680 commenters so far. Or rather, that’s how many comments there are in the thread. No doubt some folks have left more than one. “Anonymous” left a whole slew of them, but this entry pretty well sums up the sentiment:
Good for you. Can’t wait to see the video. If everyone followed your example, the TSA would be forced to stop this illegal, immoral, unconstitutional behavior. We need to start a database of TSA agent names for use in the latter-day Nuremberg trials.

Well, that’ll never happen. The trial, I mean. But I do predict what may likely transpire as Big Sis digs in her heels: some anonymous sites, hosted in other countries, will begin posting photos of TSA Gropers at specific airports. For example, this fellow has one photo of a TSA supervisor (I think) though it’s upside down at the moment. Remember, he was using the camera for voices - at least that’s what he tried to do when they weren’t all conferring about him out of earshot.

I further predict this act [photographing the ’crats] will be made illegal (if it’s not already) which will simply encourage further fury and more acts of exposure of TSA employees. Fortunately such acts of derring-do are beyond my capabilities so I’m not even tempted. Heck, I couldn’t build a sock puppet, not even if you gave me the yarn, knitting needles and the googly eyeballs.

Will these new, even more insane, sadistic and aggressive TSA interrogations become the downfall of Big Sis? As she becomes the butt of many late-night comedy show jokes, will she become even more rigid and intransigent?

This is a collision course between BS and reality. It will not end well. People who grab more than their share of hubris often find it can’t be digested as easily as they’d first believed. ’Tis a shame they’re characterologically incapable of walking back their mistakes.

Hold onto your hats, y’all. Or buy a T shirt.


M. Simon said...

Blogged It

With the usual link love.

Anonymous said...

The link on Bill Ayers is just incredible.

"He said : kill your parents."

"Was a university professor of education until August of this year, with a portrait of Che Guevara on his office door."

I'm not sure we have the match for this guy over here in France. And we can sure boast of a lot of left-wing radicals, or ex-radicals, in positions of power. They are all over the university, media and government.

Dymphna said...

thanks, M. Simon!

M. Marchenoir --

He hasn't repented, either. In the last election cycle, when his influence on Obama became obvious, he said he only wished he'd been able to kill more with his bombs.

The most widely-spread pic of him in his Wise Sage aspect of middle age shows him standing on an American flag.

Gregory said...

Well, heres the link to the video of that poor little girl. I think that the tsa is one useless organization. It should be defunded. The tsa is a bunch of idiots.

DavidLamar said...

You can grab the Photo From its non flash.. I Just saw it as i was Googing tsa groping tshirts

Richard said...

We haven't truly had free speech in the US for several decades, we are working hard to recover it but the fight isn't anywhere near over. And if Obama and the left get their way we won't have any rights left.

By the way have you see the interview where Ted Ralls, left wing cartoonist is calling for violence to try and force the voters to let the left have their way. Sorry I don't have the URL but you should be able to google the video it was on youtube.