Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Great Sahara Shakedown, Yet Again

Immigrants from AfricaMuamar Ghadafi, the wacky, blonde-loving, tent-dwelling, playboy Libyan dictator and man of many spellings, is at it again: he is demanding payments from the European Union to keep black Africans from crossing his country to reach the Mediterranean. These desperate migrants never pause in Libya — which is not a congenial place for non-Arabs — but strive as soon as possible to cross over to Spain, France, and Italy, where they can live in luxury at state expense. They thereby also gain access to the entire European Union, and can head further north to Sweden and Norway, where the pickings are even fatter.

Col. Qadaffi has pulled this shakedown before, but was evidently dissatisfied with the results, and wants the EU to cough up again — this time to the tune of €5 billion. He seems to assume the EUniks are so desperate to keep equatorial Africans out of Europe that they will pay whatever he asks.

Below are two articles about the latest antics from the Colonel of the Sand Dunes. First, from ANSAmed:

TRIPOLI, NOVEMBER 29 — The European Union should give 5 billion euros to Libya to “stop” illegal immigrants, otherwise “an entire continent will pour into Europe”. This is according to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who has again made demands from Europe during the EU-Africa summit.

“In order to stop illegal immigration, something significant must be done, otherwise an entire continent will pour into Europe. If Europe gives us 5 billion euros, Libya will be able to stem the flow,” said the Libyan leader, repeating a request made in Rome in August.

“The only country that collaborates with us is Italy,” said Gaddafi with regards to tackling illegal immigration, adding that “Italy is a civilised country that has made up for its past” as a colonising country.

During his speech at the opening of the summit, Gaddafi said that “Libya is the filter of immigration” coming from all over Africa.

“Africa and Europe are the spine of the world and must cooperate,” Gaddafi said. On immigration, he reasserted that “the only country that collaborates with us is Italy. Thanks to our cooperation with them, we have been able to exert control over immigration”.

Regarding the request for 5 billion euros per year from Europe, the Libyan leader said: “We do not need to beg for help, but we want investments”. (ANSAmed).

“Investments”, eh?

In other words: “That’s a nice little continent you’ve got there. Wouldn’t like to see anything happen to it…”

And, as the The Telegraph reports, Col. Qadafi employed a turn of phrase that would have earned him a charge of “hate speech” if he weren’t a person of color himself:
Gaddafi Demands £4 Billion From EU or Europe Will Turn ‘Black’

Muammar Gaddafi has demanded that the European Union give him more than £4 billion to fight illegal immigration or else Europe will turn “black” and be swamped by Muslims.

During an EU-Africa summit, that ended on Tuesday in Tripoli, the Libyan leader described European’s economic relationship with the African continent as a “failure”.

Unless “Christian, white” countries gave him extra funding, Colonel Gaddafi predicted that Europe would be flooded with illegal immigrants leaving impoverished Africa.

“We should stop this illegal immigration. If we don’t, Europe will become black, it will be overcome by people with different religions, it will change,” he said.

Col Gaddafi has so far received only £42 million in EU funding to improve treatment of refugees heading for Europe amid human rights fears and a recent refusal by Sweden to sell Libya surveillance planes.

The Libyan leader is critical of the EU for linking trade and aid to free markets and progress on human rights. He told EU officials at the summit that African leaders say they are ready to abandon ten years of trade talks because of European demands.

“Africa has other choices,” he said “Let every country and every group govern itself. Every country is free to serve its own interests. Africa can look to any other international bloc such as Latin America, China, India or Russia.”

A leaked US diplomatic cable giving an assessment of Kenya as a “swamp” of corruption prompted calls for an apology from Nairobi. “It is totally malicious and a total misrepresentation of our country and our leaders. We are surprised and shocked,” said a Kenyan government spokesman.

Hat tips: Insubria and Gaia.


Zenster said...

“The only country that collaborates with us is Italy,” said Gaddafi with regards to tackling illegal immigration, adding that “Italy is a civilised country that has made up for its past” as a colonising country.

Said Ghadafi Duck as he stood upon land invaded and colonized by Islam during the Middle Ages.

It's really too bad that Reagan didn't succeed in sending this world-class loon off for a rather prolonged dirt nap during that whole "line of death" kerruffle.

Unfeeling as it may sound, having several of these overloaded and under-budgeted Third World LSTs capsize at sea far from shore might make prospective voyagers a bit more reluctant to engage in these penny ante coastal assaults upon Europe.

Until then, Europe will be bled dry from within or without as the case may be. The USA is learning this same brutal lesson with respect to its Southern border and it is difficult to imagine anything save a similar disincentive approach having the least efficacy.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Hey, there is a very effective way of solving this problem, which a couple of centuries ago sorted out an extremely similar issue as far as the demand for tribute from the kafir parts of the world are concerned.

The question now is, which of the current leaders of the civilized world would have the balls to do it again, using the ways and means to convey the only kind of message that black-stone worshipping inbred bedouin savages understand? Not Buraq Hussein, not David Cameron (expecting him to do that would be like expecting the king of Opensewerabia to burn a pile of copies of Mein Qurampf), not Qaddafi-loving Silvio Berlusconi, not Sarkozy, not anyone I can think of...

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi is irrelevant. We should ask, why do so many Africans want to leave Africa? Because it's poor, and Africans want to better their economic situation. Why not give Africans what they want where they already live, so they won't have to leave Africa? All first world countries should colonise Africa in order to better the lives of the natives without destroying the first world countries. If Africa were developed by smart business people instead of corrupt bureaucrats, it would offer more to Africans than emigration.

It would be profitable, but it shouldn't be too profitable, because this really should be done for humanitarian reasons. Western countries can do this best, without the human rights abuses that will occur if China is allowed to have all of Africa. However, the West won't act, because the elites and the UN want Africa to suffer as much as possible, in order to force the destruction of high-functioning cultures.


Gadaffi Duck...Gadaffi Duck!
He quack, quacks everywhere; here, there he goes...again, he flies again over the cuckoo nest - QUACK!

___ ___

Unknown said...

I just can not see that working in africa where first world countries should colonise Africa. This was done in Africa all ready and let me tell the white man in South Africa is on the verge of genocide.
Blacks in south africa blame the afrikaners, the europeans , hell the blame anyone they can except themselves. Do not think that it can work.
How many billions have been spend in african aid over the years , has it made any change at all?
I think Africa the continent is amzing as I was born there, but africans are tribal and do not think as westerners do.Pretty much the same as the issue with muslims.
Freedom in South Africa at least means anything the white man haas is the black man's for free - usually by rape, torture and murder.

Anonymous said...

Corne, at this time, Africans can't govern themselves, and it's leading to horrible suffering for blacks and whites in Africa, as well as destabilizing other countries due to migration.

There was a recent item in the news feed here that disgusted me...some UN agency was recommending small subsistence farms as a model for African food policy. As we know from South Africa and elsewhere, when professional white farmers are driven off the land, and their farms are given to untrained black farmers, the farms don't work, and there is less food. The news item mentioned that up to a billion people in Africa are at risk of starvation, but the official UN solution is to encourage amateur black farmers. In other words, the official policy is to let ever larger numbers of black Africans starve to death (and guilt-trip the rest of the world into taking the refugees, who don't fit in anywhere else).

What would be so terrible about rolling back history and letting professional white farmers run things? Everyone would have work and food, and no one would have to leave. I'd change things from the old South African model, to encourage black Africans to study management and learn to run their own territory. Over time, there would be black professional farmers, and increasing political sophistication.

But as things are now, with untrained people in charge of whole countries, we see the disasters of South Africa and Zimbabwe--starvation for blacks, genocide for whites. I think the UN and international elites see this as a good thing, but decent people should call them out and recommend something that could work. The Chinese are already moving in, so Africa will be colonised anyway, the only question is by whom and how rough it will be.

Anonymous said...

Well, what's stopping Europe from assassinating this idiot and putting an European governor in charge of the country, which would stop illegals from passing over? Oh, right. Idiocy and political correctness.

Bill said...


Has anyone not caught the irony of this situation. Gaddafi Duck was also the one who said "We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse, which tells the history" and "No one can prevent us from living in Europe, this Europe created by God. Europeans did not create it, and you the people of Europe, you are European, this is your land. How can you live where the servile or persecuted?! Can not." Now he wants $5 billion to keep them out? Makes you wonder will he bar everyone or only let one certain faith based group of illegals through? Or maybe this is just one way to demand the Jizya from the infidels?

Wow what a loon!


goethechosemercy said...

... what's stopping Europe from assassinating this idiot and putting an European governor in charge of the country, which would stop illegals from passing over? end quote.

The paralysis of unjust guilt.
Let each generation live free of the burdens of its forbears. This is a Western concept.
One that the elite has clearly forgotten.
Any agreement entered into under duress has no standing in law.
No one need keep any promise to Muammar Gadaffi on the basis of this alone.

Zenster said...

It's very encouraging to see how many comments suggest snuffing this Libyan bozo. Jihad will stop only when it becomes physically dangerous for its leadership. Until then, the mayhem will continue unabated.

For a refreshingly novel view of the situation in Africa, please read, "For God's Sake Please Stop the Aid", by Kenyan economist James Shikwati.

Huge bureaucracies are financed (with the aid money), corruption and complacency are promoted, Africans are taught to be beggars and not to be independent. In addition, development aid weakens the local markets everywhere and dampens the spirit of entrepreneurship that we so desperately need. As absurd as it may sound: Development aid is one of the reasons for Africa's problems. If the West were to cancel these payments, normal Africans wouldn't even notice. Only the functionaries would be hard hit. Which is why they maintain that the world would stop turning without this development aid. [emphasis added]

Removing Robert Mugabe immediately after Ghadafi would be a good idea. Remember, despite Mugabe taking Zimbabwe, Africa's bread basket, and turning it into an economic basket case that must receive food shipments to prevent starvation; THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS REFUSED TO CONDEMN MUGABE.

This is much the same as with how Arab leaders are using back-channel communications to ask that America bomb Iran's nuclear weapons project.

Does anyone care to bet against these same Muslim bastards openly condemning America once the bombs have done their work?


Islam and the Third World share an insatiable appetite for hypocrisy. Until that is somehow corrected, simple extrajudicial measures will be the only effective means of dealing with this massively counterproductive and hostile element.